Megachurch pastor John Hagee has prophesied that a “world shaking” event will take place some time during a sequence of four lunar eclipses between tomorrow and October 2015. Hagee’s prediction was reported without comment by the Houston Chronicle, but seems to us like a publicity campaign for his new book.

Hagee, founder of the Cornerstone Church, points to “four blood moons,” a rare astronomical event of four consecutive and complete lunar eclipses, known as a tetrad, which begins April 15. The San Antonio pastor asserts the dates of the eclipses signify a major event that will change history in a book released in October, a series of sermons and a TV special airing on Tuesday, the first night of the tetrad.

“What is the prophetic significance? Is this the end of the age?” Hagee, 73, asked his flock during a sermon near the time he released the book.

Since he began preaching more than forty years ago, Hagee has become known making for apocalyptic predictions and dissing Harry Potter. That is a shame, actually, because he ought to be known for his Israel apologetics and hate speech instead. Here is a thorough debunking of his “blood moon” prophecy; we have also put together this non-exhaustive list of Hagee’s past failed predictions.

  • In April of last year, Hagee said the end of the world would happen on December 1, 2015
  • Last October, Hagee warned that God would punish America for its sins (homosexuality, abortion, etc) with a “hellish nightmare”
  • In 2012, he predicted the end of the world would happen that year
  • In 2010, Hagee declared that we are “the final generation” — again, while selling a book about it
  • Hagee’s 2008 book Financial Armageddon predicted economic calamity, but was actually published after the financial crisis had peaked in October
  • His 2006 book Jerusalem Countdown predicted the United States would invade Iran and claimed that Hurricane Katrina was God’s wrath on New Orleans for all the sinning in that city
  • Published in 1999, From Daniel to Doomsday predicted the “Y2K bug” would destroy the world’s computer networks, which did not happen
  • In 1996, he claimed in yet another book that the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin by a right wing Zionist was a sign of the imminent End Times

Hagee has been working this huckster act for at least two decades. He has consistently predicted the end of the world that whole time, integrating new events into his narrative while forever pushing the last days a little further forward. The Rapture is always delayed just long enough to write another book about how the Rapture is coming soon. God’s schedule is apparently a publishing schedule.

6 thoughts on “Pastor John Hagee Predicts ‘Blood Moon’ Eclipses Will Shake The World”
  1. John Hagee is a False Teacher and a False Prophet. All TV Preachers are False Teachers and False Prophets. Everyone of them.

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