Michael Alig, the co-founder of “Club Kids” who has spent seventeen years in prison for murdering a friend over a drug deal, is due to be released on Cinco de Mayo, but he will not be partying at a club to celebrate.

I believe he is ready to enter the world, and that reentering will be a good thing. No one, no act, no time, no hatred will bring back Angel, but Michael has served a great deal of his adult life in a bad place. I believe he has been rehabilitated. I believe he is forever remorseful and I look forward to his redux. To those who say nay, I respect that, but hope chances are given, and that we can move on. It is a time to remember Angel and reflect on the meaning of life. For me, forgiveness is part of it.

We know another character who is given to shady dealings and throwing parties. We expect Ali Akbar will soon spend some time being rehabilitated, and suggest that he follow Alig’s example by leaving the Party. Only change can lead to redemption.