A Sandy Hook ‘truther’ has been arrested and charged with stealing two signs from the Sandy Hook memorial playground honoring Grace McDonnell and Chase Kowalski, victims of the massacre.

Andrew David Truelove was taken into custody by Herndon, Virginia police after they analyzed photographs he had sent to journalist Chez Pazienza at The Daily Banter. Truelove had contacted Pazienza to brag about stealing the signs and promote his conspiracy theory that Adam Lanza’s December 2012 horrifying attack on a Connecticut school never happened.

Pazienza reports that Truelove suffers from mental illness and has a disturbing criminal history.

In March of 2012 he was arrested for trespassing on the property of Fairfax High School in Virginia. Before that, in October of 2007, he was arrested and charged in the attempted abduction of an eight-year-old girl walking near the campus of Granby High School in Norfolk, Va. In a statement, Truelove claimed he had simply gone to the school to “seek out school bullies” and “threaten them” with a lug wrench. He claimed he grabbed the backpack of a young girl he found walking past the school but not with the intention of abducting her.

The details of the 2007 incident are pretty harrowing. Like Elliot Rodger, Truelove is a poster boy for America’s failing mental health system — and the deregulated environment that lets disturbed people access firearms.

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