Convicted fraudster Paul Lemmen deleted his super-sketchy “ministry” blog yesterday. Also deleted were the tweets wherein our old friend W.J.J. Hoge was named “archdiocesan treasurer;” Lemmen’s name was purged from the III Percent Society FAQ. Did the “patriots” disown him, or did his parole officer dislike Lemmen palling around with other felonious fraudsters online? Did Hoge backtrack once he’d realized his name was being connected to a con artist? We don’t know the answers yet, but Lemmen did try some hilarious damage control for our amusement.

Of course, federal parole officers are employed to oversee people like Lemmen specifically in order to help them break their criminal habits, so nobody is “wasting time” on him at all. His parole officer clearly did not like something she saw, and it probably wasn’t the cut of his skufia. If Lemmen was doing nothing wrong, then why doesn’t he object to this intrusion on his First Amendment rights? Why surrender so willingly on a matter of conscience, if he really has one? I have once again reached out to Lemmen’s parole officer for answers and will update if she responds.

Maybe we’re all going to learn the truth after the first of March next year, when his parole ends and Lemmen is freed to scam strangers as a fake friar. But by then, perhaps we’ll have figured out a new way to spoil his schemes.

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