Video: anti-abortion activist Carol Henderson pesters women trying to have babies, because logic.

When Judge Myron Thompson issued an opinion that overturned Alabama’s TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) law one week ago, his description of the struggles of abortion providers in Alabama’s hostile climate seemed like a rebuttal to the Supreme Court’s recent decision striking down sidewalk “buffer zones.” For example, the opinion relates one doctor’s experience with the “non-violent” tactics of anti-choice activists:

Although she was not performing abortions herself, protestors came to her private practice and began to confront her pregnant patients, just as they had Dr. Palmer’s. Again, they held signs depicting third-trimester abortions. The local leader of the pro-life movement told Johnson that he would protest Dr. H1’s practice for as long as Dr. H1 continued to serve as covering physician for the clinic. Dr. H1 removed her children from their Catholic school due to the publicity surrounding her affiliation with the abortion clinic. She “had a mass exodus of patients from his practice.”

[…] Although she had initially refused to perform abortions herself, the loss of her private obstetric practice pushed her into becoming a full-time abortion provider so that she could continue to support her family as a gynecologist in Huntsville.

The “local leader of the pro-life movement” mentioned there is James Henderson, a Charismatic Episcopal street preacher who has been president of the Alabama Christian Coalition since 2011. That’s his wife Carol in the video above, confronting pregnant women outside Dr. Yashica Robinson’s OB-GYN clinic this May in an effort to hurt the doctor’s business.

After it closed down to find a new location that could meet the part of the state’s TRAP law which requires ambulatory care arrangements that no similar inpatient facility is required to meet, Mr. Henderson brought lawyers from California to try and keep the Alabama Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives shuttered. It was just the latest example of his “leadership,” which largely consists of telling lies about his perceived opponents.

James has always been extremely thin-skinned and easily angered: when he tried to hold an anti-abortion rally on the front steps of the Madison County courthouse without a permit in 2004, the mere touch of a deputy’s hand on his shoulder was enough to start him screaming about police brutality and religious oppression (because he’d had a bible in his hand at the time). His complaints to the county commission about this incident are now legendary for overwrought and ridiculous claims; afterwards, Henderson said that the US Army made him an honorary chaplain as a result, but this too is nonsense.

Indeed, many of the Hendersons’ claims just don’t make any sense. Carol says that she spent two years managing a Morgan County home for pregnant and “troubled” young women called Rose of Sharon, and James has also told at least one other person that Rose of Sharon became Lexi House. But there is scant evidence that a Rose of Sharon ever existed, and the Lexi House was actually started by someone else. Could they just be making this up?

We do know that Henderson was a colonel in the Army, serving in Vietnam and ending his career at nearby Redstone Arsenal in 1985. As clinic escort volunteers recollect, the couple first appeared outside of the Huntsville clinic in 2000 or 2001 to do what they call “counseling and prayer.” We have a few examples of this behavior to share with you.

Here is a video of James Henderson telling police that he obeys “God’s laws” as opposed to the laws of Alabama:

And here is Carol Henderson insulting a clinic escort because Jesus would definitely approve of her fat-shaming:

Watch James harass a black clinic escort by name. He apparently does this to her all the time:

Hypocrisy rules the Hendersons’ world. After leading the anti-choice crowd to block sidewalks, stalk down providers, and record the faces of women entering the clinic for twelve years or more, they got their panties in a bunch the moment that prochoice activists began fighting back. Suddenly they became very, very concerned about people turning their cameras on the Hendersons and their creepy friends, or using boomboxes to drown out their disinformation. He was absolutely livid last year when, after a long battle to control the public sidewalks outside the clinic, Huntsville’s mayor and city council ordered him to share the space.

James has posted about all this many times on his Facebook page, which is a study in self-righteous defamation. He denounces his enemies for “criminal behavior” if someone burns sage nearby, but feels no remorse when his own friends spray the other side down with “holy water” in response. When he doesn’t get his way, he turns into a whining bully.

The Hendersons constantly confuse freedom of speech with the power to compel others to listen to them, leaving no space for disagreement, because their ‘god’ is actually just an excuse for a creepy hobby: controlling the lives and bodies of other people.

Listen to James rant, if you can stand it:

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  1. The Hendersons are miserable people who have nothing better to do than stand outside a clinic and do their ‘compassionate, prayerful’ counseling. They are vicious, they are hateful and Henderson likes to stand there and tell us we’re going to hell, we’re sinners and that we need to repent. I haven’t seen anything remotely Christ-like in anything they’ve done to date.

    1. Henderson and his wife aren’t on the sidewalk “counseling” women because they care about women or babies. They’re on the sidewalk because they’re mean. The clinic is their best opportunity for socially sanctioned bullying. They want people to feel ashamed.

    1. Yes, we have seen the website. How old is the website? Anyone can make a website. Our friends that work with a women’s shelter never heard of it. Matt didn’t say they made it up, he just questioned it. Perhaps you could give us more information on it.

    2. ARRA has done a lot of research on it & the only articles we can find are quotes from the Hendersons. Usually non-profits like this get a lot of press. If you can give us some real evidence that it exists, please do so.

  2. Do you mean this Dr. Palmer who performed abortions illegally? I think his patients had a right to know about the illegal procedures he was performing.

    1. When you break the law and get caught it is your own fault not that of the people that revealed the truth.

      1. Do you have similar feelings about the Fecteaus and Fr. Ed Markley who have broken the law and been arrested?

          1. If anyone breaks the law then their is no one to blame but themselves. I don’t know about the Fecteaus breaking any laws, but I have read about what Fr. Ed Markley. It is my understanding from what I have read that he was convicted and served his sentence.

          2. You might want to read up about the Fecteaus. They have at least eight eight arrests between them and a couple of guilty pleas. Of course according to Major Fecteau it’s more like eighteen arrests but then I don’t believe a word he’s says.

    2. Since the screen capture doesn’t seem to post I’ve copied and pasted it below.

      The Alabama Department of Public Health ordered abortionist Carl L. Palmer to stop performing
      abortions at his office, ruling that he didn’t have a license to operate an abortion facility. The State Health Officer, Dr. Donald Williamson, said that Palmer violated state Board of Health rules when he advertised his Alabama Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives in area telephone books.
      Doctors in Alabama can legally perform abortions at their medical offices, but if they advertise as an abortion facility, they must be licensed by the state health department. Palmer did not have the $200 license when he placed an ad in the Yellow Pages promising “Low Cost Early Pregnancy Abortions,” officials said.
      The Rev. James Henderson, a pro-lifer from Morgan County, said he’s been monitoring Palmer’s
      abortion facility since he spotted the Yellow Pages ad. “We are pleased the Alabama Department of Health has shut down an illegal abortion clinic,” Henderson said. “We believe that all abortion clinics in the state need to be shut down, starting with the illegal ones.”
      In 1995, Palmer resigned as medical director of the Women’s Community Health Center in
      Huntsville after health officials ruled he had been performing abortions without proper state certification.

      References: Huntsville Times [Alabama], April 29, 2000; “Alabama Man Can No Longer Perform Abortions.” Pro-Life Infonet, May 3, 2000.

      1. I didn’t know Dr. Palmer, he is deceased. I did read Judge Thompson’s ruling & this was mentioned, as were the tactics of Huntsville antis. They should be charged with stalking. Instead, we are going to settle for slander.

      2. Isn’t pride one of the seven deadly sins? It’s one thing to expose a wrong doing but it’s quite another to make a career off of it and drag it out repeatedly as one of the signature events in your life. If Dr. Palmer was in the wrong it was addressed over ten years ago and it has nothing to do with anything happening today. Seems a little pathetic to me.

      3. Sooo the obvious solution for one unsanitary, unlicensed physician is to shut them all down?

        My local hospital has a problem with its patients getting staph infections, should we shut them down too?

        1. Good point, OsborneInk.It wasn’t unsanitary, though. He neglected to renew his permit. Dr. Palmer was sick & his staff was running the clinic. He passed away many years ago. As usual, the anti abortion zealots are grasping for wrongdoing.

          1. And I will add, if you have to go back that far to find someone to skewer for not having a permit. How about we look at the “pro-life” killings during that time? Real breathing people shot dead or blown to pieces. That’s not nit picking about a permit, this is fathers and brothers and sisters and mothers you people have killed in cold blood. How disgusting is it that one of your protestors commemorates Eric Rudolph (convicted MURDERER) by wearing an Atlanta Olympic hat?

            Grasp at that for a few minutes.

          2. I didn’t look back that far. The blogger brought up Dr. Palmer. I don’t have to look any farther than Dr. Robinson who was charged just a few months ago with 6 counts of Medicaid fraud.

            How utterly ridiculous to claim that someone wearing an Atlanta Olympics hat is doing it to commemorate Eric Rudolph. I have a shirt that says Germany on it, but I don’t wear it to commemorate Hitler. I also have a hat that says Dallas, but I don’t wear it to commemorate Lee Harvey Oswald.

          3. The man who wears the ball cap told clinic volunteers and the on site LEO that it was a tribute to Eric Rudolph.

          4. Dr. Robinson was charged, not convicted. She will be vindicated. It’s more anti abortion zealots desperate attempt to defame a brilliant, African American physician. Are you aware that more than 1,100 doctors and clinics in the US bought the same IUDs from the same company in NYC? Eleven of them are in Alabama. Know how many have charges pending against them? ONE!!! Dr. Robinson, that’s it.

          5. What were the names of those 11 doctors from Alabama? Did they all accept Medicaid? I saw a couple of names when this first hit the news and the doctors I checked didn’t accept Medicaid patients which would make it impossible to be charged with Medicaid fraud.

          6. Really? You’re saying the videos are lying? Talk about grasping….either that or you don’t find anything wrong or outrageous with some of the conduct.

          7. I watched the videos and didn’t see anyone breaking laws, threatening anyone, or bullying anyone. I’m not a fan of street preaching, but it is legal and not bullying. I have also seen video of the pro-aborts actions at the clinic and they are more disturbing than what I saw posted in this blog.

          8. Really? I’d like specifics please. Or is it a case of not understanding free speech works both ways. No one in our group has ever been arrested or charged with any crime concerning the clinic and no warrants have been issued for any of our group for being at the clinic. I’d say that puts you guys ahead two to nothing in that category if you’re keeping score

          9. Jehovah God is a pro abort.
            Hosea 13:16
            The word of the Lord …
            The people of Samaria must bear their guilt, because they have rebelled against their God. They will fall by the sword; their little ones will be dashed to the ground, their pregnant women ripped open.

        2. Iatrogenic deaths are the number 4 cause of death in the U.S. There’s even been a Senate Committee looking into it and condemning it. I’d bet that per capita, there’s a whole lot fewer deaths due to women’s clinics than hospitals and nursing homes.

          1. Since at least one human dies every time an abortion is successfully performed, you would lose that bet.

          2. Just because you believe something doesn’t make that belief fact.

            Your moralistic opinion is something YOU may live by – but not something you may force others to live by.

            I don’t call an embryo a person with rights equal to that of an adult human woman, and I do call abortion an absolutely victimless crime. You know why? Because I understand anatomy and physiology. A fetus cannot feel pain (scientifically proven) prior to 20 week gestation. Even at that point, the science leans in favor of no.

            I don’t believe in your bible. I don’t believe in your god. I don’t believe that souls exist, and I don’t believe that anyone who associates with the so-called ‘pro life’ movement in this nation is even remotely ACTUALLY in favor of preserving the quantity and quality of lives already in existence.

            So you, coming here and posting tripe bullshit like “a human dies every time an abortion is performed” is useless drivel that belongs in your church, not in a factual debate where science is valued.

      4. Dr. Palmer was brought up by the blogger. I just responded. Funny how when facts are revealed about abortionists it is considered inventing scandal, but when half truths are told by pro-aborts it is not. More abortion hypocrisy.

        1. This is the opposite of reality –> “Dr. Palmer was brought up by the blogger”

          YOU brought him up. His name does not appear in the original post, it first appeared on this page in YOUR comment.

          Do you just make a habit of lying? Because last time I checked there was a commandment about that.

          1. You need to go back and read the blog before you start calling people liars. I’ve copied and pasted directly from the blog because I understand that pro-aborts don’t like checking facts before they make claims.

            “Although she was not performing abortions herself, protestors came to her private practice and began to confront her pregnant patients, just as they had Dr. Palmer’s.”

          2. I said it was brought up by the blogger. I never said it was brought up by you. You falsely call me a liar because you failed to read and comprehend and when your are corrected you call me an idiot. Priceless!

          3. What you’re doing is changing the subject from the hypocrisy of the Hendersons to a dead doctor whose reputation you are defaming, then projecting the defamation on everything here. It’s actually quite sick and disturbing, but you can’t see that because you think your god gives you an excuse to be blind.

          4. So Osbornelnk you must be the blogger. So if that is true, then it was you that brought up Dr. Palmer. You (the blogger) used the judge’s words in the blog so that is you (the blogger) bringing up the doctor’s name. The judge didn’t put those words in the blog.

          5. It’s a bloody quote of the judge. It’s not my words. In fact, I was not familiar with the background on Dr. Palmer, but now I see that you’ve been defaming him for a long time because you think Jesus gives you permission to lie.

          6. “I said it was brought up by the blogger.”

            And you were wrong. It was brought up by the judge and quoted by the blogger. However he was wrong that it was in the article.

            Are you done picking those nits now? You know, there is an effective treatment for lice.

          7. I notice you didn’t deny harassing pregnant women at Dr. Palmer’s office. That’s so very ‘pro-life’ of you. I know who and what you are….you’d step on any pregnant women who was keeping her baby just to close down a clinic. The antis are a pathetic bunch of miserable people.

          8. I also didn’t confirm harassing pregnant women at Dr. Palmer’s office, so you are make assumptions. Your assumptions are wrong. Like PamelaWatters I didn’t know Dr. Palmer and was never at his clinic. Of course I’m not sure if she really knew him or not because in one post she claims she didn’t know him, but in another she claimed he “was sick & his staff was running the clinic” so I’m not sure which to believe.

          9. I already stated that I did not know Dr. Palmer. However, I know many of his friends, employees, patients and volunteers. The only negative things I’ve ever heard said about the man was from Henderson & now you.

          10. Jesus would totally be on an internet forum trolling folks who don’t believe his crap. That’s definitely the best way to spend his time.

  3. Dr Carl Palmer was an excellent OB/GYN. He delivered my youngest as well as two nephews. He kept me alive while I had blood clots and then saved my life during a postpartum hemorrhage! I resent the fact that some people are slandering a man they never knew. Just because there was confusion over an unnecessary permit does not mean that he did anything wrong. I wish the so-called christians that spread hate and prevent women from getting needed healthcare would find something to do that makes the world a better place.

  4. This was a well written article. I’m glad the Hendersons got exposed for the judgemental bullies that they are.

  5. This is a well written article. I’m glad that the Hendersons got exposed for the judgemental bullies that they are.

  6. Realized I hadn’t posted top-level to compliment you. This is a great, and absolutely factual writeup. These two are sick little deluded bullies who get their jollies from being on TV and bullying women.

    Every day I smile when I remember that I will outlive them. I have my dancing dress picked out already. 🙂

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