This is the Thursday morning October 30th 2014 liberal blog roundup from selected liberal blogs around the net.

Radamisto discusses how The World Bank Agrees with the Heritage Foundation and points out that democracy and free markets don’t really have that much in common.

♦ Over at the Some Say blog Who cares about a Glenn Beck endorsement anymore?  they  talk about Dan Bongino being endorsed by Glenn Beck and how that endorsement doesn’t really matter. I agree.

At Spe Lun-King they are Watching Closely: 2014 HL Mencken Club Conference in Linthicum, Maryland in which an array of “academic racists” will be on hand talking about their hatred.

Immoral Minority has an article about President Obama, the living breathing antidote to the Republican fear mongering over Ebola. 

Virally Suppressed talks about You Can’t Quarantine Stupid: Ebola & Unconstitutional Health Policy. I agree, but I tend to wonder just how we are going to get a real handle on infectious diseases without some type of safety measures in place.

Who What Why talks about the Boston Bomber’s friend who was recently convicted in BOSTON UPDATE: Third Tsarnaev Friend Convicted For Lying to Feds. 

Corey Robin talks about the issues with being a liberal in The Problem with Liberalism Today.

Liberaland has a great article cross posted from The Hill which discusses how the 2014 elections will effect regulation. The 2014 Election Will Have Big Effect On Regulation.

Jobsanger has a great breakdown of various state election polls in Senate Polls In Iowa, Georgia And Kansas.

Liberal Values discusses the heroic efforts of Kaci Hickcox fighting against government tyranny in Kaci Hickox Is A Hero–Now On Two Counts. Again I have problems with people who go out and try to reap rewards off of issues in which they then attempt to become celebrities off of. Its more of a financial issue for her in my opinion. She see’s a problem, then ratchets up the pain and ends up on every talk show as some type of expert which she isn’t. But that is just my opinion.

Nomadic Politics has a great article on Sarah Palin and her attempts to make a comeback, or is it just some sort of con job for more money in Presidential Con Game: Will Sarah Palin Try to Hoodwink her Supporters Again in 2016? I love that Sarah Palin stuff. I remember when she told people to send her money so she could decide whether to run or not last time out. Of course they sent her millions of dollars and then she quickly declined to run. That’s Sarah Palin in a nutshell.

Peace Center Bar and Sports Bar has a great article on Climate Change in Colorado titled Rocky Mountians being Under Threat From Climate Change. Why Would Coloradoans Vote for the Candidate Favored Rockies’ Destroyers? 

Little Green Footballs has a great video on Gov Chris Christie and his sunny side disposition in The Sunny Personality of Chris Christie. 

Juanita Jean talks about Voter ID in Well, After All, California is a Foreign State.

Imagine 2050 talks about Islamophobia in Ahead of Midterms, Islamophobes Ramp Up Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric. 

Free Thought Blogs has an article about Texas Wingnuts in Texas Wingnut Claims ‘Divine Appointment’. Give em hell Ed.

Havoc and Chaos has a great article about conservatives and propaganda in Why Conservatives Opt for Propaganda Over Reality. 

Well that wraps up Thursday morning blog roundup. Happy reading..

By Marcus Crassus

Marcus Licinius Crassus was a Roman general and politician who played a key role in the transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire.

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