One little girl apparently had enough of this street preacher telling her to “turn or burn” during the Salem, Massachusetts Halloween celebration. She speaks for countless American children who’ve grown up hearing adults tell them their imaginations are evil.

3 thoughts on “Girl Tells Street Preacher To Shut Up And Quit Ruining Halloween”
  1. I caught this yesterday when a friend of mine sent me the link and I just laughed and laughed and laughed. One day that is going to be my daughter. We went to a fair downtown a few months ago and she could not understand why people were preaching such “mean things” as she said. I know for a fact once day this will be here shouting out her rights to preach on in her own way. Love it!

  2. I could totally see one of my kids doing this. We have nothing against religion, but sometimes enough is enough. Not everyone wants to be preached to on a daily basis. I get that everyone has their fair share of freedom of speech, but lets stop pushing religion on those that don’t want it.

  3. What is this world coming to? I am wondering if this was staged though because the little girl keeps looking around like she is waiting for everyone’s reaction. Sometimes you just never know about these videos.

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