Julian Assange is very upset that there is still an ongoing investigation over WikiLeaks, while Hillary Clinton was cleared over what he perceives to be “her” wrongdoing. You see, here is how its laid out Julian. You are working for the dark side, you know, the other team, the Russians. And because of that, and numerous other issues, some of them criminal in nature, you’re going to face a continuing investigation for every Russian sponsored leak you produce.

Each time you produce something its going to open another case on you. So, as long as you keep supporting Russians and their agenda, well, those investigations will keep on coming. Hell, who knows, if you keep publishing for the Russians, maybe those investigations will go on for the rest of your natural life. So, don’t be too upset if you end up in that small 20×20 room at the Ecuadorian Embassy for life. It’s all courtesy of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

Julian Assange wants to know why the Justice Department’s investigation into Wikileaks continues when the FBI and DOJ decided months ago thatHillary Clinton shouldn’t be charged.

On CNN this afternoon, Assange told Jake Tapper that his lawyers are sending a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch “asking her to explain why it is that the now-six-year-old national security and criminal investigation being run by the DOJ against Wikileaks… has not been closed.”

He accused the DOJ of “setting a new standard by closing the Hillary Clinton case” when they determined there was no intent to damage national security in her setting up a private email server.

“Hillary Clinton’s case has been dropped,” Assange said. “Wikileaks’ case continues.”


Wikileaks has been under investigation since their infamous 2010 release of diplomatic cables. Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was outraged by what they did.

H/T Mediate

By Marcus Crassus

Marcus Licinius Crassus was a Roman general and politician who played a key role in the transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire.

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