Not that tonight’s debate requires anymore drama or anticipation of drama, we here at Breitbart Unmasked have considered a list of 10 things that probably won’t, but might happen during the 90 minute live debate at Hofstra University.

  1. Trump gets flustered and refers to the former Secretary of State with the “B” word.
  2. Hillary makes a remark about Trump’s small hands, he responds by unzipping his fly and “waggling” at her.
  3. While describing her love for humanity, Hillary gets emotional, starts weeping. She is soothed by a small ethnic female child who runs up to the podium to hug Hillary, telling her, “It’s ok, Mommy Hillary. We’ll be all right. If YOU win.”
  4. Trump will question the legality of the child’s presence in the US and start a chant of “build the wall.”
  5. Trump will get flustered again and refer to Hillary with the “T” word.
  6. Trump will question Hillary’s sexuality while saying he’s “big with the fags and dykes,”
  7. When Lester Holt introduces Hillary Clinton, he will genuflect and lovingly say, “My Queen.”
  8. Trump will get two words into the response of his first question, Holt will rise from his chair, point to Trump and scream, “LIAR!!!”
  9. Old scores will be settled. Toward the end of the debate with Hillary looking weary and Trump scoring hit after hit, Vince McMahon of the WWE will jump out of his chair in the audience, rush the podium, and take Trump down with a forearm to his throat. He will invite Hillary to deliver a series of elbow drops onto trumps four head. She will. Then, Hillary will stretch Donald Trump out on the stage by holding and pulling his angles as Vince McMahon climbs a top one of the podiums and delivers a leg drop across Trump’s throat. Lester Holt will ring the bell and declare Donald Trump the winner by disqualification. McMahon and Hillary will deliver kick after kick to Trump as security swarms the stage. McMahon will then shave Trump’s head.
  10. Trump will get flustered and call Hillary the “C” word, and we don’t mean “Clinton.”