We Americans are just a bunch of whiny bastards.

Here we are, with a health care crisis, and instead of doing our part, chipping in and paying more for health care and necessary medications, we fritter away our ready cash on iPhones instead of using that money like patriots to fatten the wallets of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

What the hell is wrong with us? Can’t you hear the cries of the Health Care and Big Pharma CEOs as they helplessly watch the bottom line dwindle, forcing them to choose between a new fur coat for the missus, a nice diamond necklace for the primary mistress and weekend luxury getaways with the various auxiliary mistresses?

You selfish, selfish bastards.

It’s your lust for iPhones that caused this problem. Ask Congressman Jason Chaffetz.

“Well, we’re getting rid of the individual mandate. We’re getting rid of those things that people said that they don’t want. And you know what? Americans have choices. And they’ve got to make a choice,” Chaffetz (R-Utah) said on CNN’s “New Day.” “And so maybe rather than getting that new iPhone that they just love and they want to go spend hundreds of dollars on that, maybe they should invest in their own health care. They’ve got to make those decisions themselves.”

It all comes down to priorities, Americans. What is more important to you? Health Care? Or that new iPhone?

What would President Trump do?

The choice is yours.