Long-time Trump crony and escapee from the chorus of a touring summer-stock production of “Guys and Dolls,” Roger Stone, claims he was the victim of yet another assassination attempt today.

According to “Raw Story,” Stone claims that forces from the so-called “deep state” tried to kill him in a hit-and-run auto collision. The “deep state” is what conspiracy mongers like Steven K. Bannon, chief advisor to the president, call career civil employees who stay employed with the government no matter who the president happens to me. That would be the vast majority of civil-service employees.  For instance, yours truly was an so-called  “deep state” member during the George W. Bush administration. I was hired and continued to work in the federal government after Barack Obama became president. Right wing screechers like Alex Jones and Sean Hannity are calling for all employees who served under President Obama to be replaced by employees loyal to Donald Trump. The civil-service oath of office, however, only requires employees to faithfully execute the duties of the office they are about to assume, and to preserve protect and defend the Constitution. There is no loyalty oath because this is not Nazi Germany.

An unbruised, unscratched, unlacerated, Roger Stone appeared on Alex Jones’s Info Wars program today with no visible signs of injury. However, he seems pretty sure the “deep state” has tried to kill him — again — this time in a hit-and-run auto accident.

“It didn’t seem like an accident to me,” Stone told Jones. “I am a consistent critic of the Deep State that’s why I think I’m targeted.”

Stone tweeted about the accident after it occurred, writing, “Car I was in T-boned by large grey 4 door – dark tinted windshield – I was passenger side.”

“I am fine after suspicious hit and run. Blurred vision in right eye on which I had surgery for detached retina sustained in boxing match,” he continued. “Air bags saved me from serious injury – insist on doing my @InfoWars stint at 3 pm EST.”

To hear Wacky Roger say it, he is plain lucky to be alive since he was allegedly poisoned in January with polonium 210, the radioactive chemical that was used to kill Russian journalist and Putin Critic Alexander Litvinenko.

Some men are made of sterner stuff, one supposes.

Still, ask yourself. Who would want Stone to assume room temperature?

Folk on the left see Roger Stone as a laughable gas bag, comedy relief, sidekick to Alex Jones with a clown’s wardrobe and not taken seriously by anyone with a working forebrain.

Then consider the other side of the coin – the shadowy figures operating in the secret halls of the Kremlin who may have colluded with the Trump campaign to assure his ascendancy to the presidency. Stone has been doing a lot of yapping lately about his numerous contacts with Russian hackers. Seem as if anyone would want to see stone pushing up daisies, it would be the Russians.

But, there we go… Making common sense again.


By The Portly Pundit

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