One might get the idea that it’s not the socially responsible thing to do business with a company that supports the fomenting of racism, sexism, homophobia and neo-Nazism.

According to BuzzFeed, starting today, a mobile billboard bearing the words “Amazon, Stop Funding Bigotry. Please Pull Your Ads From Breitbart” will begin driving around Amazon’s Seattle headquarters in an effort to get the e-commerce giant to join an online ad boycott of the pro-Trump news site.

The ad campaign is funded by the anonymous marketing collective Sleeping Giants. Since the 2016 election, the group has been waging a campaign against Breitbart on Facebook and Twitter. The group’s main concern centers around the programmatic advertising market , which uses software and algorithms, not humans, to purchase digital ads. Sleeping Giants believes this makes it easy for companies to advertise on controversial sites without knowing it. So far, Sleeping Giants has convinced 2,250 companies to sever their ad relationship with Breitbart — the advocacy campaign has been largely credited as the reason for a reported 90% drop in brands advertising on Breitbart’s website. A viral petition on the activism site titled “Amazon: Stop Investing in Hate” also amassed over 589,000 signatures this spring.

Yet, despite this pressure, Amazon has yet to respond.

“We haven’t heard from anybody in eight months of calls and emails,” an anonymous Sleeping Giants founder told BuzzFeed News. “We’ve even spoken to people who have shows on Amazon’s streaming service and they’ve approached people at the Amazon about the Breitbart situation and still we’ve heard nothing.”

Anyone who has tried to reach a human being while dealing with Amazon understands the frustration, but Sleeping Giants has hope.

“This is a first for us — taking the cause onto the actual streets,” a Sleeping Giants member said. “It’s one thing to hammer away at things on Twitter and Facebook but it’s another to get it out into the real world and let them know the problem we have.”


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