I hear the term lawfare being bandied about the blog sphere lately and wanted to look into it for a bit. A number of right wing nut jobs who are foolishly following the church of Aaron Walker who claims to anyone who listens to him that he has been abused by the GODFATHER OF LAW, Brett Kimberlin and those that listen must heed Mr. Walker’s warnings that Brett Kimberlin is trying to sue him to keep him quiet. Oh and he is so afraid of Brett Kimberlin and this “LAWFARE” that he supposedly uses to0 shut his opponents down that he has to now tweet and blog incessantly about him 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Well let’s examine the LAWFARE that Aaron Justin Walker has filed to date so far.

1. A 66 Million dollar lawsuit filed by Aaron Walker about 5 months ago or so against Brett Kimberlin and Ron Byrnaert and Neal Rauhauser. That’s right folks, 66 million dollars. And what Walker wanted was for these three parties to be shut down from ever mentioning Aaron Walker or his non de plume Aaron Worthing as he was called before Mr. Walker supposedly decided to just out himself, for life and a hefty paycheck of 66 million dollars.

2. Numerous Perjury Charges filed by Aaron Walker to have Brett Kimberlin thrown in jail in a legal case he was NOT EVEN INVOLVED IN!!!!! All thrown out at the end of the day I might add.


3. Numerous Charges of Filing False Police Reports filed by Aaron Walker against Brett Kimberlin for supposedly trying to file charges against Walker for assaulting him which the assault by Walker did in fact occur. Several judges already made that ruling. All charges laid by Mr. Walker were eventually thrown out.



4. A Federal Lawsuit for 1 million dollars filed by Aaron Walker against Brett Kimberlin recently filed in Maryland Federal Court.

So let me get this straight. Brett Kimberlin filed a peace order to get Aaron Walker out of his life or to just leave him alone, which several judges asked Walker to do just that, and yet Mr. Walker has filed this many charges and lawsuits against Brett Kimberlin for doing so? So when talking about LAWFARE — who the hell is actually using LAWFARE to shut down one man trying to protect himself? That would be Mr. Aaron Justin Walker Attorney at Law. When people look at the record it is very easy to see just who is using Lawfare tactics to scare someone or make them go away. And to top it all off, this raising money scam to further go after a guy who filed a few peace orders against Mr. Walker has now been outed as nothing more than a scam. It is Mr. Walker using LAWFARE tactics, not Mr. Kimberlin. I think its real easy to see that. If not, just open your eyes above. The right wing nut jobs and Aaron Walker are using their false narrative to scam people out of money so they can continue it while making large bank at the same time.