Clouds of butthurt have limited visibility in the Carroll County, Maryland area. Expect drizzles of stupid all weekend, with sunny skies due to arrive by Monday afternoon.

Los Angeles will be fogged in all weekend while RICO defendants continue to prove the case against themselves.

We will update you if any of these weather patterns become storms of stupid, but we expect them to remain annoying rather than dangerous.

  • @OccupyRebellion

    On December 2, Mike Stack (@StayOffInternet) started tweeting about new “threats.” Which we all know is a lie. This all falls at the same time Neal has been contacting local New Jersey officials about Zapem. Then he pulls this latest bs claiming the same person who left a threatening note under his door last year now left a threatening note in his friend’s car. Which makes no sense just like everything he does makes no sense.

    Stack insists continuing dredging up Weinergate over two years later. Now he claims the same person left a threatening not on the back of a Smoking Gun article. The now infamous “Weinergate Co-Pilot” article from the Smoking Gun which he still won’t shut the fuck up about. He now claims both notes were written on the reverse side of a Smoking Gun article. He never mentioned the Smoking Gun angle before after he got his “threatening note” a year and a half ago.

    Stack tweeted his admission about setting up Anthony Weiner one month before Weinergate began. He had been tweeting how HE was working on a pending political sex scandal that was about to break. How people can add HIM to the list of trouble makers. How a top-5 conservative blogger (Breitbart) ALREADY had the pictures. Stack was also the one who tweeted a picture of Gennette to Dan Wolfe two weeks before the scandal broke.

    The first “threatening note” Stack claims was slipped under his door was about Spring 2012. This was less than a month after he revealed crooked Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney John Patrick Frey (@Patterico) had never filed a police report having to do with his own SWAT.

    Now a year and a half later Stack dredges up the “threatening note slipped under his door” again but how a friend of his has also received one written in the same fashion. The Spring 2012 “threatening note” was suppose to be linked to local New Jersey kooks going after Stack after he revealed Frey never filed a police report. Now a year and a half later it’s changed to coincide with Neal contacting local New Jersey officials about Zapem.

    Here are the screencaps & tweets/links. I have it saved elsewhere too.

  • Don Johnson

    So….what happened in court today? Is Hoje in Jail?

    • Carroll County seems not to care about proof of Mr. Hoge’s perjury. The judge extended the peace order for 6 months. Apparently, Hoge hired an attorney (Zoa Barnes) with the right relationship with the judge.

      • Wile E. Coyote

        Of course! They must be lovers. It couldn’t be that Schmalfeldt is a fool and that Acme Legal sucks at understanding the law.

        Nope, Hoge found the judge’s secret girlfriend and hired her. Obviously.

        You people really are hilarious. Thanks for all the laughs.

        • The continuing “lawfare” campaign against Schmalfeldt has nothing to do with the law and everything to do with abusing the law to harass a disabled man for the “crime” of tweeting and blogging about people who constantly tweet and blog about Brett Kimberlin. They can dish it out, but they cannot take it.

  • See, I’ve banned this troll from MY site, so he comes over here and misspells Hoge’s name.