Homeschooling ‘Expert’: Sex-ed Is A Liberal Plot So Make Your Kids Learn By Watching Guinea Pigs (via

By David June 2, 2014 2:00 pm – Comments A conservative activist, who has been billed as a homeschooling expert by tea party groups, warned over the weekend that sex-ed courses were a plot to increase the number of Democratic voters by destroying marriages…

  • Hofenbrau

    So sex is evil then right? So in order to have better relations with a spouse later on, one is taught that your bits are naughty bits and to be shunned, ignored, or thought of as evil. But when you get ready to have a spouse, you are suddenly told that sex is great or OK, and that all your teachings early on about sex being bad were in fact wrong, and so now you can have sex normally. Gee, I wouldn’t want to be the spouse having to deal with the other half living under those bad memories while growing up.

  • Dick Weed

    So we’re supposed to be using rodents when we have sex….no offense but not my thing…

    • Hofenbrau

      Into the mud lol.

  • steve c.

    She looks like a real winner.