Luke Lamb, who describes himself as the “constitutional Sheriff’s candidate” in Greene County, Illinois,  is facing a felony charge of Unlawful Communication with a Juror for a series of Facebook postings he made last January.

Prior to his current bid for Sheriff, Lamb made a name for himself by agitating the police force through Youtube videos he made as a self-described “Anti-Establishment Activist.” First there was the video he made catching a local, off-duty policeman (who had, coincidentally just ticketed him) swigging beers at an MMA fight and then speeding away. (The video caused concern that the police force was drinking and then driving in police vehicles, and later prompted a change in the police department’s alcohol policy.)

Lamb’s next video “sensation” was a recording of the time he very nearly got arrested for his “Impeach Obama” overpass banner protest. (“You have a chance to be a hero right now and you’re not doing it,” Lamb told the policemen as they waited for backup to arrive. He later quipped to those officers that they could call him by the name of “Ron Paul.” Lamb avoided arrest, scoring a “free speech” victory on camera, but not before making some off-color statements and doing his best to agitate the police officers. See the full video below.)


The current charges Lamb is facing stem from an incident on Facebook last January, when Lamb had a strange conversation online with a man serving on jury duty who sought out his advice. Lamb allegedly advised the juror to, “”Nullify, nullify, nullify!” and “Hang the jury, if necessary” in reference to the traffic case. Daily RFT has images from the court case that show Lamb — posting as “Lou Clam” — trying to convince Mark Boston, the juror in question, to perform what’s known as “jury nullification,” a form of activism that allows a jury to refuse to enforce a law it considers unjust via “conscientious acquittal.”

What law is such a travesty that “Lou Clam” thought it deserved such radical obstruction?

A “no speeding” sign in a school zone, apparently.

Image from
Image from Daily RFT

Lamb went on to explain how to nullify a decision and directed the juror to tell the other members of the jury to visit, The Fully Informed Juror Association, a nonprofit that appears to advocate for the practice of jury nullification as a path to social justice.

Lamb also told the juror, “Sometimes I daydream of being on a jury that votes not guilty on a seatbelt ticket. You have a right to judge the law and the action. Hang the jury, if necessary.”

The postings were discovered by Deputy Sheriff Cliff Elliott,  who gave the information to Sheriff McMillan, the incumbent Lamb intends to unseat in November.

Lamb’s attorneys argue that the posts constitute protected speech, similar to “shouting into a bullhorn at a protest.”

It will be up to the judge to decide whether there was criminal intent.

It is unclear how a pending felony charge will affect Lamb’s chances to hold the Sheriff’s office, which is considered by many in the “patriot movement” to be the most powerful office in the land and has been hailed by the Cliven Bundy crowd as a stepping stone to dismantling the federal government.

As far as Lamb’s run for Sheriff, what good would come from electing a person who believes that basic laws that protect school children are useless and unjust?

His intent in running for Sheriff appears to be questionable as well.