Ultra Right Wing radio pundit Glenn Beck is heading to the U.S.-Mexico border on July 19 along with Rep Louie Gohmert, R-Texas and Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah with meals for thousands of undocumented men women and children who have been flooding across the border into the United States from drug-infested Central American countries.

It is a great way for Glenn Beck to show his humanity by offering to actually help people who have crossed thousands of miles of Mexican terrain to eat. Of course I question why Texas Rep Louie Gohmert is also going down to the Texas border to help feed those whom he has railed against for a years. I remember in 2010 Anderson Cooper going after Gohmert about his assertion that terrorists in the Middle East were sending their children to the United States to later (20 years or more) become terrorists. This brings up the question of Gohmert’s presence at the border on July 19th 2014. Will Gohmert in fact be trying to uncover whether these children coming across are in fact from the Middle East, and only coming to the United States to become terrorists later on down the road?

I wouldn’t put it past Rep. Gohmert to be looking to close that gaping hole in U.S. security he claimed to Cooper in this video by finally finding those mysterious “Terror Babies” he claimed the FBI told him were coming to later kill U.S. Citizens. The right wing has already gone full extremist on the waves of people coming in from Central America by claiming they bring disease, lice and various other problems like TB. It wouldn’t surprise me that Beck and company will actually mask their humanity by using it as a cover for more nefarious purposes.

Of course Beck may have had a change of heart, he certainly has lost most of the right wing extremists that loved him in this quest. But I wonder if he will later come out and say he found evidence of a George Soros plot behind it? Of course this could be followed up by Gohmert finally finding some child who looks Middle Eastern enough to give credence for his “terror babies” routine, which he will then trumpet as vindication for his earlier rantings about what the right wing terms as “anchor babies” actually being turned into “terror babies” who mean to do us all harm 20 years from now.


So in a way Beck could restore the insane lunatic fringe that followed him by masking his humane effort to feed these children as an undercover operation against them. Let us not forget that these children go through literal hell to get here only to be met by haters and flag waving right wing tea baggers who want to shoot them, or demonize them, or send them packing, all for braving the hardship of Central America and then the trip through Mexico to get to the land of the free and home of the brave. Here is a suggestion/challenge to Beck and Gohmert and those tea party idiots and haters; why don’t you all go down to Central America and then walk back to the United States through hellish conditions without food or water or anything other than the clothes on your back, then when you get to the U.S.A., if you actually make it, ask yourselves if you deserve to be in America after going through all that hell?