A lesson for racists who claim not to be racists when asking for things a racist would ask for.

When the cameras and microphones are on and focused on you, do not refer to MLK as “Martin Luther Coon.”

Silly racists. It certainly did not help his case in the York County Court. Neither did the fact that the man who filed the suit comes from the OTHER Carolina.

According to WSOC-TV:

A judge denied a man’s petition Thursday to put the Confederate flag back in the York County courthouse.

The flag used to hang in the main courtroom but was removed during renovations and wasn’t replaced.

Russell Walker of Aberdeen, North Carolina, filed a lawsuit in June against York County Clerk of Court David Hamilton, asking a judge to force Hamilton to return the flag and pictures to the main courtroom. The lawsuit alleges the S.C. Heritage Act allows only the legislature to move Confederate items in public buildings.

The biggest issue the judge had was that Walker does not live in North Carolina.

The judge asked Walker how the issue affected him because he does not live in the state, and then ruled he didn’t have any standing to make the petition in the first place.

Walker told Channel 9 on Thursday the flag is a religious symbol for him.
“I believe this is the flag of righteousness,” Walker said. “Look it up on the internet, the flag of righteousness. I believe this will be the flag we fly in Heaven. That’s my personal belief.” (Emphasis added.)

Walker said it’s not clear what his next step will be, but it appears someone from South Carolina will have to take up the cause if they want to fight to keep the Confederate flag up in the York County courthouse.

We have suggestions for his “next step,” but first Mr. Walker will have to find a very high cliff.

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