Hahmad Faizey, owner of Herat Ice-Cream factory, started his business in 2002, with money Faizy had made from an import business  with China and France. Faizey’s ice cream venture came from hometown pride, according to a feature in the Guardian in 2012, “He decided that his home town’s reputation for making the best traditional ice-cream in Afghanistan, and very little domestic competition, made frozen desserts an ideal investment opportunity.” He’s had a lot of success. Herat Ice cream recently won a landmark award for producing the best ice cream in Afghanistan. Their factory in Herat city produces 30 metric tons of high-quality Afghan ice cream daily. And their product is always in demand.

In the past few years, new partnerships have allowed Herat to expand distribution. Ice cream vendors seldom encounter difficulty, according to Faizy. “Even the Taliban like ice-cream,” Faizy told the Guardian in 2012. “We have agents in every province.”