CNN International Anchor Rosemary Church asks why police can’t use water cannons on protesters in Ferguson.

Here is why using water cannons on African Americans is no longer tolerated in the United States. We tend to remember the Bull Connor years in the 60’s and how he dealt with African American protesters. It would do Rosemary Church some good to do some research on the subject before making such an outrageous suggestion. Here are some photos from those days below, which are still remembered as the American civil rights movement.

watercannons FireHose Bullconnerfirehoses firehoses-used-on-Birmingham-protesters_1963 BullConnor1 Bullconnor

I think the suggestion of using water cannons on people protesting in Ferguson is truly abhorrent. CNN should offer an apology for this suggestion, and send Rosemary Church back to J-School for a refresher on the American Civil Rights movement.