I’m pretty sure that most of us can agree that ISIS, the militant terror group responsible for countless murders, beheadings, and other acts of brutality across the Middle East, is a terrible, awful thing.

This being said, fans of Isis, the band, don’t deserve your threats and scorn.

How can you recognize Isis the band and their fans?

Here’s what their tee shirt/logo looks like, for starters.


I know not everybody loves rock n’ roll, but I’m pretty sure that most people who like to listen to the rockers from the early 2000’s don’t deserve the dirty looks they’re getting in public when they wear the band t-shirt outside. (Unless, of course, those people are hipsters stepping in front of you in line at Whole Foods or something.)

ABC News
reports that Isis the band has become a target for people who think that they are a group of Islamic militants.

ISIS the band formed in Boston and began playing and touring in 1997. Altogether, they released nine albums, including  “Panopticon” and “In the Absence of Truth.” The group moved to California before officially splitting up in 2010.


“Fans have emailed us that they’re reluctant to wear our T-shirts now and we’ve also gotten some off-color comments,” Aaron Harris, the band’s former drummer, told ABC News. Their social media pages have also gotten some startling messages directed toward ISIS, the evil terror group.

Citing those harassing comments, the  band even recently changed their official Facebook page’s name from “ISIS” to “Isis the band.”