Over the weekend, Rep. James Clyburn’s (D-S.C.) Republican challenger referred to same-sex couples as “gremlins” and “bullies” in a Facebook post, and urged his supporters to oppose gay marriage at the polls this fall.

Anthony Culler, the GOP nominee for Rep. James Clyburn’s seat, wrote the Facebook post last week with some startling statements about homosexuality. He stated the same-old tired bigotry trotted out by the religious right, declaring same-sex marriage as “a pestilence that has descended on our society, against our will, by those in the courts and government that do not value the traditional family.” But he didn’t stop there.

Rather than simply condemn homosexuality based on his religious beliefs, he decided it was a good idea to explain homosexuality using fictional monsters as comparison. “Same sex couples that seek to destroy our way of life and the institution of marriage are NOT cute and cuddly but rather (for those of you that are old enough to remember the movie), Gremlins that will only destroy our way of life,” he wrote.

Yes, that’s right folks. Don’t get it twisted. Gay marriage is not about sticking to his religious beliefs for Anthony Culler — it’s about fear, the kind of irrational fear that’s only justified in horror movies where adorable homosexual  creatures … morph into awful, green alien-like monsters that want to kill you. They’re so intent on destroying us straight peoples’ way of life that they’ll even break into our homes in the middle of the night to gorge themselves on our leftovers until we have to beat them off with our kitchen utensils and appliances. Gay marriage will totally wreck society in the exact same way — gnawing on electric cords, destroying our living room furniture, with those nasty gay Gremlins gorging themselves on everything in our freezers after midnight, partying all night and day!

Calling homosexuals Gremlins also totally explains how gay people that are the bullies, instead of Culler.

Because Culler said so: “These people are bullies and now that they are winning their true and hateful nature is much easier to see and hear.”