After yet another school shooting, many are praying for Marysville, a small city in Washington populated with 63,269 residents. Others are wondering what can be done to prevent the next school shooting because we all know it’s inevitable. A 14-year-old boy with a grudge and a gun went on a rampage An Open Carry activist Jaylen…

Armed Open Carry Group To March Through St. Louis One Day After School Shooting

  • Larry

    First, the sensible solution to STOP school shootings is to allow trained teachers and staff to carry CONCEALED on campus. One armed teacher could have stopped this long before it reached the proportions that it did.

    I do NOT agree with the “open carry activists”. IMHO, they are a bunch of clowns in search of cameras — and are likely secretly funded by Bloomberg, as only his anti-gun BS benefits from their activities.

    • disqus_PalbVYKdzo

      Funny thing is open carry activists don’t care if you don’t carry, yet so called 2A supporters like you wanna ride the fence and are the ones doing almost if not more harm than the antis.

      • Larry

        Actually, the “open carry activists” irresponsible actions have caused at least two chains to BAN ALL GUNS in their stores, and others to say that guns are “not welcomed”. Reduction of the number of places where law-abiding citizens may exercise their Second Amendment Rights is NOT beneficial to anyone except the anti-gun Fascists.

        Many folks who have made the choice to legally carry concealed are DAMAGED by these clowns, and the publicity they unjustly receive has made many believe that ALL gun owners are as irresponsible as they.

        • disqus_PalbVYKdzo

          No the have not because they were not irresponsible, but because the CC sides with the antis they don’t carry the same weight as y’all do. You say you support 2a and then add the word but to it ,then you don’t. Support all gun rights like the oc folks do or watch the oc taken away then they have the time and resources to go after the cc folks. Like it or not you can’t have it both ways.

          • Larry

            Your argument makes ZERO sense.

            If you need to show or feel “manhood” by showing off your gun, you lack the former.

            The right to keep and bear arms is not dependent upon the arms being visible to everybody. A concealed firearm provides better deterrent, because the bad guy cannot know which — or how many — people are armed. The Tactical Advantage of Surprise is owned by the concealed carry person — who can decide when and IF it is responsible to pull a weapon. The open carry person will be immediately shot or disarmed.

    • cacodoxy

      The teacher of my youngest is all about the right to carry but the schools in our area don’t allow it. The only one who carries in the school are the police that volunteer there on their days off.

      • Bendal

        I wonder how long it’s going to take before teachers are allowed to carry. I can’t believe our schools have become such a war zone. As for the march, I support their right to do it and I also understand what the guy was trying to say about liberal interference. It would basically be sabotage and both sides are capable of it.

  • disqus_PalbVYKdzo

    What complete and utter trash reporting, you make it sound like they were waiting for a school shooting in order to have this. Try this because it’s the same kind of garbage ” School shooter shamelessly shoots up school days before Open carry Rally in Missouri and Washington State voters go to polls to vote on gun control issue.”

  • The Whip

    Well if u go put me in your Bullshit as post. At least get my fucking age right prick. Ima 70’s baby asshole not 80’s

  • jbscpo

    THIS crap is supposed to be reporting????? What a crock of SHIT.

  • Pedro

    OMG, US citizens exercising their civil, lawful, and Constitutionally protected rights! Statist heads explode to the left (and the further left).

  • reticle

    Rambo cosplay!

  • Stevojax

    To bad Jeffrey don’t develop an exercise fetish.