In a new, unsettling effort to attract female voters to his campaign, Colorado’s Tea Party candidate  for governor, Bob Beauprez, has backtracked on his earlier criticisms of IUD’s and other reproductive health issues, saying it’s not something that he should be deciding and falling just short of calling himself a “pro choice” candidate.

In an interview aired Wednesday on Colorado Public Radio, Beauprez, used a new and deceptive language when talking about women’s reproductive choices — a far cry from labeling IUD’s as “abortifacients” and his claims of a 100% pro-life voting record that has been a big part of his campaign platform since his run for governor in 2006.

Beauprez told he would not stand in the way of women having access to abortions, nor would he interfere with women choosing what kind of birth control to use. “I respect people’s opinion, women’s right to that choice,” he said. He later added, “I don’t want to run somebody else’s family and make decisions for their family, their life; I want them to have the opportunity and the freedom to do that themselves.”

However, Beauprez’s views are probably more accurately revealed in both his “100 percent pro-life voting record” and his Colorado Right-To-Life answers in 2006, when he said he was in favor of a “personhood” amendment – as well as every other other anti-choice measure they quizzed him about.

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 Beauprez’s statements appear to be a desperate move in an election where the most polls show a tightly closing gap between him and incumbent Democrat Gov. Hickenloop. In addition to being anti-choice, Beauprez is admittedly anti-pot as well, which would make his election to office an interesting feat in the first state to legalize (and profit from) recreational marijuana sales.

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