If only Bobby Jindal had known about Plato, Louisiana might not be in this fix. Every time Plato tried to apply the basic principles of his Republic to real cities in the Greek world, the students he appointed as philosopher-kings invariably devolved into self-dealing tyrants. Despite this empirical evidence that his pet political theories were totally…

  • I_Am_Me

    Tax cuts without spending cuts always leads to deficits. Leftist solution? Tax more, spend more. Genius! It works so good there is no logical reason to not tax at 100%. And while we’re at it, seize private property and cut the games.


    Jindal, Brownback, Walker and others came to office certain of their ideology to the point that when those ideologies failed completely, they were left with no alternative but to keep doubling down, because they were completely out of ideas. Ideas that weren’t even theirs to begin with.