It’s Thursday Threatcon, your intelligence briefing on right wing activity. Below are the best reports, investigations, exposées, and debunkery of the wingnutosphere this week. Due to Donald Trump becoming the ‘presumptive’ Republican nominee, our Threatcon Color Code is ORANGE HATERADE

  • muselet

    • It would be surprising if Donald Trump’s supporters weren’t selling sexist merchandise.

    • Barack Obama could have held his own against Oscar Wilde and Dorothy Parker in a contest of cutting wit.

    • I can’t express how happy I am not to live in a sink of ignorance and bigotry like Horry County.

    • Most people have realized they know someone who’s gay or lesbian, so the Right needed to find a new bogeyman for the 2016 election season. Transgender people aren’t particularly terrifying—and my five bucks says maybe one Righty in a million even knew they existed before now—but they were convenient.

    • There’s a good reason I’ve never had a particularly high opinion of John Roberts.

    • Righties have very little use for science. They like—even demand—technical advances in medicine, but they go out of their way to ridicule the science underlying the bits they want.

    • Kevin Drum (motherjones [dot] com [slash] kevin-drum [slash] 2016/05 [slash] everyone-getting-todays-trump-tweet-totally-wrong) suggests that taco bowl tweet from Donald Trump wasn’t an awkward attempt at outreach ot Latinos, but was aimed at his white supporters. Makes as much sense to me as anything the short-fingered vulgarian does.


    • Of course Donald Trump would choose to eat a taco bowl. It’s the only Mexican dish that comes with a wall already built around it.

      • mrparker1

        Yes, and the “wall” works for what its intended use is, doesn’t it?

  • mrparker1

    Of course, Hillary tries her best to sound like blacks when she’s speaking at black churches and like Bill, every time she waves her finger for emphasis, she’s lying.

    • Which would perhaps be indicative of character if not for the fact that people slip into, and out of, accents all the time. I do it. When I came back from Summers in Canada as a teenager, I shed my New Brunswick cadence before Labor Day, but it always comes back within minutes of my arrival in Toronto airport.