William Hoge and Aaron Walker, the vexatious duo still pursuing a bizarre right wing vendetta against Brett Kimberlin long after everyone else moved on, has just lost their most important means of legal harassment.

After many months of patient lobbying by Mr. Kimberlin, Republican Governor Larry Hogan signed HB0237 in May; it was finally published Thursday. Taking effect in October, the new law strikes down Maryland’s unique statute against admitting testimony from anyone who has ever been convicted of perjury.

Hoge and Walker have repeatedly used Kimberlin’s 1973 drug-related perjury charge to shield themselves from the consequences of their abusive conduct against his family. Every time that Kimberlin attempted to redress their behavior through Maryland courts, Hoge and Walker would once again invoke the statute.

In addition to preventing Kimberlin from being able to tell a judge what they have done to his family, the tactic was always aimed at prejudicing the court against him.

BU recently obtained an audio recording of a hearing last year in which Hoge’s attorney spent half the court’s total time objecting to Kimberlin as a witness on this basis.

But that era is coming to an end now.

“I worked behind the scenes on this for months,” Kimberlin tells BU. Saying nothing of his efforts in public so that Walker and Hoge could not “gum up the works,”  Kimberlin began by telling his state senator, Susan Lee, how the two men have consistently used the statute to avoid responsibility for their endless stalking and harassment of his family.

Lee was also one of the legislators who worked to pass ‘Grace’s Law,’ a bill that was supposed to reduce the reporting burden of parents when they ask police and courts to protect their children against cyberbullies and online stalkers. The Kimberlins were the first Maryland family ever to invoke Grace’s Law,

Angered by the resistance of his victims, Aaron Walker is currently suing the state of Maryland to strike down that legislation, along with the underlying harassment statute, as unconstitutional violations of his ‘right’ to make life hell for the Kimberlin daughters.

But if any Maryland law is unconstitutional, it’s the one he loves to use against Mr. Kimberlin so much — an artifact of the common law days from before Maryland was even a state, much less part of the United States.

As explained in the bill itself, the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention (GOCCP) has concerns that

in certain types of cases, such as domestic violence and sexual assault, it is crucial that the victim be able to testify, since the victim is the only witness (other than the defendant) to the events. However, if the victim has a prior conviction for perjury, then the victim is prohibited from testifying under current statute. GOCCP reports that there is no other statutory ban on an individual testifying due to a prior criminal conviction.

In other words, no other American state has ever banned people convicted of perjury from the witness stand on a permanent basis — because doing so is contrary to public safety and the rule of law.

For example, just because a Maryland resident has been convicted of perjury some time in the past, their abusive spouse can prevent them from testifying in a divorce proceeding, or from pursuing a protective order.

Furthermore, due to the Maryland rules of evidence, a person kept off the stand this way cannot even produce character witnesses — a clear violation of the Sixth Amendment guarantee “to have compulsory process for obtaining” testimony in a defendant’s favor.

Jamie Raskin, a powerful Maryland state senator on the judiciary committee, championed the new legislation. Governor Hogan even submitted his own version of the bill to clear up minor differences in the House and Senate versions. That final draft passed the House 118-21, while all 45 senators were unanimous in support.

Every delegate from Carroll County, where William Hoge resides, voted in favor of the change.

The revised law furthermore requires that actual evidence of a perjury conviction must be presented to the court in order to impeach the credibility of a witness. This is a second blow to Walker and Hoge, who have never invoked the statute while holding an actual certified copy of Kimberlin’s 1973 conviction.

Instead, they have always relied on a footnote from a completely different proceeding to make an end-run around Kimberlin’s due process rights.

Kimberlin says that kind of overreaching behavior is exactly what convinced state legislators and the governor to change the law.

“I am so proud of the Maryland legislature and Governor for stepping up boldly to protect Maryland citizens from deranged stalkers and predators who abuse this statute to further torment their victims,” he says. “Now victims such as my family can fight back to hold these perverts criminally and civilly accountable. October 1st will bring a new day to Maryland victims.”

  • William A. Ferguson


    • The White House has requested that I stop generating CRITIC reports…

      • William A. Ferguson

        You’re spooking the horses.

  • ArtieSingh

    “Gum up the works” gives me the creeps when I think about these lechers.

    • I’m thinking of old gum you encounter stuck under a desk…

      • ArtieSingh

        I was thinking of “gum jobs.”

  • Walker Burns In Hell

    Great work Brett. These scumbag right wingers have never even tried to do anything positive in their lives. They will hopefully all burn in hell doing the Devils work.

    Great reporting Matt.

  • RogerS

    Incredible story here, and congratulations are in order. This is so different than Washington where the GOP House and Senate do nothing to protect victims from guns. Apparently, in Maryland this was a bi-partisan accomplishment, and I know that Larry Hogan is a Republican so he must have been outraged that Stalker Walker and The Hog were keeping victims from testifying after being abused. I would like to know if Mr. Kimberlin testified at the hearings that were most likely held on this bill. It would be interesting to post that transcript.

    Am I reading between the lines that something more is coming down the pike for Stalker Walker and The Hog after October 1? Seems like the gist of the story is that the House, Senate and Governor are all aware of their perverted stalking and want Mr. Kimberlin to be able to testify. Inquiring minds want to know if there is a sealed indictment against Stalker Walker and The Hog that will be unsealed after October 1st. Maybe Stalker Walker got wind of that and that is why he is rushing to get those stalking statutes overturned. It is all very intriguing. I have a feeling the roof is going to cave in on those perverts.

  • Dirty Schnitzel

    In an incredible bit of Hoge-like unawareness, the senile old man has turned this massive defeat into a victory (in his diseased mind.)

    “Worse news for The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin. This means that he can be called as a witness. Better still, it means he can be cross examined if he testifies on his own behalf.


    “UPDATE—The bill leading to the new law was introduced by the State
    Senator who represents the district where Kimberlin lives. I was aware
    of the bill and did not bother to lobby against it because the change
    will allow TDPK’s testimony to be compelled in a civil suit. (Of course,
    he still has a Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination, but
    invoking that in front of a jury …)”

    He was AWARE of the bill but did not bother to lobby. Because, as you know, he is the CHESSMASTER and he is thinking eleventy-six moves ahead of everybody And now they won’t HAVE to silence Brett in court and they can RUBBER HOSE confessions out of him in this long struggle in the war of Hoge/Walker v. COMMON SENSE AND JUSTICE.

    • RogerS

      The Hog just got punked. The Hog is a pathological liar and a pervert. Sounds to me like the Hog is going to be indicted after October 1st, so he better be packing his toothbrush. I doubt very much that the District Attorney in Maryland will let him off the hook for stalking a minor. The Hog is going to be hogtied. And when he goes to prison, he will have to be in protective custody because no one likes a child molester in jail.

      • Boxer Rebellion

        i thought walker and aaron were in this for the free speech of bloggers, even if they did not approve of the material published because the holy first amendment trumps all other logic and order.

        now aaron and hoge are suing bloggers for blogging, the free speech and civil rights advocacy is coming from kimberlin and hoge’s crew of sociopathic elderly perverted internet trolls are the ones using their “anonymity” to ruin the lives of minors, the handicapped and the elderly.

        What a world.

  • Boxer Rebellion

    118-21. Suck on that one.

    • RogerS

      IMHO, these idiots never cared about the first amendment, they were only using it to further their goals when it served them. Stalker Walker is apparently asking the Maryland Court of Appeals to overturn statutes that he used against Mr. Schmalfeldt only because Mr. Schmalfeldt used them against him. Stalker Walker and The Hog are not only world class perverts but world class hypocrites.

      To clarify what I said in a previous post, I was just trying to connect the dots — Senators, Congress Members, the Maryland Governor and other officials know about Stalker Walker’s and The Hog’s history of online stalking and his targeting of a minor. And since they are all personally invested in getting the statute repealed, they are probably equally involved in seeing that the two perverts are prosecuted. I would not want to be in their shoes.

  • Ken Ashford

    I read elsewhere that Walker is self-fellating lately. Apparently, Walker’s terrible courtroom practices caused some retired judge to get snarky with him a few years back, and this gave Walker the sads. Walker got a judicial commission to agree that the judge was snarky, so Walker is now doing a victory dance as if he just won at the U.S. Supreme Court level. I doubt the judge lost a moment’s sleep over Walker’s complaint, since he is in retirement and could not care less about the slap on the wrist. Hey, but don’t blame Walker for making it a big deal — when you lose so often in court (and in life), you have to take any “victory” no matter how petty, small and inconsequential.

    • RogerS

      OK, you got my curiosity up so I went to his blog and held my nose to read the decision. IMHO, that Judge hit Stalker Walker right on the nail. Stalker Walker is an aborted baby from Yale, and someone who would be shunned like Trump is being shunned by the GOP. Yale is embarrassed of him, I am sure. Stalker Walker is a joke, a bozo in the insane clown car who is dreadfully stupid. We ought to have a contest to see how many words we can come up with to describe Stalker Walker–pervert, abuser, victimizer, charlatan, scammer, fraudster, liar, incompetent pretend lawyer, media whore, …..

  • Mark in MD

    Good news for BK is that suspected evidence forger WJJ Hoge is allowed to testify against himself. Maybe the Kimberlins can revisit the stalking of their teenage daughter by suspected evidence forger WJJ Hoge of Maryland. You know, the guy that was sued by a nursing care facility because he refused to pay his own mother’s care. The guy whose only proof of marital sex is an obese failure who lives at home with 300lbs of virgin shame. The guy who is spending his retirement harassing the infirm. Suspected evidence forger WJJ Hoge is a grade A a-hole.

    • RogerS

      Thanks Mark, we should all look into that nursing care lawsuit. I checked case search and there also seems to be a ton of traffic tickets against The Hog and what appears to be The lesser 300 pound Hog you mention. Mark, it sounds like you have some personal knowledge of The Hog so keep the tips coming. It is time that The Hog stopped being Stalker Walker’s sugar daddy. The Stalker Walker has made many enemies and now that he has targeted a judge in Maryland, the other judges will circle the wagon. His demise will be swift when it happens.

      • William A. Ferguson

        Hoge can’t drive….FIFTY-FIIIIIIIVE!

        • RogerS

          I honestly believe that The Hog is suffering from a serious mental disability and needs long term care in a mental facility. There is something very wrong with his mental faculties dealing with obsession and sociopathy. Hey Mark in MD, if you have any connections in his hometown, you might want to seek an intervention for the The Hog. He needs white jacket treatment. I know in most states, anyone can ask for a mental health evaluation if they have personal knowledge of the person’s irrational behavior. Everyone on this thread knows that The Hog is completely crazy so someone should get him the help he desperately needs. Mental illness is something that needs to be treated or it will get worse. And we have all seen how The Hog has been steadily deteriorating over the past several years, and it has been escalating the past few months. The Hog needs treatment NOW!!! If someone will file on him, he can be picked up by the police no matter if he is at work, home or driving down the road. He does not even realize how mentally ill he is so he will not seek treatment voluntarily. He needs to be committed NOW!!!