Yes, leave it up to Breitbart’s in house drama queen Milo Yiannopoulos to claim that when Twitter banned him in July that just 6 days later Twitter stock fell 15 percent in one day. It since recovered a week later. But Milo, the ever present special snowflake drama queen, wants to make sure his fans know that he was the proximate cause of monetary damage to twitter investors.

On that day Twitter’s closing share price was $18.33. Jack Dorsey’s 21.86 million shares (3.2% equity) were worth about $400,693,800. Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud’s 34.9 million shares (5.2% equity) in the newly sharia-compliant Twitter totalled about $639,717,000.

Just six trading sessions later, Twitter’s stock fell 13.97% to $15.77. The drop in value of Jack’s holding totaled just short of $56,000,000 while Prince Alwaleed suffered a loss of more than $89,000,000. The total market cap of Twitter fell from $12.87 billion to 11.16 billion, $1.71 billion of shareholder wealth deleted like a misspelled tweet.

Of course I called this in advance during my CNBC interview about my banning. My hair is platinum blonde instead of clear, but it serves perfectly as my crystal ball.

But it is plainly obvious that all of these woes are directly related to the regressive left mentality of the company, the ultimate demonstration of which was my banning.

The stock has since recovered to pre-crash levels, but the immediate damage to investors, especially those forced to sell in margin accounts, boggles the mind.

Milo might want to draw that back though, because if someone runs around claiming that he actually was responsible for the monetary losses of investors, well, they might decide to sue him in mass or something. Nevertheless, Milo then sprouted off the usual nonsense that Twitter supported Sharia law and so forth and then said:

As my colleague Allum Bokhari spelled out, Twitter picked a fight with me that it cannot win. My message to Jack Dorsey, his Saudi pals, and all of sharia-compliant Twitter is an old Wall Street adage:

“Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered”.

So, is Milo claiming he is a fat pig? One would see it that way, even though he’s pretty much as skinny as a rail. The other issue is that he lived on Twitter. So is he saying while he was there he supported a company that proscribes to or supports Sharia Law? Where was the Sharia law outrage when he was living on Twitter day to day with his verified checkmark? He never complained about Sharia law on Twitter back then. So, this must mean that Milo was a PROUD SUPPORTER of Sharia Law, and when Sharia law kicked his scrawny ugly ass to the curb, it was all over for poor old Twitter, then suddenly Twitter was a hog ready for slaughter.

At any rate Milo has decided to hop on board the Snapchat bandwagon where he hopes to gain his twitter followers back. Problem is that snapchat deletes messages after 24 hours, so his utility to power trip over people there will be severely limited. More than likely though he will end up getting banned when he violates their terms of service, which he seems proud to do on any platform he’s on..

Its been close to a month now that he has been off of Twitter, and Twitter is still doing fine, while Milo is still trying to find a base and a gig outside of Breitbart to land. Milo had claimed that when Twitter banned him he was in talks to land his own TV show and numerous other gigs were supposedly blowing up his phone for him to do all because Twitter banned him. However, for now, all the news that Milo has produced so far has pretty much been on where he complains loudly that he’s glad that Twitter banned him, and after finding no other place to land he decided to land on Snapchat, a service that won’t allow his messages to exist beyond a 24 hour period.

Who knows, maybe that is what Milo wants, a service where no one will remember what he said yesterday. That’s pretty much a pathetic end to his 15 minutes of fame though. Poor Milo, forced to a service where nothing he says will ever be memorialized to his deep seated need for glory.. Last note to Milo, maybe you should change your signature at

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 1.45.08 PM

No one can follow you on Twitter anymore Milo, you’ve been BANNED. Might as well make it official on your signature page.