A number of people behind the scenes here at BU have started asking serious questions about the recent stories of the “swatting” of conservatives, so I wanted to examine it for a bit to see what exactly has been going on, and look into this so called “play on words” that has happened concerning these cases of “swatting” conservatives. First, the technical issue of swatting is derived from a group of people involved in calling the police or 911 and telling the operator that a shooting has occurred and that further violence is likely to happen after it.  This is supposed to elicit a response from Law Enforcement who normally would send out a swat team to surround the area in question with men with sniper scopes, and the area cordoned off, and negotiators lined up in the swat team van to place a call to the person inside the home to come out or whatever it is they do as seen on TV. This type of action was started with Matthew Weigman and his merry band of swatters who formed a crew that went out hacking into the phone company and making calls such as the ones that have recently been described on various blogs concerning Brett Kimberlin and the right wing conservatives who wish to have him literally hauled off in handcuffs because they believe he is behind some type of political operation to silence the right wings ability to talk about him. However I want to get into the definition of what occurred with those who have claimed that this has actually happened to them.

In the case of John Patrick Frey: He claimed on or about July 2011 that police were dispatched to his home in the middle of the night in response to a phone call that was placed with the police or 911 claiming that he had shot his wife. I have heard the audio so there is supposedly no question that this event occurred. The question I have is a technical one. He claims this was him being swatted, when in fact only the police showed up. Andrew Breitbart claimed before he died that there was a helicopter involved as well. However, I question that portion of it because those types of resources would elicit some type of charges or investigation which seemingly did not occur. In fact, Frey lives in an exclusive neighborhood, and I question whether or not any serious police presence actually showed up. I question him being placed in handcuffs as well while police went inside his home quietly to check on his family members. It sounds too phony to me, but my opinions on that isn’t really isn’t the question here. The question is was a swat team involved? According to Frey the only people involved were local police, and local probably meaning his local neighborhood department. But again the only issue here is was a swat team called out to surround the area and cordon off the neighborhood, and were men with sniper scopes dispatched and so forth? If not, then it wasn’t an actual swat, rather it was more of a prank call because only local police seemed to be involved according to Frey’s blog posts. If this is so, then no swatting occurred.

In the case of Mike Stack at Cryingwolfeblog, and re-posted on the Qritiq blog, the same situation happened on or about the same time frame that happened to Frey, which was last year. And according to his posts on his blog, the local police showed up, not a swat team, thus this too was not considered an actual swatting, but a local police matter, and as such just a prank call. And in a statement that was issued by the police in the matter of Mike Stack, which only a fuzzy picture remains, it was reported that this so called swatting issue that Patrick Frey suffered from was so small that Frey never even filed a police report on it because he claimed no one was interested in it:

It says: I was contacted by Patrick Frey, who advised he is an Assistant District Attorney In Los Angeles. He advised that he has not reported the matter to his local PD because “They’re Not Interested In This.” I advised him that he should reconsider and report the matter. Frey did not provide any information that is useful to this investigation. 

In the case of Erick Erickson: he claimed that two deputies showed up at his residence, one deputy actually knew him, the other stood by the car looking around. In this case no swat team showed up, no sniper men, no swat team negotiators in a swat van, no helicopters and no box of men dressed in black were present. Nothing but two deputies from the local neighborhood police showed up to his home. The issue with Erick Erickson is that he claimed he called the police and notified them earlier that this might happen to him. However, and here is the missing key that people tend to not look at, the two people that it had happened to earlier, were more than a year prior to the call that Erick Erickson had happen to him. Erick was not writing about Brett Kimberlin during the time that Mr. Frey was writing about him. So the question is, why would Erick Erickson call the police and tell them he might be a victim of a swatting call prior to writing about Brett Kimberlin? I find that dubious at the least. Because Erick Erickson was not involved in the affairs of Brett Kimberlin back when Patrick Frey was writing about him, and Mike Stack was not writing about Brett Kimberlin either when he had the same situation happen to him. So in this case, Patrick Frey was the only guy that had this happen to him while he was supposedly writing about Brett Kimberlin. So why after more than a year after those events would Erick Erickson feel the need to suddenly call the police to notify them that he “might” be a victim of such an event, when only one guy, Patrick Frey, had it happen to him a year prior? Did Patrick Frey call Erick Erickson and tell him that he needed to call the police and notify them of such a possibility? And if so, I find it very suspicious that right after that it supposedly happened to him. That is extremely telling right there. Because here is a guy who never wrote about Brett Kimberlin before, and suddenly he feels the need to call the police over one isolated event that happened in California a year prior to tell the police to be on the lookout for this to happen to him: then suddenly it happens like magic — or was it right on cue?

In the case of Brett Kimberlin: and without giving away the tactics which were used, his case is much more complex.

[soundcloud id=’49564780′]

In this case a number of people have been implicated in calling officials to come out to his home to check complaints which have been “called in” to various officials, complaints that there is a violent criminal in the home threatening people in which investigators were dispatched to the scene to “check out” what was going on. In one such instance investigators were called using a special routing number that is only available in select states that routes calls to first responders that are not emergency 911 calls; rather they are calls that determine who the call should be directed to, including but not limited to police and or swat teams. In one such call the operator thought the call was suspicious in nature, and instead of routing the call to its intended recipient which was the police, the call was routed to investigators to do a “check” of the property to see whether or not a violent actor was present and or threatening people. In the audio above this is just but one call that has taken place around the area of Brett Kimberlin. Some of these calls have been traced to a location in Florida, and one such call was located to a phone number registered to one Martin Maher, who has called repeatedly to Mr. Kimberlin’s home asking to speak to his children and others in the home so he can tell them what kind of person Mr. Kimberlin is. The FBI of course has been monitoring these calls and this traffic since these events were started by Mr. Frey and Mr. Aaron Walker. Other threats have also been noted since Mr. Aaron Walker became hyper focused on Mr. Kimberlin. Some of these events are listed below:

Army Of Davids sent a message using the contact form at

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Don’t show up in court Tuesday or you are dead. This is your only warning.


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Brett Kimberlin is done……. the hunter is the hunted


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If Brett does not start to act like a grown up and quit calling the police on

people like a little punk. There will be hell to pay.


James sent a message using the contact form at

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I can lie like you. I don’t get intimidated & get on my bad side & you’ll get

the full wrath. Not just from but. I have my own. The extreme wing of the TP

has arrived. This message is for Mr. K. It would not suit the best interests

of all people involved in your movement to shut the F&*K up & that includes

you. I have lawyers, cash & a ready action response team & center. You don’t

find me on the web. I don’t speak with cameras in the room or audio for the

world to hear. Just as you operate in darkness as a leftist figure I do the

same on the right. We’ve reached a crucial point. Our members are itchy.

Actions are just wating for orders. This is the last time I will communicate

with this organization. You have been warned & I will have all the dirty

secrets make it on the national scene. Including a certain other

inappropriate relationship not mentioned in this article. When you spoke th

other night I was in the audience & that’s when my “laser” focus came to you.

I’m in your ranks & not in your ranks. OWS has no idea who the very high

level mole is feeding my information. I’ve been able to tip off cops multiple

times when the anarchists were ready to go black blocing. My tentacles have

just reached a little further when soemone else in your organization has

agreed to stream info to me. Someone you know of course. I hope you like the

email address I created just for this post. Look behind you & that camera

that flashes may just be one of our operatives.


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If anyone of the minions who do your dirty work even so much as show up

around my house which is not likely or subject anyone I know to any sort of

intimidation we will activate. Come after one single person I know including


SERIOUS. Try me. Keep upi your attacks rapist. Keep your attacks terrorist. I

don’t bow to pressure or tactics. I have friends on the swat team in my town.

Pretty sad you’re compensating for a small penis size by attacking others.


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Now we know who you are…you’ve been exposed.


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Listen here youdicksuckin fag. Don’t ever show up in Minnesota


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We know who you are. We’re coming for you. You will pay.



Liz Rocha, [email protected] 6/9/12

I’ll be bringing the straw for you. It’s now not a matter of if.
Brett Kimberlin, neck broken by 110lbs Female Marine.


Liz Rocha
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Hey Brett, prepare yourself!  Looks like you’ll be going back to prison soon.

There are literally hundreds and hundreds more where the above came from. Not only that, there are a number of recorded and or traced calls that have been turned over to various Law Enforcement agencies for their investigations, and the list just goes on and on. I wonder if this was why Robert Stacy McCain left his home in such a rush? Is he afraid of Law Enforcement coming to his door over this? If not, why run away? No one else has. At any rate, out of all these controversies Brett Kimberlin maintains his composure. I think he knows that eventually the truth of the situation will win out, and that those responsible for these actions, which are the ring leaders in this operation, will be brought to justice.

It is also no secret that Patrick Frey is a close friend of James O’Keefe, and it is also no secret that James O’Keefe runs stings and various black bag operations against left wing or liberal organizations. It is also no secret that O’Keefe has just recently lost 7 years of his emails to his arch nemesis Brett Kimberlin. So I ponder if James O’Keefe was somehow involved in this operation? Maybe he was running a black bag operation against the left by working in some classified operation for the right and made this so called event with Erick Erickson happen on cue. And all so they could ratchet up the rhetoric against the man who now has the deep dark secrets of how James O’Keefe operates, as well as O’Keefe’s funding sources, and also how he went about selling his black bag operations to various heavy hitters such as the Koch Brothers.

Sure, it all sounds like tin foil hat stuff, and that is exactly what James O’Keefe has been about. O’Keefe creates suspicion about various things such as ACORN, Shirley Sherrod, Voting, Voter ID laws and the like; which are all left wing causes that the right wing has been hammering away at which no one can really figure out in the end what really happened to them. Events like those also spawn one conspiracy theory after the next when digging into it. The more information that is out there, the harder it is to track it all or even investigate it all. It seems as if this is the exact same thing going on now. It is obvious that Brett Kimberlin would not order such hits despite how the right wingers and the GOP wish to frame Brett for it. They all say “we don’t really believe Brett did it,”  but leave it open ended saying things like, “isn’t it strange how we were writing about him at the same time these calls to the police happened to us?” The reality is, technically, no swatting actually has occurred. Pranking is more like it. But it is more sexy to say “swatting” and elude to swat teams and guns and snipers and guys all dressed in black with black helicopters flying overhead and big bright lights shining all over, than it is to say, two deputies showed up to do a house check because someone prank called them telling them some bullshit shooting happened.

Here are some questions that people are asking which the right wing fails to even bring up.

1. What is the evidence that links Brett Kimberlin or anyone associated to him with the SWAT-ting calls?

2. Frey is a prosecutor and so is his wife. Yet the FBI is not investigating and neither is the LAPD. No one has questioned Brett Kimberlin. Are they suggesting that the FBI and the LAPD are covering up for Kimberlin?

3. If Frey and others are really victims, why are they more focused on making this a political attack rather then on solving the crime? Surely the groundswell they have organized could be used to pressure the FBI into solving the case?

4. How is the attack on Kimberlin related to the planned attack by the US Chamber of Commerce via the leaked HBGary emails? Is this attack what the Commerce and their paid writers at Breitbart had planned?

5. Why are the only people getting arrested are those claiming that Kimberlin is stalking them? Seth Allen, a long known of internet stalker made a death threat against Kimberlin which got Allen arrested. Yet he claims to be a victim of Kimberlin. Aaron Worthing claims to be a victim of Kimberlin, but he has been arrested for violating a peace order against him by Kimberlin. Are Frey and his associates claiming that the courts are also in on this conspiracy with Kimberlin?

I find these questions very interesting. Also I would like to note that the audio expert that Frey used has actually been accused of padding his resume with bullshit, and has zero accreditation with any real audio forensics organization. This was brought out in a series of threads on Volokh.com.

In another post in that same thread the same person commented on Frey’s use of the sentence that he had “Given up on Law Enforcement” and because of that he started a campaign to set himself up as Judge, Jury and Executioner in the matter of Brett Kimberlin.


Seems interesting that most of this is coming from Patrick Frey, a guy who uses the power of his office to obtain his credibility online. Would that be considered Official Oppression Under Color of Law? What Frey has continued to do for the last year and a half is try everything in the book to openly and publicly convict Brett Kimberlin and also shut down his funding sources. Frey made this perfectly clear in a tweet prior to the opening salvo that the right wingers launched 24 hours later.

Within two days after the right wingers opened up on Brett Kimberlin they started pouring over his form 990’s trying to find anything they could that would show him to be committing some type of fraud. And of course this was already pre-planned as one can see from the above tweets by Patrick Frey. If anyone really looks closely at this case, this is the case of a gang, not unlike the mafia, whose sole mission is to destroy one individual or a series of individuals for coming up against them, and with it, any support structure he has with him. All of this seemingly coming from one man, Patrick Frey, with other people in his orbit goose stepping to his orders. Frey’s close associations with serial fraudster and master sting artist James O’Keefe also leads me to believe that someone close to Frey probably called the police on Erick Erickson to gin up this plan that Frey has put into place against Brett Kimberlin. It is very clear that Frey and company are operating from a playbook or master plan or strategy, and that they are probably involved in a grand conspiracy that may eventually include a criminal RICO case against them. As for my original talking points, none of these people were actually “swatted”, they were like Politico recently reported, pranked, because swatting would have involved a SWAT TEAM, and not local police.

So what is the motive you may ask? I can think of a couple of motives.

1. Revenge

2. Money

Revenge: because Brett Kimberlin has been a thorn in the side of a number of wealthy right wing organizations and Super Pacs for a number of years. Money: because a number of people have profited off of this story, namely Aaron Walker, the guy who forced himself into a civil case that had nothing to do with him. And Robert Stacy McCain, a homeless drifter who used to be somewhat of a big shot. Of course there are a number of side people collecting money such as the National Bloggers Club, which is run by Ali Akbar, and the select few hangers on who are allowed “in” to that club. Yes, it’s an exclusive club, and the only people allowed “in” are people that they deem worthy enough to get in. It isn’t a club for democratic bloggers or even average republican bloggers, it is a club that only allows a select few to be in on the game. The rest can donate and or hope for love from them later, but sadly that will probably never occur because when the money or scam dries up, those on the inside will be the ones who “cash out” while those on the outside watch it crumble. I am sure the story of its crumbling will be blamed on the left or liberals, and then of course depending on how the scam worked financially another scam will pop up to take its place with the same agenda. As for the revenge motive, that justice has already been delivered to its intended victim, Brett Kimberlin. So in a large way the story about Brett Kimberlin that the GOP and right wingers concocted over a year ago has been a big plus for them. The only time it becomes a minus is if any of them get caught for their misdeeds or end up in jail over it. Of course that will probably never happen. But if it does, those responsible for this anarchy will likely serve long prison sentences. I can say that Federal Law Enforcement is very interested in this case, and that those who are calling in or threatening Brett Kimberlin and others are all on a watch list for later cases.


Stay Tuned For More…


6 thoughts on “To Swat Or Not To Swat That Is The Question”
  1. Saw that this is going to the DOJ. Will citizens be able to testify about the spoofing? What about the death threats and intimidation of Liberals on twitter — even without blogs? http://thevictorysessions.com/2012/06/11/podcast-swating-of-conservative-bloggers-mandy-nagy/

    If so, I know a few professional line standers. The best part of this is EVERYONE can pay ANYONE to go to Congress and stand in line for them, so I hope it’s a public hearing. I’ll say it first: my position in line cannot be bought, but if it’s open and transparent, I’ll be there. With powerpoint. 😉

  2. Great post BU. Nice to see someone asking the real questions. Where have all the journalists gone? Why does it take BU to do the job they are supposed to do.

    I find it fascinating that the conservative use charged words for vile propaganda purposes. In this case, replacing the word “prank” with “swatting.” And turning a person’s First Amendment right to redress into “lawfare,” as if going to court is something that should not be done. Where were all the conservatives when the Bush DOJ criminally prosecuted scores of political enemies and got caught up in the US Attorney scandal. Where were all these conservatives when Aaron Walker twice filed criminal charges against Kimberlin, filed a malicious Peace Order against another person, and then sued him and two others for millions of dollars. Incredibly, that suit includes a demand that the Defendants be forever prohibited from mentioning Walker’s name. Yet these conservatives, complain that Kimberlin is trying to silence them.

    And what about the silly spin that this is an attack on conservative bloggers. Kimberlin first sued Seth Allen, a liberal socialist. He only got involved with Walker after Walker started interfering in that Allen case.

    I hope you are right that the feds are coming down on these guys. I am from the South, and what Frey has done reminds me of the Mississippi sheriff who goes to the Klan rallies at night and incites a vigilante mob to target someone he doesn’t like. The Klan was shut down, and Frey needs to be shut down.

  3. Such mature comments. Cute! And very mature. I wonder if the man is a professional blogger.

  4. I am pretty sure the tales of SWAT frauds against conservative bloggers are true. Reminds me of Neal Rauhauser’s online comments about hiding one’s IP address while defaming conservatives and maintaining non-traceable anonymity. Could it be that Rauhauser took his own advice, learned to disguise his voice with voice-over computer programs, and sent SWAT teams to Frey and Erickson in the hopes of getting them killed?

    Maybe when Kimberlin is returned to his cell they can give Rauhauser one right next to his.

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