In a blockbuster article by Seth Allen, the guy where everything about the Brett Kimberlin case started, finally lays the beat down, or shall we say, “Just The Facts” about his years long odyssey with The Breitbart Cult as he terms it. Without going into details which spoil his article, I will say that he has in fact become everything he wanted to be, which is a real journalist. Maybe he was always that, or maybe he just played the part for too long before someone recognized his potential. One will never really know the reality behind him, as Seth Allen has been one of the few legends on the internet that few have ever figured out. A guy who for a decade or more has tussled with more internet communities than one can even name. His shtick is legendary throughout the internet. At any rate he details with precision his experiences to date with the key players involved in the right wing Breitbart crew who have been creating a false narrative in the Brett Kimberlin case in order to enrich themselves. His article is below the fold, or you can read about it in the link below, which is his website:

Is The Breitbart Cult Involved In A Hoax?

Was Andrew Breitbart a cult leader?We’ve been hit by some major heat, yet the truth marches on. A bunch of people will not like this post. The truth hurts.This diary is dedicated to Ron Brynaert. He has been unfairly found guilty through blog court of having committed three SWAT calls. This entry is also dedicated to myself for having written it. I may be humble, but I’m not stupid.While Team Breitbart continues to advance monetarily, it’s doubtful that can last for much longer. Too many are starting to realise that whatever remains of Breitbartian power has been built upon the charred reputations of Ron Brynaert, Mike Stack, and myself. I say enough is enough!The Breitbart SixColonel Patrick FreyOn May 25th, 2012, Patrick Frey published an epic piece of yellow journalism more than implying that Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser, and Ron Brynaert are an evil axis practising lawfare and SWATtings. He got the lawfare part correct, but he went too far in regards to the SWATs. He should have also left Ron Brynaert’s name out of it.I’m sure at the time it seemed like a very good idea. If he were Wayne Madsen or Brad Friedman, it would have been some very entertaining internet convolution. But the man is a public prosecutor. A real person has been unfairly smeared as a criminal. That’s despicable.Take a good luck at the ugly mug of the dude on the far left. That’s a public prosecutor from Los Angeles who has been astroturfing former Raw Story editor Ron Brynaert as having made those SWAT calls. I believed in Patrick Frey. I never suspected a public prosecutor would publically condemn a man without solid proof. But that is precisely what has happened.

Patrick Frey on The Mike Malloy Show guest hosted by Brad Friedman

Patrick Frey is a highly manipulative individual and extremely hypocritical. He must even realise by now he went too far.

I had gotten to know him quite well over the last year and a half and assumed he possesses integrity. I was wrong.

Frey is simply not going to come out and say, “Hey guys, mea culpa. It was really foolish as a public prosecutor to smear Ron Brynaert as a criminal without solid proof. I am returning all donations added to my tip jar. Hey Ron, sorry buddy.”

Non-academic Patrick Frey scrawled the following a few days ago:

I keep reading that I am trying to “convict” Brynaert on my blog.


I want my SWATting to be thoroughly investigated.

I want the perpetrator(s) caught and punished.

I want all viable leads to be explored.

I kept silent for months, while (I was told) the case was being investigated, or would be, by this agency or that.

Now all the investigations into my SWATting have been closed or rejected.

Of course, there is an active investigation into Erick Erickson’s SWATting, which I believe was carried out by the same person or persons who carried out mine and Mike Stack’s.

I don’t feel my being silent all those months served any purpose. I want the leads investigated.

That is why I have been speaking out. It’s that simple.

Anyone who claims I am trying to convict people on a blog is spreading falsehoods. What good is it to convict someone on a blog?? I want the wrongdoers sent to PRISON.

All I can do is publicize what happened to me and what evidence I have been able to uncover.

I have a lot of evidence of harassment towards me and others over the past year. It will take a long time for the full story to be told.

But don’t tell me I’m trying to convict people on a blog. I’m not. I’m putting facts out there, and urging that a full and thorough criminal investigation take place.

I don’t believe that has happened yet. I want it to.

Again: it’s just that simple.

I don’t believe Patrick Frey. He came out with a monster piece linking Kimberlin, Rauhauser, and Brynaert to three SWATs based on a mixture of flimsy circumstantial evidence, conjecture, and opinion. I assumed a public prosecutor wouldn’t throw around conspiracy theories as fact. Imho, he should be removed from his position and possibly disbarred.

I was late to figuring this out. The first SWAT victim Mike Stack appeared to believe Ron was culpable. But then Mike changed his mind. I then mistakenly thought Mike Stack had been manipulated by the “Ron/Neal” disinfo crew. It took a while, but I eventually realised Ron Brynaert neither works for Neal Rauhauser or Brett Kimberlin.

Team Breitbart has basically done to Ron Brynaert what the other side has done in regards to cybersmearing. Two wrongs are both wrong. Ron Brynaert has become a patsy. The damage done to his reputation will not be easily repaired.

I think Brynaert should sue Patrick Frey. Admittedly I’m not a lawyer and don’t know how that would result. Nonetheless, there’s a very good reason why 12 Angry Men is considered one of the greatest American movies. You can’t convict someone because it seems they are guilty or because it tidies everything into some self-serving narrative. What part of innocent until proven guilty doesn’t Patrick Frey understand? How can a public prosecutor get away with this smear job on Ron and maintain his employment?

Team Breitbart would have probably been able to keep me in line if not for the piling up of blatant inconsistencies. It turned out convicted felon Ali Akbar had not been merely a kid in the wrong place at the wrong time. Instead of doing the right thing by stepping down from the National Blogger’s Club, Akbar instead made light of his crimes and remains its president. Wrong move.

Looking back perhaps the major reason I became so fiercely dedicated to exposing Brett Kimberlin was due to the sheer craziness of the “double secret exoneration” schtick peddled by Larisa Alexandrovna. Brett Kimberlin has been portraying himself as an ex-political prisoner who sued the government, was exonerated, and won a large settlement. Anyone seeking swampland?

One of the things I most despise is hypocrisy. How can the “I am Aaron Walker” movement proceed in good faith when one of their main leadership voices has been peddling a similar kind of bunk portrayed by Kimberlin and Alexandrovna?

Ok, perhaps I am not as holier than thou as projected. Maybe if funds had been provided for my case which has only recently closed, I would have been less likely to start wondering wtf was up with the railroading of Ron Brynaert. No funds raised by Akbar were being provided to protect my free speech rights.

Compounding that, Ali Akbar and Lee Stranahan then started pushing the idea I was making sock puppet posts at the enemy website Breitbart Unmasked. Add two plus two, good people. How would you have reacted, if you were me?

I actually wasn’t too surprised Ali Akbar and Stranahan treated myself as if I didn’t exist or worse. That’s been a recurring modus operandi of Team Breitbart. Patrick Frey could have helped me out big time last year. Unfortunately he turned out to be a self-serving cheapskate. I needed him to front $400 to make it to a hearing. I promised I would pay him back. He was only gonna end up contributing $100 he had originally offered. Mandy Nagy also offered to pony up $100 through paypal. I could have easily payed Frey back over a short period of time. The plane ticket was around $400, not a small fortune.

The Frey family owns a million dollar home. At that time I was the only one in the grips of Kimberlin lawfare. I had gotten very lucky to find that flight from Boston to Maryland. Seriously, what the heck is wrong with this country that people like Patrick Frey aren’t willing to make such a small sacrifice?

Imho, if Patterico hadn’t been such a selfish tightwad that fateful overnight in August, his good buddy Aaron Walker’s life would currently not be in shambles. Frey’s selfishness created a domino effect. If I had made that hearing, there would have never been the “death threat” which never actually was one. Mandy Nagy would have never revealed herself as being a rat snitch. Aaron’s name would have never entered the picture. It’s that simple, Patrick FatFreyFace.

It has recently come to light that during that time frame, Mandy Nagy actually believed I was working with Neal Rauhauser. Let that sink in. The two people I was relying on for help included a tightwad to go with a conspiracy theory freak. Mandy Nagy up to at least October 7th, 2011, believed I was working for Neal Rauhauser. Mandy Nagy is an idiot or worse.

Even if Patrick Frey can be cut slack for having been a cheapskate, he had no right to recently berate me for having made a death threat. For one, I never met a judge or prosecutor. I was let out as soon as court opened the next day.

Somehow in Maryland any Joe Schmoe can get another arrested based on their own word. That’s what happened to both myself and Aaron Walker. This is what the story should be focussed on, not some unproven SWAT conspiracy theory. Imho, the major focus of the story should be this: Since Aaron Walker and myself have provided evidence to Maryland authorities of false charges and multiple counts of perjury, why haven’t they charged Brett Kimberlin? That would have put a stop to all this nonsense. But that’s not as sexy a story as astroturfing unprovable SWAT claims.

Hmmm, is it possible I’ve been hoaxed by Team Breitbart? The narrative put forward has been Aaron Walker showing up to the January hearing because he was so paranoid his real name was going to be revealed and hence his life would be in danger from terrorists. Aaron Walker along with his buddy Dustin Farahnak have been running a website named Everybody Draw Mohammed. Aaron and Dustin are hardcore Islamophobes.

I never asked Aaron Walker to go to court on my behalf. He can’t practice law in Maryland. He had no right to be there. I now believe his paranoia over having his real name released was a ruse. Why didn’t fellow attorney Patrick Frey advise him against attending?

Why was Aaron Walker such an idiot as to have gotten that close to Kimberlin and then grab his I-pad? Does anyone actually believe Walker’s claim he believed the I-pad was a possible explosive? Walker’s name would have never been outed if not for his grabbing the I-pad. That’s what led to him and his wife allegedly being fired. I had nothing to do with any of that.

If Frey and Co. had truly cared about my plight, they would have gotten behind me from the start and found me a real attorney or made sure I could get down to Maryland to defend myself pro se. Why didn’t they? In short, anyone claiming Aaron Walker was my attorney in any way is talking out of his or her ass. Same goes for anyone claiming Team Breitbart in any way helped me.

As to the legal victory on November 14th in which Kimberlin was destroyed, that was 100% my own accomplishment. Mandy Nagy had actually made it more difficult by printing out articles from bogus sources such as The Washington Times. I had asked her to print out materials on the Connell threatened by Rove hoax, but for some reason that was a no go.

The sheer truth is I had scooped the overall story. Imho, Team Breitbart basically hatched a plot to replace Mandy’s name with mine for credit. It also appears quite possible that the Breitbart Cult had also schemed to replace Aaron Walker with myself as the martyr of Kimberlin lawfare. I am not an ingrate or into undue conspiracy theorising. This is brutal honesty.

To sum up, Patrick Frey has crossed an ethical line by cybersmearing Ron Brynaert. Simply look at the title of his big post: Convicted Bomber Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser, Ron Brynaert, and Their Campaign of Political Terrorism. Frey has a lot of nerve arguing he hasn’t been prosecuting Ron Brynaert through blogs. Yes he has,and the most important question to consider is why.

Lieutenant Lee Stranahan

Lee Stranahan has been every bit as creepy towards me as Patrick Frey. Did those two really expect me to read such crap and take it on the chin in support of so-called unity?

If it hadn’t been for Robert Stacy McCain, this blog would have been the only venue by which my true story could have been accessed. The problem there is that this blog does not get much traffic.

I was amazed to find out Lee Stranahan knew so little about my story for someone positioning himself as a leading observer and participant. We started emailing, and I almost went on his radio show. Thankfully I didn’t. It turns out Stranahan is a self-promoting jackass without a sincere inner core. It has emerged his true intent has been to bury my story.

I was not about to let a poser like Lee or anyone else get away with smearing me after all I’d been through. He’s what is referred to as a marketing whore. He used to be a liberal, then a year or two ago he met Andrew Breitbart. Then he transformed into an extreme conservative.

For real? Who makes such an abrupt 180 degree turn? Not someone who is a sincere human being. If anyone thinks this is an unfair hatchet job on Lee Stranahan, please take a good look at the following links.

I don’t run scams. I’m trying to feed my kids and keep a roof over their heads. So bugger off ya wankers.

The Ethics of Whoring Your Storytelling

More Storytelling Whoring

Did this really happen, was Lee pranked, or was it a hoax?

Lee Stranahan annoying an innocent woman from California in regards to his whorish Weinergate storytelling

I have no tip jar. No tip jar signifies 100% integrity. Lee Stranahan is the opposite of integrity. Why should anyone believe one word coming out of his mouth? Has anyone read some of the crap he peddled in the early months of Weinergate? It was as if Lee had become the BradBlog of the right.

Lee Stranahan is all about sticking his ugly mug in the middle of a big story and overamplifying his contributions. He evokes the thought, “Who is this guy, and why won’t he go away?”

That’s exactly what he did in regards to Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day. He’s the Forrest Gump of the blogosphere with nothing to offer but self-promotion. Bet on it.

He is also a very mean individual. Here was his response to someone on my behalf requesting he redact my hometown along with false information claiming I am mentally ill:

Former? FBI Sewer Rat Brandon Darby

Brandon Darby is Lee Stranahan’s “partner in crime.” He is well-known for one thing. Back in 2008 instead of uplifting some impressionable youth and helping them along the road of life, Brandon Darby as an FBI informant destroyed them.

Like Lee Stranahan, Darby is another ideologue lacking an inner core. Get this. He used to be a big talking lefty anarchist emphasising the need to take risks in protests. Although he was never charged with entrapment, many people feel Brandon Darby acted extremely unethical and thus should be ostracised. I agree.

Here are some links. You can check them out for yourself and make up your own mind. Imho, Brandon Darby is 100% pig.

This American Life: Turncoat

Cop Nation : Snitch Brandon Darby, and Riot Police With the ‘Kent State’ Gene

How a Radical Leftist Became the FBI’s BFF

If newbies and fence-sitters aren’t swayed by those, the following should suffice. Look at how Brandon Darby smeared me.

I think I read somewhere that Brandon Darby sleeps with a weapon by his pillow. I guess that’s what happens to exposed sewer rats whose job duty was to ruin lives. Brandon Darby was those kids’ mentor with about ten extra years on them and with enough gravitas in the activist community to have their ear and basic respect.

Granted the FBI probably egged Brandon on to manipulate the lads into committing an arrestable offense. Perhaps too much demonising of Brandon Darby will obfuscate the institutional problem which is state-sponsored spying on American citizenry. Cointelpro and other oppressive manifestations of the Spy Facories need to be dismantled.

Incidentally, both Lee Stranahan and Brandon Darby have been busy filming and attending OWS protests and Tea Party meetings. Hmmm. Could it possibly be that one or both of them are currently employed by the FBI? It wouldn’t be a surprise.

Warmonger Dustin Farahnak

Dustin Farahnak is the third member of Team Breitbart who lives in Texas. Dustin represents the banality of evil. Donkeytale has given him the nickname of Dustin Flanders based on a Simpsons’ character. Oh yes, he is so very nice and polite on the surface to go with one’s milk and cookies.

Unfortunately, beneath his facade along with that of Aaron Walker’s reside sadistic streaks of over the top demonisation of Islam. Hardened ideologues such as themselves through dissemination of invectiveness are helping prop up the spy industry and never ending war. You’re either with them or against them!

Dustin Farahnak and Aaron Walker would like folks to believe they harbour no ill will towards all of Islam. Maybe they don’t. Nonetheless, they are part of a war culture that is ruining our economy and turning much of the world against us. Due to their brand of extremism, many in the world view all of us as Ugly Americans. Some end up hating us so much, they decide to fly planes into tall buildings.

The attacks on the World Trade Center towers occurred precisely because there are too many Americans suffering from authoritarian personality disorder. I don’t see moral countries like Ireland being terrorised or hated by Islamists. So why us?

It’s a natural response to the banality of evil and support of neo-colonialism promoted by the Dustin Farahnaks and Aaron Walkers of the world. I do not condone terrorism. Nonetheless, let’s put the blame for terrorism where it belongs, on those who support and work for the Military-Industrial Complex and exploitative capitalism.

Anti-War Protest Gets Heated 

I’m not sure if that is Dustin in the above picture, but from the article it’s written:

But before long, the protestors had protestors of their own. “Freedom’s not free y’all,” said Tech student and Army Reservist Dustin Farahnak. “I say it’s worth fighting for,” he said. It was a viewpoint quickly pounced upon. “Freedom is worth fighting for!” shouted one of the peace activists. “That’s why I will put my guns down and stand for peace. We say no war! We say no war!” he shouted.

I am not outing Dustin for kicks. My concern is that since he is closely associated with sewer rat Brandon Darby, he too could end up becoming an immoral FBI informant. Within the spy industry there has been a push for the hiring of more agents of Middle Eastern descent. Dustin fits the profile for potentally becoming such a rat snitch.

I am assuming this is him below. If by chance he ever infiltrates an activist group, hopefully someone will recognise him and bring it to the attention of leaders, instead of watching parking meters.

Dustin R. Farahnak of Austin, TX

On a side note, it has come to my recent attention another potential spy factory informant with ties to the decaying Breitbart Empire goes by the name of Jay Batman aka Jamin Bates aka @Momus1978.

Jay Batman translated Federalist papers into Arabic. He hosted Lulzsec documents. He called himself a right wing anarchist. Jamin also comes from Texas, a recurring coincidence or not in this story. Imho, sincere and peaceful Anonymous/OWS/TeaParty folks should keep their distance from this individual.

I am left of liberal. I have always been that way. I did not have some false inner core epiphany such as Lee Stranahan and Brandon Darby claim to have experienced. That being said, I have no problem co-existing with sincere righties. I’ve a hunch most of them are anti-war, which is where humanity must head if it is to survive.

Unfortunately, there is a group of extreme right wingers including those from the Breitbart Cult who are basically contibuting to the ruination of this planet. I am talking about individuals who embrace the death industry and are flag waving automatons such as Dustin Farahnak.

Do people really believe Nazi Germany was all about Hitler and/or German culture? No, it could’ve happened here or anywhere. The Russians have referred to it as ordinary fascism. It has acually happened here before, so don’t kid yourselves. We can also assume who among us would have been on the wrong side of History at nearly every juncture. We know it wouldn’t have been anarchists and peaceniks.

The Breitbart people are opportunists. They are not even true conservatives. We know this because many on the right have not been willing to drink their Kool-ade. The Breitbart Cult is desperately attempting to survive the death of their beloved godhead. How long do the Breitbart Six expect this charade to last? He’s dead. It’s over.

This bunch simply lacks the requisite talent to carry on Andrew Breitbart’s legacy. It’s become apparent as each day passes, that the Breitbart Six have perverted a simple to understand story into some convoluted mess starring Patrick Frey, Lee Stranahan, Aaron Walker and Mandy Nagy. Their fundamental problem is that Andrew Breitbart possessed more talent in his pinky than they do in their whole bodies combined.

Deputy District Attorney Patrick Frey has led them down a path towards ruination. This is not going to turn out the way they expect. I feel that in my bones. Spreading right wing hate while demonising fellow Americans for having the gall to be right of center and to the left is not going to keep the money rolling in. Once more become aware of what has been done to myself and Ron Brynaert, that in essence what we are now witnessing is a hoax, their party will end abruptly.

Mandy Nagy and Aaron Walker can pose all they like as libertarians and close to the center, but it’s simply not true. Aaron has never been a good blogger. He’s less interesting than watching paint dry. As to Mandy Nagy, let’s be honest. What original work has she ever written? It definitely wasn’t the Kimberlin story. That one was mine no matter how much Lee Stranahan, Brandon Darby, and herself convey otherwise.

Fake Journalist Music Major Mandy Nagy

 It was quite the shocker to find out Mandy Nagy in any way thought I was working with Neal Rauhauser. I have email proof from October 7th, 2011. We’re not talking June or July.

If I’d known she was this crazy and manipulative, I would have never had anything to do with her. In fact, a friend in the earlier days warned me. I should’ve listened. Mandy Nagy lied to me. She told me over the phone she was open-minded, libertarian, and not too much to the right. She told me how because she was so liberal, she was getting called a left wing troll by many in her milieu.

The basic reason I emailed Andrew Breitbart was because I figured with his stature and connections, he could help me. I had thoroughly exposed the Velvet Revolution over two years before Mandy Nagy even knew they existed. VR was attempting to get Breitbart indicted. I had no money for an attorney. I thought he might be able to help.

I’ve never bought into the idea Andrew Breitbart and Patrick Frey weren’t wealthy and couldn’t help. I was utterly shocked not one of them was willing to lift a finger for my defense. I wasn’t asking anyone to break the bank. Even up to recently I had remained patient as Mandy said eventually there would be justice and that everyone was rooting for me. It was all a lie.

Getting used and thrown under the bus is not my idea of a good time. The last couple weeks it hit me that not one of them has ever truly been in my corner. Well, Aaron was, but the man is not certified to practice law in Maryland. What part of I have been on my own this whole nightmare do people not comprehend?

If this hasn’t been a hoax on Aaron’s part, I hope one of these days he wakes up and sees what Patrick Frey, Mandy Nagy, and Lee Stranahan have pushed him into. He should have been advised to not go to any of my hearings. It was my civil trial not his.

Patrick Frey should have watched his back. Why didn’t he? I realise how crazy it must sound to consider the possiblity this has all been a hoax. But is it really that crazy an idea? I don’t know. I do know the amount of convolution that has engulfed my life since Weinergate is mind boggling. In my gut, it feels scripted.

How could Mandy Nagy have ever believed for one moment in her gut I was in cahoots with Neal. That is simply an insane thought process. Why didn’t Patrick Frey set her straight? Why has an easy to understand story been turned into conspiracy bullshite and mayhem? If Ron Brynaert hadn’t been involved in covering Weinergate and this other stuff, could I have been the one mimicked on the SWAT calls? To paraphrase what Mandy Nagy wrote:

I’ve fretted over that possibility the whole time to the point of experiencing angst. Since I’m a wonderful person, I thought it best to try to help someone disabled and with no money. Yet my gut instincts were telling me Seth was part of Neal’s crew.

I am not disabled. I explained this to Mandy over the phone. My mother was dying of cancer and drugged up due to heavy treatments. She set up a disability trust, so she could die knowing I would have basics such as room and board, even if I was unable to acquire employment. While I spent a great part of my life away from home, she kinda sorta treated me like a momma’s boy.

I have never been to an analyst. I have never undergone tests or been diagnosed with a disablity. I’ve never been prescribed nor taken any medication for mental illness. I do not have any disabilities, period. Mandy knew this, because I explained it over the phone. That she could think in “her gut” I was partnering with Neal Rauhauser should tell anyone curious about Mandy Nagy what kind of intellectual mess and/or con artist she truly is.

Not only for months on end did Mandy tell me to be patient, for justice was on the horizon. She told me she was soon going to write up a three part series concerning online bullying, and that in one part she would address what happened to me. She lied.

I’ve been getting nothing but a shell game from Patrick Frey and Mandy Nagy since becoming a guest in their milieu starting in October 2010.

Thankfully, I have seen the light and am no longer participating in their criminal cybersmear of Ron Brynaert. I don’t care if I die a poor man, while they hit the jackpot. Money cannot buy integrity. Free at last. Free at last.

I see no other reason for Mandy Nagy continually throwing me under the bus than she knows for a fact I scooped the Brett Kimberlin/Brad Friedman story over two years before she had even heard of them. Team Breitbart continues to minimise what I accomplished.

This has been a transparent attempt by Nagy to uplift her own unoriginal piece, because it fits the Breitbart Cult agenda of polarisation equating profit. I simply do not fit into the narrative that an “evil Team Kimberlin” has been SWATting conservative bloggers in order to silence them.

The welfare of Ron Brynaert, Mike Stack, and myself do not matter to them. They have no heart. I refuse to take any more of their bullshite. I refuse to believe anything more that ever comes out of the mouths of the Breitbart Six.

In one of our final email exchanges, I asked Mandy why she hadn’t stuck up for me when Darby and Stranahan were ripping my name to smithereens. Her response was behaviour modification techniques. Wrong answer.

I wasn’t seeking agreement in private that what those two were astroturfing was very wrong. It was nice to hear, but so what? I needed Mandy Nagy to make a public condemnation of the Darby/Stranahan cybersmears along with their underplaying of my historic role. It wasn’t going to make anything better to merely hear some lame plausible deniability she had missed those sequences. Why wouldn’t she stick up for me? Is Mandy Nagy evil? Why didn’t she make a public censure of what those two self-serving punks had done to me?

It shouldn’t have taken Robert Stacy McCain to ensure my story finally be told to a larger audience. Patrick Frey and Mandy Nagy have basically not only done squat for me, they have pushed me down in order to promote themselves. That’s ironic or wtf considering they truly had next to nothing to do with any of the fundamental story. F that, and F them.

Apparently Mandy Nagy has an undergraduate background in music and not in journalism or anthing to do truly academic. That makes sense. I can only conclude Mandy Nagy is a self-serving hack who wants more credit than she deserves for her 2010 piece. Shame. On. Her.

About a month ago, I got into a Twitter debate with her concerning former FBI informant Hal Turner. I was wondering if perhaps Neal Rauhauser has been working a similar gig to Hal’s.

Neal Rauhauser is the epitome of provocative. I don’t think it’s off the wall to theorise Rauhauser has been posting a lot of crazy junk in order to provoke confused folks on both sides of the political fringes to cross a line.

It didn’t matter to Mandy Nagy that it is a fact Hal Turner was a crazy FBI informant similar to her close friend, sewer rat Brandon Darby. That was an unsettling response considering both she and Hal Turner are from New Jersey. She acted like she’d never even heard of him. Or perhaps her cognitive dissonance derived from the fact she and Hal are both on friendly terms with another fellow right wing extremist named Sean Hannity.

Anyway, Mandy chimed in that the FBI would never condone Neal’s online activities. Omg Mandy Nagy, Hal Turner’s activities are proof that not only does the FBI condone such things, they will pay for it.

It was only due to Hal Turner having threatened three judges that he was finally arrested. Previously posting access to bomb making instructions was no problemo. Having been smacked around in that debate, Mandy whined a bit and then left the dialogue. I wish good luck to anyone seeking fair debate with Mandy Nagy or anyone else suffering from authoritarian personality disorder.

Never My Lawyer Aaron Walker

 I hate to include Aaron in the Breitbart Six, but apparently due to a variation of Stockholm Syndrome he has become a leading member of the Breitbart Cult.

Last week saw the break up of our friendship. Here’s what happened. Aaron requested I relay some questions to internet journalist Ron Brynaert. I am not a lawyer or journalist. I. Am. Just. A. Blogger. I did what Aaron asked.

Then when I informed Aaron Walker that Ron was in receipt of said questions, Aaron got irate and told me he was writing me off. Hmmm. I merely did what he had asked. For that, he attacked me as somehow breaking his trust by aiding the enemy. Some things may never make sense. What ever happened to real people? You know, rational and consistent. Where’d they go?

Aaron has been trying to pin guilt for his demise on the unfortunate email I sent last Summer. In his eyes, it has had nothing to do with his own alleged paranoiac need for anonymity, his grabbing Kimberlin’s I-pad, or even the fact there was never a need for him to go to my hearing, in which he wasn’t my lawyer. Whatever. He can think what he wants. It’s a free country.

The Breibart Six need to realise I have two higher education degrees, no disability, and perhaps most importantly no tip jar. Or maybe that’s the problem. They realise this and fear the truth will emerge that they have cybersmeared Ron Brynaert while belittling myself. I refuse to be their doormat any longer.

While Patrick Frey and Company continue to smear and try Ron Brynaert through internet courts, I continue to blog with integrity by providing brutal honesty to the best of my abilities.

As an objective observer, donkeytale with his Troll Wars series is recommended as a good starting point for newbies and fence-sitters. I am asking readers to think for themselves and avoid the tendency to succumb to right or left wing herd pressure. Please reflect on what Patrick Frey, Lee Stranahan, and the others have truly been attempting to do to my and Ron’s reputations.

I am hopeful the openminded will recognise the possiblity that I am correct and not simply out for entitlement; that Aaron Walker has now become or has always been fully indoctrinated into the Breitbart Cult; that Aaron is no longer the man I once knew who seemed to act independently with a penchant for truth as his primary objective.

Lawyers should not be trying their personal cases on the internet, period. These people are also the ultimate hypocrites. They are committing cybersmears similar to that of Neal Rauhauser. A relatively simple story has evolved into a what’s in it for me crapshoot, one in which the Breitbart Cult obviously couldn’t care less for who they are trampling on in pursuit of profit and hidden agendas.

Postscript: One by one, those few I believed were on “our side” have turned out to be disappointments. I now add Robert McCain and FilmLadd to that list.

McCain tweeted: @AaronWorthing Wins Blow for Free Speech, Then Gets SWATed ATTN @ArletteSaenz

Arlette Saenz is a reporter for ABC News. If you go to that link, this is what you see:

After I confronted him, he tweeted, “@Prepostericity We don’t know who did it. But whoever did it, it’s legitimate NEWS. @ArletteSaenz”

Fine. But it turns out Robert McCain is playing both good and bad cop. At his blog The Other McCain, he copied and pasted from “Tabitha Hale of the Franklin Center for Government & Public Intergrity.”

Convicted domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin and his associates have repeatedly terrorized bloggers and others who highlight his story with over 100 frivolous lawsuits and 4 SWATting attacks.

In response for requesting McCain make a mea culpa, he tweeted, “@Prepostericity @FilmLadd Wait: I’m being accused of journalistic malfeasance for quoting … Tabitha Hale? #IronyAlert.”

I responded, “@rsmccain I didn’t use those words, but did I miss your disclaimer there is no proof BK was behind SWATtings?”

I let him get in the last good cop word: “@Prepostericity Seth: I was merely re-posting a press release. Also: I cannot guarantee that Lucky Charms are “magically delicious.””

FilmLadd is Ladd Ehlinger Jr.. He rightfully asked me what I meant by calling Team Breitbart out for propagating a hoax. I responded: “The hoax is BK, Neal, & Ron are behind the calls. Maybe they are, but you need to prove it before making claim.”

Ladd’s response was having a meltdown then putting me on block. What follows is documentation of the sadistic barrage of ad hominems and logical fallacies Ladd put in my path. My final comment is one can’t put words in someone’s mouth, browbeat them, and then think that’s winning a debate.

@Prepostericity @rsmccain Seth, you need to spend a little less time with the followers of a Charles-Manson wannabee psychotic.

Translation for people babbling about “inside jobs” = “I forgot to take my meds today.”

@Prepostericity Who said BK committed 4 Swats? You “do” understand the word “accomplices” right?

@Prepostericity Also, didn’t realize you were a PaulBot with all this “inside job” horseshit. Yeah, let’s all have a SWAT par-TAY! Wooo!

Oh for chrissakes. What about Tower 13, maaaaan? What about Tower 13? MT @Prepostericity inside job

@Prepostericity Why don’t you and Ron go drop some acid and come up with a theory about ancient aliens being responsible?

@Prepostericity They’ve got 3 voice recordings and an analysis provided under oath fingering the dude you let worm into your head. Smaaart.

@Prepostericity I scanned through them. You know I always say what I think. And I think: you should reconsider gaslighting for the Mansons.

@Prepostericity Okay, one more time: 3 voice recordings, voice analysis provided under oath. What other proof do you want?

I am satirizing you, because your points are ludicrous. Sorry. But there it is. RT @Prepostericity ad hominems

MOST amazing to me is that you’re gaslighted by convicted bomber & buddies – a bomber who SUED YOU FRIVOLOUSLY. @Prepostericity

@Prepostericity There’s proof in a court of law, there’s proof in rational world. You are way outside the rational world, Seth.

Can we say “Stockholm,” kiddies? @Prepostericity @rsmccain

@Prepostericity I’ve answered your questions, and you just ignore the answers. Because you’ve got Stockholm Syndrome.

@Prepostericity IMO, you need a therapist. Also, you and teh Internetz are a bad combination.

Hey, asshole, @Prepostericity, BK BOMBED PEOPLE. @AaronWorthing’s jitteriness about him is understandable.

On the other hand, @Prepostericity, you lovin’ the bomber and his buddies is not. You’re basically sick. Get help. Get well. Goodbye. Again.

@forever_banned Isn’t that really the way of every socialist, in the end?

@rsmccain Let’s just say that @Prepostericity chose an apropos screen name. Let him go play footsie w/the Charles Manson wannabe.

If someone’s making you feel a bit crazy, they may be psychotic. See

Wasn’t entirely clear 2 me until today that Seth was really Stockholming. Was kinda hoping not. @abbywaxenberg @Dust92 @AaronWorthing

@abbywaxenberg @Dust92 @AaronWorthing So I have no more interest in engaging w/him until he sees a therapist and is deprogrammed.