Mandy Nagy is the columnist who first wrote about Brett Kimberlin for Andrew. Because yesterday was Idiots Blog About The Howard County State’s Attorney’s Office Day, Twitter was positively overflowing with right wing blogstupid from the usual suspects: W.J.J. Hoge, Aaron Walker, R.S. McCain, LA Deputy Prosecutor Patrick Frey, and Lee Stranahan all found time to participate in the latest pathetic circus of Kimberlin-mania. But Mandy Nagy aka @Liberty_Chick stood out for these tweets, and so has earned the ignominy of being the Tuesday Twit:

Proof? None — of course. We don’t know what documents she’s talking about, where they were published, or when. We’re just supposed to take her word that this happened.

By “stalked,” of course, Nagy means that Bill Schmalfeldt blogged about them. How dare he!

We take especial note of the way Nagy’s friend Patrick Frey doxed Nadia Naffe to every right wing troll on the planet, and the consequent problems Ms. Naffe has endured with her credit rating. Nagy sees no contradiction in remaining friends with Frey while denouncing “degenerates in Maryland” who allegedly doxed her. We have never heard these allegations before, either, and wonder why she presents them now all of a sudden.

We are also reminded of the time a few weeks ago when she had no money for her terrible personal health issues, took donations online, and then suddenly had the funds to attend the CPAC Blog Bash party. Ms. Nagy will excuse us if we hold her to a slightly higher standard of proof than her mere word.

One thought on “Tuesday Twit: Mandy Nagy”
  1. Mandy Nagy doesn’t mention which “legally protected personal records” of hers were released. She doesn’t mention it because it never happened. She’s done this before several months ago lying about her medical records and college records being released. What happened to that and where did that go? Nothing was done because it never happened. Mandy felt left out and once again sticks herself into a situation in order to cast herself as the eternal “victim.”

    Even if these mysterious records were released, who cares. She has released personal protected information on others. She defends when her friends John Patrick Frey, Lee Stranahan, Aaron Walker, and others release personal records of others. Mandy’s boyfriend Scott Jacobs Jr. has threatened people who speak up about what she and her friends have done. If these records do exist and were released, who cares. A road map to her doorstep should be plastered everywhere telling everyone where to find her. That would shut her up, wouldn’t it. She’s done it to everyone else.

    On a different note, type into Google now-

    “Mandy Nagy” + Lupus

    It shows six pages. If Mandy Nagy really had Lupus, raising awareness for 15 years as she claims, then why are there only six pages? There is nothing there that points to her being this so-called “activist” raising awareness for anything. The only pages that appear are mostly Twitter and bloggers who wrote about her so-called Lupus. There isn’t anything that shows Mandy is a member of anything Lupus related.

    Mandy accuses others of lying about their illnesses when there is more proof they are sick than she is.

    The only thing that leads to Mandy and Lupus is another Mandy. She has Lupus and is in early 20’s. So it’s not the same Mandy.

    Mandy says she was diagnosed 15 years ago. Why isn’t there a single thing out there showing that she has Lupus?? For someone who claims to be an “activist” and has been “creating awareness” for Lupus, someone tell Google then because they’re not aware of any of this. Fifteen years of “raising awareness” for Lupus but not one single thing out there showing she has it?

    I also Googled her married name and nothing either.

    The only times Mandy mentions Lupus on her blog is three times. Once on her about page and twice on another page where she was begging for money to pay her medical bills. She said she was very sick, in a hospital, and couldn’t pay her medical bills. She was begging for money to help pay her medical bills. Not even a week later she’s suddenly cured and has the money to attend BlogBash this year.

    Mandy Nagy is not the type of person any foundation would want to raise awareness for Lupus. Unlike Mandy, real Lupus survivors don’t use their illness to attack people, discredit others, and raise money under false pretenses. Unlike Mandy, real women don’t go through life playing “victim.” What else is Mandy known for except for being a professional victim? A day doesn’t go by without Mandy Nagy claiming to be some sort of a “victim” using her imaginary illnesses and fabricated death threats to attack her critics.

    Someone should contact the Lupus Foundation of America and tell them Mandy has been lying about having Lupus and raising money under false pretenses.

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