We predict R.S. McCain, Ali Akbar, Aaron Walker, William Hoge, and the rest of the right wing nut jobs who have spent years defaming Brett Kimberlin with wild tales of persecution will be up in arms over numerous lawsuits in the months to come. Of course, they will need your money to pay for their defense when this happens. As they are named in these suits, they will hit the old fund raising campaign trail: “we need your money to fight the ever present demon Brett Kimberlin!” They will claim he is using “lawfare” to silence their Free Speech, but in fact they will be sued for their deliberate defamation.

“Free Speech” does not include license to call your political enemy a pedophile or a rapist or whatever horrible thing you imagine. It does not include subornation of perjury from your political enemy’s estranged wife. It does not give you leave to libel and smear their entire family.

We will find their victimology hilarious, though it will be everything they have wanted for a long time. They will use every tactic they can think up to raise significant sums of money to defend their defamation and libel of people they demonize. Yes, they will be up in arms upon finally getting their asses hauled before a judge and jury to examine their fund raising frauds, tax violations, schemes, and scams. Forget Christmas for you and yours: they will need your money to defend themselves, so get ready to open your wallets. It will be even funnier when they lose because they have given Mr. Kimberlin more than enough evidence to prove malice. At that point, they will need you to help pay for their doomed appeals, and eventually the judgments against them.

We predict that Walker and company will maintain their denials all the way to the bitter end. We predict because we are Criswell, and Criswell knows all…

2 thoughts on “We Are Criswell And We Predict Lawsuits”
  1. Aaron of all people is tweeting about discovery? Look what discovery did to him last time. It proved he was fired because he wasn’t doing his job, tweeting/blogging on company time, and couldn’t even file any of papers correctly. Not because of the constant lies about Brett getting him fired.

  2. Why is Aaron also targeting Brett’s daughters and her friends?

    Aaron also compared Brett to Ariel Castro, who was found dead last night hanging in his prison cell one month after he plead guilty. If Brett had his wife and kids locked in a basement and abusing them, how did his wife “escape” in order to meet Aaron& Hoge in court? How did his daughters “escape” in order to go to school? How else did his oldest daughter “escape” to travel to Nashville where she met with music executives?

    Unlike Aaron who admits he forces his wife to check for bombs under the car every monring. The samw wife Aaron forces to stay locked in a cold car while he was inside a courthouse. The same wife who was pictured covered from head to toe, including her face.

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