The @Kimberlinunmask account piped up yesterday evening to support Aaron Walker’s bid to depose children. Neither KU nor Walker seems to understand that this looks like stalking, and neither seems to understand how discovery works, either. No court in Maryland is going to let them depose children for a fishing expedition. Instead, the operator(s) of this account should start collecting cash for their legal defense, because Twitter is not going to protect them from the inevitable discovery order.


Bear in mind that @Kimberlinunmask is a group account. Earlier this year, Aaron Walker derped and revealed himself to be running it:


It should be clear from the handle that this account exists for the sole purpose of defaming Brett Kimberlin. Observers have identified the following people as possible past or present users, so we will be interested to see what shakes out in discovery:

  • Kender MacGowan @Kender1 — believed to be the account’s original creator. Little is known about him and his blog has been inactive for a long time Edit: McGowan appears in the comments below and denies being a party to the account
  • Mike Stack @stayoffinternet — a minor figure in Weinergate, Stack has been banned from Twitter more than once for doxing and harassment. Paranoid tweets like this one are characteristic of his style
  • John Patrick Frey @Patterico — our familiar friend, the Los Angeles Assistant District Attorney and friend of Aaron Walker
  • Dustin Farahnak @Dust92 — Aaron Walker’s co-blogger at the Everybody Draw Muhammad blog

Whoever they are, the person(s) behind @Kimberlinunmask will become known and they should probably retain that attorney sooner rather than later.

13 thoughts on “Unmasking Kimberlin Unmasked”
  1. This is one of the more laughable part of the spasm of panic coming from the “Defamatory Five.” This belief that, since they are being sued, they can cast a net and pull up whatever wriggling thing from the deep that they can find and use it in their case. It is nonsense, as you point out. THEY are being sued. They are being sued for stuff they WROTE. The only real defense to libel is truth. If BK was not an adjudicated Pedophile, and they said “BK is a Pedophile,” on the prima facie evidence, they are guilty. And that doesn’t even touch the whole Tanya Kimberlin fiasco. No, they don’t get to prove that their allegation is true. They have to prove it WAS true when they printed it.

    1. “The only real defense to libel is truth,” and they are convinced they have been telling the truth. Continued denials and bluffing indicate they actually believe they are telling the truth. They dare not admit the possibility of their being wrong. Back when I was a young man, we called that “hubris.”

          1. I would bet heavily on Stack and Frey since we know they have been in communication from at least December 2011. The other two seem less likely to me.

  2. BWAHAHAHAAAAAA….go ahead, ask twitter. I had nothing to do with KU the site or the twitter account. If this is the fruits of your investigative skills you’re gonna starve. Losers. But I have enjoyed watching them spank you.

    1. OK Kender, you had your say 🙂 If you want that out please request Xeno to edit you out of it and I am sure he will do so. By the way I noticed that you and Evan Sayet hung out at RAM

      You also know he has been pimped out by Ginni Thomas from Groundswell fame correct? Matter of fact I think she even talked about him on one of her posts in the Groundswell group.

      Also Tony Katz is connected to Jimmie Bise Jr one of Robert Stacy McCain’s close friends, who also answers to Joe Ricketts of Ending Spending fame, and a host of others so connected back into Tea Party lore. It is primarily this group of extremists that we have focused on here at BU over time. Maybe that is why your name ended up in the pile. At any rate please let Xeno know so he can publish your response, and I am sure he will gladly remove you as one of his potential suspects for that account 🙂 Fair Enough? Thanks for the heads up Kender..

      1. I know all about Evan Sayet and Tony Katz. They are personal friends of mine. As I said, your investigative skills are laughable. But watching you guys bark up the wrong trees is entertaining. You connected me to this mess without a shred of proof. I think I should sue you guys for libel.

  3. Kender doesn’t seem to have the intelligence KU shows from time to time. He writes more like the Hoge lickspittles @antqv16 or @owainpenllyn, neither of which has the sense God gave a titmouse.

  4. Anyone else notice how Mandy Nagy (@Liberty_Chick) hasn’t said a peep about any of this? She didn’t even tweet back a link to Frey or Mccain’s blogs like she usually does. She was a part of the initial blogger’s club who started their lynch mob against Brett. I have that Facebook screenshot saved somewhere. She also went batshit crazy when one of Dan Backer’s money-making Twitter scam beggar accounts got suspended.


    1) She FINALLY moved on. (I doubt it)

    2) Her new gig at Legal Insurrection told her no lynch mob activities that could get them sued.

    3) Her right-wing extremist Breitbot “friends” kicked her to the curb and finally realized OMFG she is a pseudo-Arab.

    4) She’s knee-deep in all of this and fears discovery this time will do more harm to her than what discovery did to her last time due to Aaron Worthless Worthing Walker.

  5. Well, I know who KU is, only problem is that I can’t tell. But I can say that you should stay focused on the usual suspects. And I have a sneaking suspicion that you will find out very soon, maybe like how you found out about Aaron Worthing/Walker. Didn’t an anonymous source drop a dime on Walker? Wonder who that was!!!

    Keep your eyes on the ball over the next two months. There are some good things coming.

  6. How much more money do you think crooked attorney Kenneth P. White of Brown, White & Newhouse will be in for when this is all said and done? He’s already in the hole for $200k and might tip over the half million mark by the end of the year. Was it all worth if defending crooked Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Jon Patrick Frey? How dare a woman speak out about your friend O’Keefe drugging her and trying to rape her in a barn. She should have kept quiet and allowed O’keefe to continue abusing women. It’s not like O’Keefe hasn’t done this before to other women. And I’m not just talking about Nadia, Abbie, or Ziggy either.

    Crooked attorney Kenneth P. White & even more crooked Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Jon Patrick Frey support their friends drugging women and trying to rape them in barns and boats. But waaaaaaaah let’s call a waaaaambulance if anyone says BOO to their friends and family.

  7. Looked for an email address but couldn’t find one on this blog. My Twitter account was closed because of all the facts that were on it regarding Thomas & MacGowen (Kender reported me to Twitter). It’s too bad the right people didn’t see it or they wouldn’t have been in court as long as they were. It doesn’t take long to figure out who was involved in smearing Brett K, Neal R, & Bill whatever. Have never met these men but I know what it is like to be harassed the way they were. The First Amendment does not allow a green light for stalking or bullying. That’s what happened to me (still is) and them.

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