Dennis Gillman of Arizona is an independent cameraman who covers all kinds of controversial events. While attempting to cover a Tea Party rally and the state capitol this weekend, he was jostled and ejected:


But our favorite part of this story is that The We Are America Tour and Rally held their rally at the specific venue where they could exclude whomever they wanted. Raw Story quotes an organizer named Barb Heller:

“We jumped through all of the hoops,” she said. “We did this venue strictly wanting it at the capitol so that we would be protected, that we could have the right to tell people to leave or tell people from the word go that they were not welcome. It was nicely done, and he immediately started swinging around and knocking a few people down, from what I understand. When he was asked to please move to the sidewalk, we didn’t make him leave entirely, but we could make him leave the area we had reserved, which was the Senate lawn.”

Gilman can be heard on the video asking the anti-immigration activists to find a police officer if they insist that he be removed. Asked why they did not, Heller replied, “We are required by the permit to have our own internal security. That was our internal security.”

Tea Parties were about freedom, the First Amendment, and taxes. Remember those good old days? Now they have “internal security” forces to prevent the wrong people from recording what they do at their rallies and they choose specific venues that allow them to exclude anyone they dislike. These “internal security” goons, who live in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s stomping grounds, almost certainly have CCW permits. We say they should go ahead and wear brown shirts. We also found this in his YouTube description:

Arizona racist, former State Senate President President Russell Pearce. Pearce is famous for SB1070 and his association and endorsement of neo-Nazi JT Ready, who killed an entire family before killing himself in 2012. The local racists have worked closely with FAIR for years. I was there to film the speakers. It’s a safe guess that if Minute Man Founder Chris Simcox wasn’t sitting in jail for multiple counts of child molestation that he would’ve been a speaker at this event also. Is it any wonder why they didn’t want the “liberal Media” filming them?

Maybe what they did not want was for anyone to show how sparsely attended the rally was.

  • @OccupyRebellion

    Now violent teabaggers own the Capitol? That cameraman had every right being there since it’s his tax dollars that pay for it. It’s also his job to cover local events. Anti-government violent teabaggers went to a government venue and started dictating who could or could not be there? Why don’t they hold it in their own homes instead of on government property where ANYONE has the right to be there anytime they damn well please.

    Every teabagger there should have been shot, beaten, and thrown in prison since they support the police doing the same to non-violent occupiers holding signs at local parks. The same teabaggers who supported the police beating, raping, and abusing occupiers in full view of cameras.

    A cameraman is doing his job while unemployed teabaggers were violent on government property. The biggest welfare queens are the right-wing. Red states get the most welfare than blue states. Their hero Sarah Palin was THE welfare queen while governor of Alaska. They received the most federal aid while she was there. In a state of only 700,000+. They received the most welfare per capita. The same state dubbed the rape capital of the United States with the most rapes per capita. A state of ONLY 700,000+ people!!! Teabaggers want to destroy government programs for everyone else except when they have their own hands out. Because getting off their ass and getting a job would take too much effort.