Like father, like son

Rand Paul is widely expected to run for president in 2016. Remember when he stood on the Senate floor in March and droned on for thirteen hours? It was the first real filibuster that body had seen in a long time. And look, there was Ali Akbar, a neocon war hawk, supporting Paul’s libertarian stand with tweets:

Rand Paul is of course linked to his father Ron Paul. The treasurer of Ron’s Revolution PAC is Dan Backer, a high-powered lawyer behind several lawsuits against the Federal Election Commission that seek to exploit the Citizens United decision and expand the influence of money in American politics. In 2012, Akbar’s Vice & Victory Agency was the top recipient of funds from Backer’s Conservative Action Fund. Vice & Victory puts on the Blog Bash party at the Conservative Political Action Conference, CPAC. And in 2013, guess who came through for Akbar by getting the National Republican Senate Campaign to co-host the event?


One thought on “Friends Of Akbar: Rand Paul”
  1. It’s good that you are focusing on Backer, but follow the money and connect the dots — it will lead to Russian organized crime. The evidence is out there, I just can’t give it to you.

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