In the latest example of conservative outside groups raging against the party apparatchiks who ignore them, House Republicans have received mysterious emails attacking a vote to increase the debt ceiling.

In the email. the lawmakers received a set of forwarded emails sent by “unrepresentative one” to Oklahoma Rep. James Lankford and Speaker John Boehner. The apparent message to GOP House members: If you vote for a debt-limit increase, an outside group mentioned in the email will mobilize against you.

In the forwarded email to Boehner, the writer professes his previous loyalty to the House leader before accusing the Ohio Republican of lying. “John, I’ve never voted against you. Nor have I ever not done whatever you asked of me, nor am I one of the second-guessers who thinks you have an easy job. But, isn’t it time we stopped lying to the American People in re the debt limit?” the email says.

The bizarrely constructed email also contains a cryptic back-and-forth between “unrepresentative one” and a shadowy third party — [email protected] — who demands “High discretion required on attached – no ID on this or source $. Your colleagues merit everything planned. No idea how you can stand it, but yes, you are exempt.”

Most House Republicans voted against the increase, but Speaker Jon Boehner broke the Hastert Rule to let Democrats pass a clean bill. BuzzFeed reporter John Stanton was on MSNBC last night to talk about all of this with Rachel Maddow.

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