Anti-masturbation crusader Ben Shapiro is still barely hanging on to his position at Breitbart News, but TruthRevolt, his new website, has powerful conservative ties, and Shapiro seems to think it is the key to his future. We have always enjoyed Shapiro’s unique blend of confused dissonance, so we are gratified that the inimitable TBogg caught this beautifully bizarre reaction to college football star Michael Sam’s coming-out before the NFL draft.

I am happy for Michael Sam because he’s being who he wants to be and that’s wonderful. I do think the media is overblowing it, because the media has a particular purpose here, and that is anytime the media senses a milestone, the milestone is directed against people that don’t exist. Namely, this great, vast number of people that hate Michael Sam and hate gay people. I don’t think America is a homophobic place. I don’t think Sam is going to face much difficulty in the NFL, in fact I think the NFL is already celebrating him. And I think the vast majority of the American look at this and they do exactly what they’re supposed to do. They shrug and say, “I hope he’s a great football player.”

Having denied the existence of homophobia, Shapiro minimized the cultural impact.

I don’t understand why the media makes it a big deal, and I’m wondering, after he comes out and after he’s accepted, is the media going to move on to the first gay jockey or the first gay hockey player. The goal of the media in all of this is to create this bug-a-boo of the American populace as vastly homophobic, as hating gay people, and therefore it is a massive challenge for any gay American in public life to come out. That’s simply not true in America 2014. When the media portrays it as a great act of heroism for anybody to come out.

Ben Shapiro knows all about courage. His website courageously posted notice of gay Superbowl ads immediately after the interview, just like when it courageously announced that NBC wardrobes were gay. When Vladimir Putin warned gay people to “leave kids alone,” Shapiro’s website countered that Russia’s anti-gay laws are not actually anti-gay, but only “perceived” as anti-gay. TruthRevolt has courageously concern-trolled Google’s rainbow flag-Olympic image, Stephen Colbert’s comedic sendups of homophobia, and “gay propaganda” at the Grammys. The website has bravely denounced marriage equality advocacy as hate speech more than once.

You see, the real victims of hate are the people who hate gays. They show up in the comment threads at TruthRevolt to express their nausea, share a community of self-pity, and demand that the world accept them the way they are. The real closet is the one where Mr. Shapiro hides his inner homophobe, because if he told us what he really thinks about gay football players we would dismiss him as a gay-hater, and that would be so hateful of us.

We would love to see Mr. Shapiro come out of his closet and take pride in his loathing for “perversion.” It is time for a cultural moment — a Stonewall riot for the “freedom from gays” movement, a pride parade for straight people who are tired of all the oppressive gayness around them. Suggested slogan: “it’s OKAY if you HATE the GAY!”