Rebekah Stevens

Rebekah Stevens, a woman whose unhinged, abusive, and racist tweets as @PolitixFireball led to multiple suspensions by Twitter, has resigned from her new position as Press Secretary to New Mexico congressman Steve Pearce. Justin Horvath of the Santa Fe Reporter has the scoop:

“I am proud to hire passionate, hardworking, and dedicated congressional staff out of New Mexico,” Pearce says in a statement released today. “When I hired Miss Stevens, I hoped she could transition from activist to become an asset to the people of New Mexico. It is now clear that major obstacles will prevent this. I asked for and accepted her resignation this morning. I hold myself and my staff to the highest level of accountability, and any distractions that hinder my service to New Mexicans must always be addressed.”

Those “major obstacles” to which Pearce referred are Stevens’s own tweets and blog posts. Progress Now New Mexico, the website which outed Rep. Pearce’s new hire as Stevens, offered several shining examples of her bellicose style. But now that she has unlocked her @PolitixFireball account, we can also see that she had been tweeting like Pearce’s Press Secretary for several days before she was officially hired. Example here:

At BU, we were more familiar with Stevens’s past participation in Brett Kimberlin mania than her controversial tweets about “Jews going up in smoke” and so forth. Her hire was alarming, however, because we have dealt with so many disinhibited Twitter trolls in the Kimberlin “scene.” The prospect that more people like Lynn Thomas might be rewarded for their outrages by getting hired as congressional staffers was rather crazy-making, so we are relieved to see this precedent snuffed out in just four days thanks to good work by Progress Now NM.

  • Hofenbrau

    They just keep a coming though. Remember that umm Romney social media director umm Murphy something or other? He had the same problem with his racist tweets and so forth. Romney shut him up and down for the entire campaign lol. Can’t remember his name though, it escapes me for some reason.

    • Mr. Murphy is now working for the NRSC.

  • Jana Fillman

    That’s just the tip of the iceberg with Rebekah. There are several accounts on Twitter that are obviously in some way connected to Rebekah Stevens because the first person they follow and followed back is PolitixFireball and they spend the majority of their time attack conservatives which was a Fireball trademark. Two that come to mind are @_amanspatriae and @KimberlySez who are seemingly the same person. Might be worth a look. It would be interesting if they were actually Rebekah.

  • Michael Van Der Wal

    Seems Jana Fillman… is that a real name or a porn name?? is either a troll or a complete idiot. Neither I or my blog partner is @politixfireball but I am proud to have her as a friend. Seems Jana here is likely dumBdonna Messina paid troll who has an obsession with @politixfireball unlike anything I have ever seen. A sick, sad lonely individual, dumBdonna is worthy of both pity and contempt. Exposing the underbelly of a group of people who are trying to undermine the Conservative movement on Twitter; has been a mission for which I have been accused of every vile thing a imaginable. D0x’d, SWAT’d and defamed at every turn by the very small group of people who, combined, run 100′ of accounts. @politixfireball is NOT a bigot or any of the vile things the liars say… but hey it fits your agenda, so run with it…. it will be your downfall