Alan Truelove, whose son was charged last week with stealing two memorial signs from a playground dedicated to the memory of Sandy Hook shooting victims, has a long career as a racist internet troll, litigant, and researcher for right wing ‘think tanks.’ Mental illness and deranged worldviews appear to run in the Truelove family. As journalist Chez Pazienza reported on Friday,

(Herndon, VA police) tracked the geotags to the home seen in the photos we posted last week, which was actually a small unit rented by someone named Alan J. Truelove. They obtained a warrant and this morning arrested Truelove, the father of the man suspected of being the actual sign thief, Andrew David Truelove. While the elder Truelove hasn’t been charged with anything yet, since he denies knowing the signs in his home were stolen, while being arrested he apparently asked the police how they could be sure the Sandy Hook shooting had really happened. So, yes, it looks like he’s a Sandy Hook truther just like his son.

Surprisingly, the elder Truelove has a scientific background working with hard data. While working for the Rand Corporation in 1964, he wrote an in-flight maintenance manual for the Apollo program. A mathematician with dual British citizenship, his name also appears on this 1971 study of antisubmarine warfare.

But Truelove became less empirical and more ideological with time: in 2001, he provided “statistical oversight” on a paper by Numbers USA, an organization linked to white supremacists that opposes immigration reform with alarmist messages about population growth. Five years later, Truelove was a plaintiff in a lawsuit by right wing organization Judicial Watch against the city of Herndon, which had set up an assembly point for day laborers.

By that time, Truelove (Facebook here) had already become very familiar with torts. In the 1970s, he sued Mensa, the international organization for people with high intelligence, beginning more than two decades of personal drama with the group. In 1993, Truelove was suspended from the Mensa internet forums over his constant legal threats and racist trolling — habits that continued afterwards on Usenet and Google Groups. His issues with the organization ended in permanent expulsion after Mensa held a judicial hearing in 2000.

He also sued his son’s therapists in 1996, claiming they made false statements during a custody hearing. (UPDATE: the therapist, Frank Meadows, is a Christian ministry prayer therapist.)

Far from a random event, Andrew Truelove’s theft of the Sandy Hook memorial signs and his disturbing personal history may be the natural outcome of life in his father’s paranoid right wing world of white resentment.

15 thoughts on “Sandy Hook Sign Thief’s Father Was Expelled From Mensa For Racist Trolling”
  1. Actually, Truelove was not expelled for racist trolling. Mensa has a long track record for “scientific” racism going back to its pretended founder, Cyril Burt, who – after his death, was found to have faked his studies of genetic connections to IQ. Mensa didn’t even expel George Trepal, the notorious ‘genius poisoner’, who used Mensa events as rehearsals for murdering his nextdoor neighbor. Mensa has even elected to elected to national office people whose contempt for Jews, blacks, and gays was barely disguised. It elected to international office an admitted stock swindler, who then swindled American Mensa out of about a half-million dollars. Racists can fit right in at Mensa.

    Actually, Alan Truelove, who seems to lack all social graces, was kicked out primarily for daring to sue a Mensa subdivision after waiting a year during which the internal remedies promised by Mensa’s administration failed to help him. He lost that lawsuit and the lawsuit arising from his expulsion. He might have won if he hired a lawyer but he’s a cheap bastard.

    1. You’re talking about Galton’s eugenics theories for your track record on scientific racism. As for Burt, you must be in the fraud camp instead of the framed camp. As for Terpal murdering other Mensa members and being expelled, do you have any direct evidence that he is still a member? As for Truelove being kicked out for suing, oh well…

  2. I don’t know if George Trepal is still paying Mensa’s inflated dues after more than a dozen years on death row – especially since he probably doesn’t get to many of their meetings. But for at least a couple of years after his conviction he was not only a Mensa member in good standing, but the Mensa Bulletin was printing calls to donate money for his (unsuccessful) appeal.

    Mensa, regardless of its politics, or the strengths or defects of its officers and members, has always had one big weakness as a organization: Once an applicant has established that he (or she) has the requisite high IQ, he can stop paying Mensa dues and his IQ doesn’t go down. In fact, continuing year after year to pay the high dues just to mingle with an assortment of eccentrics might suggest that the IQ score isn’t as meaningful as Mensa claims it is.

    1. So this begs the question of what is the point of Mensa? Are they in fact trying to be like the Illuminati, or do they have Bilderberg type meetings in secret where they discuss the future of the world? Are they just another form of Scientology?

  3. “What is the point of Mensa?” A very valid question. Every year a significant number of Mensa members let their memberships lapse; getting in proved they had the IQ, but staying in wasn’t worth the annual dues. Besides, the real friends they may have made while members would still be their friends.
    Forget the Illuminati or the Bilderbergers. Think more Animal House. Isaac Asmov had been made the International VP of Mensa, an entirely ornamental position, but soon quit because he was being buried by letters from Mensa wankers who wanted him to waste his valuable time either (1) analyzing and preferably endorsing their crank theories or (2) giving them either a manuscript or a personal appearance to help their Mensa chapter raise money.
    There are a considerable number of members who stay because, frankly, their social skills and personal qualities are such that they have no social life apart from Mensa. And, yes, some of them are nuts (and a good many are drunks).
    And there are some members who are there because it gives them gratification to outsmart – yes, flimflam and swindle – victims who are demonstrably mentally gifted. An interesting book could be written about several such scams inside Mensa. Having a high IQ is not a guarantee not to be cheated or led astray.
    The rise of the internet may actually undermine Mensa; managing a computer does require a certain amount of mental skill that can substitute for a formal IQ test. So connections made over the net may be as satisfying as what you get for Mensa dues.

    1. Sounds like what most social media has become on Twitter at least lol. It could be said that lacking social skills with real people, those who lack them tend to gravitate to social media where they can be anyone they want to be, or lord over anyone they think are beneath them. Good reply on Mensa issues Bernard, Made me think about it quite a bit.

    2. Thoughtful post, here. People gifted with high intelligence are often
      lonely, for they cannot find others who share their passion about their
      particular discoveries, it would seem. Alcoholism makes sense, too, as well as
      a lack of courage, for being called a nutcase, a non-conformist, a weirdo.

      I would like to discuss with you, the circumstances of the son’s arrest. The
      supposed theft of the McDonnell sign, occurred on May 6, the night Wolfgang
      Halbig (someone questioning the official narrative of Sandy Hook) drove to
      Newtown to confront the Board of Ed. Halbig had been “visited” by
      local law enforcement at his home in Fl. at the behest of Newtown police, on 2
      separate occasions, and threatened for asking too many questions. I might also
      note that Jonathan Reich was arrested for phoning chief medical examiner Wayne
      Carver (you’ll remember his awkward giggles as he described the autopsy
      procedure on 20 children). In 2011 Ct.
      tried to cut back Carver’s staff. Carver threatened to quit, and to appease
      him, the legislature passed a law, no. 1054 which prohibited the public release
      of juvenile autopsy reports. Reich demanded to know why such lack of
      accountability would be awarded to Carver. It does pose questions: Why didn’t Ct. just let Carver
      quit? Could Carver have any “dirt” on legislators? What manner of the death of
      a child could be concealed with such immunity? Molestation? Even Satanic Ritual
      Abuse (hot hokey, more common than law enforcement will admit). The charge
      against 22 year old Reich was harassment, and for that an unprecendented
      $50,000 bond was issued. Equally unprecendented is the 9 separate court delays
      that Reich has undergone in Ct.
      His parents’ atty. Bills have risen astronomically with the 9 delays, and they
      stand to lose their house. It would appear that Ct. does NOT Reich to have his day in court,
      and does NOT want Carver’s immunity aired. Could even be called obstruction of
      justice, though I am not a lawyer.

      Have you heard about the death just a couple days ago, of Ct. State Police Major Podgorski? He was
      aged 49, had a simple procedure and was transferred to the UConn health center,
      I believe. In the Hartford Courant obituary, there was zero mention of
      Podgorski’s connection to the Sandy Hook

      Mr. Halbig has made reference to individuals coming forward and wanting to
      talk about Sandy Hook being a major hoax. I
      might note that on the morning of 12/14/12, at 9:13 Matt Coyne (Norwalk reporter) tweeted
      pictures of many first responder vehicles at the firehouse, along with the infamous
      Christmas trees stacked up as well. Yet, listening to the 9-11 calls, police
      were still debating whether to take exit 10 or 11 off Route 84. The ambulance
      requests occur until a few minutes after 10!!!
      How is that possible? “Lanza”s” presence wasn’t called in until 9:35. A
      witness said 4 doors were open on the black car (not registered to the Lanza’s.
      The pristine trunk had nothing in it except a rifle? Tons and tons of more
      information, (some of it inaccurate foolishness) but plenty of factual inconsistencies
      in the official State Police report.

      There is also a Mr. Heller who bought a gun the day of Sandy
      Hook, and because of conversations with some on-line psychic, was
      greeted at his home by 7 police officers. Heller lost his teaching job, because
      he was declared mentally incompetent because he also did not accept the
      official narrative of Sandy Hook.

      I met with Stonington Police myself. I was suspicious about the “great sign
      caper” and the fact that no media
      mentioned the timing of Wolfgang Halbig’s Newtown
      meeting. I was told that it was easy for a perp to get Lynn McDonnell’s phone
      number, that a pay phone call from a mall can’t be traced, and that the
      investigation into the sign theft could take a year. That was on May 22, the
      same day this Banter story came out.

      I called my local mall. They have no pay phones whatsoever. I tried to call
      Herndon chamber of commerce, and have not heard back from them.

      You are intelligent, it is obvious. I ask you to do read the official report
      (pdf) and ask yourself, if “Adam” had broken the glass, why couldn’t police
      remember how they each entered the school. Why no follow thru on nurse Sally
      Cox staying put until 1:05 in the afternoon, and Andrea McCarren claiming Cox
      told her she “met eyes” with the son of a kindergarten teacher . Perhaps the
      multiple shooters was a red herring, for Scott Vollmer, affiliated with Michael
      Bloomberg, is the son of kindergarten teacher Janet Vollmer.

      Does not add up, and I welcome your comments, Mr. Sussman. . I might add
      that people who are challenging Sandy Hook on
      the Zucker social site, are having pictures of their children printed, as well
      as their home addresses and phone numbers published. Inexcusable, indeed, and I
      hope the FBI will investigate.

        1. so .yo Podgorski u believe nothing unusual about a man whose eye color changes in pictures and who makes his bed neatly before he shoots mom and 26 others whose death was published wrong on the SSDI index. Pre knowledge of this event goes back to Nov. 2012 . Recognize this for the money making drill it was and please wake up . obviously you have not read the official police report and Found the many discrepancies. you really should be questioning the death of Major Podgorski. at first I would have never guessed this to be a hoax. I was once as you are now

  4. On the very night the Grace McDonnell sign was “stolen, Wolfgang Halbig appeared before the board of Ed of Newtown, Ct. Halbig had been “visited’ at his home in Florida by police, at the behest of Newtown Police for asking too many questions about Sandy Hook. I interviewed officer Murray of Stonington Police( he was in charge of investigation) on May 22, and he told me investigation could “take a year”.(Yet at 4:30 that day Daily Banter reporter the capture of Truelove. I asked Murray how “thief” could possibly obtain Lynn McDonnell’s phone number. He said it was easy. (Really?). I asked why call was not traced; he said it was made from a pay phone at a mall. (When’s the last time you saw a pay phone at a mall?) Murray knew all about Wolfgang Halbig, and had been checking for “clues” on Halbig’s FB page. Yet, first selectman Ed Haberek, who Murray reports to, told me he never even heard of Halbig. On the evening of May 30, the day that Truelove’s son was apprehended, Lenny Pozner tried to “visit” Halbig. Wolfgang was smart enough not to let the guy in. On May 31, a police car drove into my driveway, then drove away. So, this phony “theft” was about making “truthers” like Wolfgang Halbig, look like criminals. And here is my Sandy Hook essay:

    powerful conglomeration of interests that tried to pull off Sandy
    Hook, must have all realized the visual power of the medium of
    television. The beautiful children were what the emphasis was put on. Their
    pristine pictures, their stories of animals, cowgirl boots, artistry. But there
    was a doom to their whole scam, in that most parents are intuitive about how
    devastated people act, in real life. It was quite the fluke of Robbie Parker
    being accidentally filmed grinning, and joking, then taking several breaths to

    Who on earth , originally, would have
    reason to not trust the heads of a state police department? (Even though a DHS
    drill was scheduled for that very same day, a few miles away) Who would have
    expected the hand of organized crime, in this, in police and firefighter
    unions? Who would have suspected the complicity of CNN? But the story
    unraveled, and for asking 16 very respectful questions about the event, Sandy
    Hook researcher Wolfgang Halbig got threatened at his own home in Florida, at
    the behest of Newtown police, not once but twice. His wife has been threatened
    where she works. Jon Reich was arrested and hit with at $50,000 bond for
    legitimately asking questions of medical examiner Wayne Carver, as to how bill
    1054 got passed in Ct.
    in 2011- that prohibited autopsies of juvenile murder victims from being made
    public. A school teacher in NY- Mr. Heller, legally purchasing a firearm- met at his home
    with 7 policemen, then tossed into a mental institution, and for questioning SH,
    lost his job. Major William Podgorski-a lead investigator into Sandy Hook- who
    was privy to extensive FBI redaction of documents, received minor surgery, then
    was transferred from Bristol
    Hospital to Yale New
    Haven. He died- but 49 years old and the father of three children. NO mention whatsoever in Ct. media, of his
    connection to Sandy Hook, or his cause of
    death. My discus account has been blocked from commenting on the New Haven
    Register page about his death. Many participants in the scam have retired, as
    well. The school is sawdust, with construction workers forced to sign
    confidentiality agreements. No footage whatsoever of “Adam” on the newly
    acquired school security system. Columbine: still intact, with plenty of video
    of shooters Klebold and Harris. I will also point out that there are tweeted
    pictures from 9:13 a.m. of Danbury Fire fighters, police cars, and fire engines
    filling up the parking lot of Firehouse (several feet away from Sandy Hook
    Elementary School, taken at 9:13 a.m.- yet “Adam Lanza” according to the official
    report, did not arrive until 9:30, with calls going for ambulances, going right
    up until 10:05. Yet news of 26 deaths were tweeted as early as 9:54.

    I know of a prominent attorney
    who at first thought MK Ultra was at play re: Adam Lanza. As he researched
    this, he changed his mind. Reasons I myself, do not believe he existed: 1. His
    eye color changed throughout pictures. 2. Kateleen Foy was responsible for all photo
    shopping of him 3. The funeral home in New Hampshire furnished the Social
    Security Death Index , (SSDI) with a Dec. 13th date of death of Adam (day
    before SH) 4. A woman who claimed that her children played with the Lanza’s
    when they were small, said the Lanza’s had a pool (which they did not) and it
    turned out that the woman was extremely active in gun control. 5. The yearbook
    pictures of “Adam” show an outdated “Peter Tork” hairstyle, with outdated
    button down collar shirt. It is only a guess on my part, but I say the pics
    could be of father Peter. 6. With so many examples of pre-knowledge of the event,
    not just cached, but published, (United Way, Arlington Red Devils, Newtown Bee, Ametrano video, Soto FB page,
    (Yes, I realize FB pages can be recycled), it is unlikely that there was an
    “Adam” who would neatly make his bed before shooting Mom and 26 others. 7. At
    36 Yogananda, a AAA membership card, with Adam’s name on it, was registered to
    Ryan. The videotapes there have Ryan’s name on it. I also do not believe anyone
    was actually living in that house, that conveniently displayed the “Lets go
    shooting” card from Peter Lanza, with guns strewn here, there, everywhere, a
    drawer full of brand new, unworn socks of Nancy’s, toilet water so low, that
    the house’s water was likely shut off, lots of cars parked near the next door
    neighbor, Federal Reserve member, Newtown Savings Bank head, and United Way
    board member John Trentacosta, who I was told by a woman walking on Yogananda
    Street, also has a house in Providence, RI – a hub of organized crime.

    Yes, Adam’s name appeared on some
    documents, but only ones generated by the state of Ct., which was invested in pulling off the
    hoax, as the docs could easily have been altered, imo. His name did not appear on public records, as did
    the names of Ryan, Peter and Nancy.

    Early on, on one of the first
    newscasts we saw, was a Yogananda
    street neighbor in a baseball cap, who said that
    nobody he knew, even knew of the Lanzas, which he thought to be unusual.
    Recently, it was revealed that “Adam” never attended Western Ct. State Univ.
    after all.

    “Bystander” Victoria Munoz, who
    claimed to be a friend of Nancy Lanza, and had gone to Boston
    with her, could not even answer as to what Nancy did for a living. We then find out
    about Munoz’ connection to the government of Columbia, and also that she had
    performed her poetry at a place known as Buttonwoods in Middletown, Ct., the
    same place that parent Jimmie Green, performed Jazz at his last event before
    Sandy Hook happened.

    We’ve not had a single couple come
    forward to say they went to dinner with the Lanzas in years past.

    Remember that Father Castaldo, a
    convicted pedophile priest. (Jeannine Pirro had helped create the sting
    operation) was allowed to languish at St. Rose of Lima School
    for years, as well. And if these Newtown children were
    coached to lie, it is frightening,
    considering the implications of the way the most innocent among us, are treated
    in this hellhole, “Truman Show” of a town. Revelations of a private air strip,
    as well as a clipboard photographed from the official records from the school
    saying “Tunnel Entrance” may contribute to reasons for the investigation by the
    FBI, of a pedophile ring stretching from Maine
    to Florida, with the towns of Avon, Wethersfield,
    and yes, Newtown
    currently under investigation, according to a child advocate I trust. I might
    note that an FBI agent not authorized to be in Sandy Hook
    that day, was fired from his job. Newtown also
    was the location of a branch of the Church
    of Satan, founded by Anton LaVey, and Connecticut was the
    state in which a woman named Linda Weigand testified to Satanic Ritual Abuse
    performed on her sons Jonathan and Ben, as investigated by the late Ted
    Gunderson, of the FBI.

    pray for truth to prevail, to get disseminated, to enlighten, and justice to
    replace deceit. Pray for those of us excoriated on FB sites, and even to the
    point of some people having their family picture printed, with names and
    addresses posted.. The vindictiveness is unprecedented, and the truth needs to
    set America

  5. lol, Sandy Hook was obviously a fraud, committed by satanic jews to get the guns from the goyim, as the precursor to another neo-Bolshevik massacre here in North America, the same way their satanist jew grandparents did in Russia.

    Satanist communist jews murdered over 60 million Whites in Russia during the 20th century. Jews hate and fear White Christians much more than muslims, and will stop at nothing, no matter how low, or how incompetently staged as Sandy Hook was, to undermine White Christian civilization.

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