Last weekend, blogger Warren Throckmorton unearthed video of Michael Peroutka, a Maryland Republican nominee for Anne Arundel County Council, singing “Dixie” as the “national anthem” at a secession conference in Alabama led by League of the South.

Peroutka is not only a League of the South member, he’s a creationist philanthropist of sorts, who once donated a dinosaur’s skeleton to his friends at the Creationist Museum. It is also no secret that Perouktka is a member of League of the South. In fact, in recent days, several prominent Republicans up for election in Maryland have urged Peroutka renounce his membership, making extra efforts to distance themselves from the secessionist. Their pleas have had no sway; after all, Peroutka is a long-standing member of the organization, and even taught a workshop on Southern Independence: Antidote to Tyranny in June, 2013.

The full video of Peroutka also treats viewers to over an hour’s worth of the secessionist’s worldview, including an explanation of his belief in divine law and government. “You need to secede and then you need to have the biblical understanding of law and government, and make the applications,” Peroutka told the League of the South in 2012. “So we need to take the biblical understand of law and government into account no matter what the outcome is with respect to the crumbling of the current regime.”

Peroutka sings an original song he wrote, called “American View” and then moves onto “Dixie”, which he describes as the “national anthem”, asking his audience to stand as he sings it. In the interest of brevity, I’ve skipped forward to the singing bit of the video at 48:57 I’ve uploaded an excerpt because the original Youtube video owner has made it so this video cannot be embedded:


By Hypatia Livingston

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3 thoughts on “Video: Anne Arundal, MD Politician Michael Peroutka Sings for League of the South”
  1. This is why I left the anti-illegal immirgation movement you had to support strange libertarian groups like the League of the South since most libertarian groups opposed using e-verify or a national id to make it harder to hire illegal immirgants I never understood why people opposed to illegal immirgation support these groups. These groups usually think companies can hire who they want. There is a small group that would support punishing the companies but just deporting people ain’t going to work unless you punished the companies that hired workers without papers..

    1. Good to hear you came to your senses. You can denounce illegal immigration without signing on to all the other weird beliefs these patriot movement people also hold. You don’t have to be a secessionist or a crazy racist to want the illegal immigration flood to be halted and demand solutions. That’s one of the things I don’t get about the more extremist Tea Party types — I don’t understand how all those beliefs really mesh with eachother. Which is why so often their ideas and movements get labeled as “fringe” and “crazy”

      1. It’s quite possible to have an opinion on the flood of unaccompanied minor children that is both in line with conservative values AND human rights. Cynthia’s experience shows just how dissonant the right can be when its authoritarian side clashes with its libertarian streak.

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