Joyce and Major Fecteau have reportedly been arrested eight times for their activities at abortion clinics, but they seem to have graduated to a whole new level of alarming behavior last Saturday when a Huntsville, AL volunteer clinic escort realized they were following her home.

The volunteer, who has asked to remain anonymous, says that she encountered the Fecteaus (see above) on Sparkman Drive shortly after leaving the clinic. She saw their car slow down in front of hers, then slow and follow her despite several lane changes. They only stopped tailing her when she pulled into a public park and waited them out.

The Fecteaus are two of the more colorful characters in the local forced-birth movement. Joyce has been known to put on a concentration camp uniform to make her point, but she’s best-known to the clinic volunteers for the December, 2013 incident in which she was arrested after spraying them with “holy water” because she didn’t like the dried sage that someone was burning to remove negative energy from the scene. Her acquittal on that harassment charge has apparently made her even bolder.

Joyce Fecteau's winning "Jewish Holocaust" costume
Joyce Fecteau’s award-winning “zygotes are Jews too” costume. Ironically, Hitler banned abortion

Major Fecteau is a retired physicist for the US Army Missile Command at Redstone Arsenal. With all five children grown up and out of the house, the couple seems to have decided to take up abortion clinic protesting and ‘sidewalk counseling‘ as a creepy Golden Years hobby sometime during the late 1990s.

They now enjoy singing “Happy Birthday Dead Baby” to women undergoing immense personal tragedy, coordinating the local Knights of Columbus chapter’s prolife activities, and videotaping women who enter and leave the Alabama Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives (AWCfRA) — presumably so that the little sluts can be prosecuted one day after their abortions are declared illegal by an executive order from President Rick Santorum.

The AWCfRA recently reopened at a new location in Huntsville. The Fecteaus and their shudder-inducing friends began protesting that new site this Summer, then fought the zoning variance by claiming that their own activities would be too disruptive to the neighborhood. Because the zoning board decided to follow the clear language of the ordinance instead of their threats and forced-birth fabrications, the Fecteaus and friends have decided to sue the zoning board. They are almost certainly going to lose, but that doesn’t really matter to them.

You see, what truly motivates folks like the Fecteaus is the adrenaline-rush of telling other people what to do with their bodies and taking advantage of god’s permission to shame people who visit reproductive health centers. Perhaps the high has waned with time, though, because the Fecteaus seem to be graduating to the next level of obsessive behavior. The volunteer tells me that law enforcement is aware of Saturday’s incident; hopefully they can prevent any further such escalations.

9 thoughts on “Huntsville, AL Forced-Birth Activists Now Following Clinic Volunteers Home”
  1. One notes that repeatedly following someone without any legitimate reason to do so in such a way as to cause that person emotional distress is a criminal act under Alabama’s anti-stalking laws. See Alabama Code 13A-6-90 through -94.

    1. Ah, but then someone else on “Team Forced-Birth” will follow her next, then someone else on the team will follow her next, that way no one follows her more than once. And yes, these are the actual tactics they use.

      1. That would still be the same as stalking and harassing a person which the last time I checked, it totally not cool and quite illegal. I would love for one of these fools to follow me around. Anyone heard of the castle law?

  2. The Fecteaus: Huntsvile’s avant garde emissaries for city-wide sanctum, or geriatric terrorists? Hard call. One cursory look at this Mutt and Jeff-like duo surely puts to rest any notion they may actually be fucking, so it isn’t a stretch to assume they are out to avenge anyone who may be. I hear Joyce, the good Major’s consort, exhales a wind so acrid and malodorous, she’d make a honey badger pass out a mile downwind. We, the good people of the Valley far below suggest she floss regularly or at least see a gastroenterologist posthaste.

  3. I am not condoning the methods of the Fecteaus, however the facts are that the Nazis only made abortion illegal for “Aryan women”. In countries like Poland and Yugoslavia they encouraged abortions for non-Aryan women and sometimes abortions were mandatory. “When the Nazis entered Poland (a Roman Catholic country) in 1939 abortion for any
    reason was illegal. The use of contraceptives was also illegal in
    Poland (because the Roman Catholic Church was opposed to abortion and to
    contraception as well). The Nazis conquered half the country (the other
    half went to the Russians), and they immediately did away with the
    anti-abortion laws. Hitler wanted to limit and reduce all non-Aryan
    populations. In late 1939 a decree was issued encouraging Polish women
    to seek abortions. The campaign was called “Auswahlfeiheit” (“Freedom of

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