Florida Democrats Want To Legalize Marijuana

Medical marijuana didn’t get quite enough votes to pass medical marijuana in Florida, but Democratic lawmakers think it’s time to put legalization on the table.

After co-sponsoring a bill that would’ve legalized recreational marijuana use earlier this year, Rep. Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda (D) is thinking ahead to 2015 for another shot at legalizing the plant.

Medical marijuana made it to the ballot and although voters supported the measure,  it didn’t get enough votes to make it into law.

“Marijuana is a drug that could be used responsibly and irresponsibly just like alcohol,” Rehwinkel Vasilinda told WTSP. “We have too many people going to prison and jail over marijuana, and I just think it’s not appropriate and it’s not a good thing.” She hopes to sponsor similar legislation in 2015.

By Hypatia Livingston

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8 thoughts on “Florida Lawmakers Eye Marijuana Legalization”
    1. The law to legalize medical marijuana didn’t pass. That was voted on by the voters. I’m confused as to what you think I got wrong.

    2. No, Nick, we just voted on it on the 4th. It was 57.6% for, but needed a 60% majority to pass because they ran it as a constitutional amendment. Current events, I know they can get away from us.

      1. Roth — I’m talking about the bills that the legislature writes up every year trying to legalize marijuana every year. Our corrupt politicians leave those bills to die in committee, barring a vote on them. I don’t know why our government hates us so much, but they really should allow this to become legal – it would improve the quality of life of so many people that work hard, pay their taxes, raise their children, etc. They, we, deserve to have access to marijuana without fear of police violence and arrest!

        1. I thought you were commenting on what the article above said about the vote we just had. Glad we’re on the same team on this. Sorry to hear you’re a republican though. I was too a long time ago. Most republicans and democrats aren’t on our side when it comes to legalization.

          1. More of a Libertarian, but yeah – I lean Republican…but on this issue I’m pro-freedom completely. I pray we see a day where the government respects the wishes of it’s people…

          2. I saw in your comment history where you said you are republican, but when I read your comment above, you sound like a libertarian. Hopefully you’ll continue to lean further and further to the libertarian side. I’m glad we have you in Florida. We need people like you here.

  1. Revive and demand that our elected representatives represent our wishes. Total legalization is supported by Florida voters. Law makers should stop making us force laws into place by constitutional amendments. Just legalize it period. We do not need to wait another four years to do the job we elected people to do!!

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