Sigma Alpha Epsilon

A fraternity at the University of Arizona has been put on “interim suspension” after 15 of its members allegedly attacked members of a Jewish fraternity, shouting “discriminatory comments” as they forced their way into the building, then beating them.

Members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity are accused of assault and discrimination in the incident at the apartment of an Alpha Epsilon Pi member last Friday. The president of the University of Arizona AEPi chapter said it was not the first time that they have been victims of an attack by the fraternity.

University authorities have declined to call it a hate crime, saying there’s no evidence that the fraternity was targeting Jewish students.

Members of Alpha Epsilon Pi say this isn’t the first time they’ve been the victims of an attack, according to News-4 Tucson:

“I had a skull fracture, lower back fracture, bleeding in the brain and a concussion,” said Gideon Rafal, President of the University of Arizona’s chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi. Rafal described his experience with anti-semitism on campus while speaking at his fraternity’s national conference.

“It’s just sad to see obviously,” said Rafal.

Rafal says a confrontation began after he asked someone he didn’t know to leave his fraternity house. “At that point he starts backing off with his hand raised saluting Hitler and he runs into a house right next to our house and comes out with 20-guys,” said Rafal.

In a letter to students, the Dean of Students said SAE brothers have been accused of “acts of discrimination and assault against members of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity.”

This same fraternity was recently suspended from having alcohol parties for their hazing activities in October, and was accused of drugging Jackass star, Johnny Knoxville during a movie screening party.

Hate crime or not – it seems that there is a serious culture of violence that’s being tolerated in the University of Arizona frat culture.

[Image Credit: Sigma Alpha Epsilon flag]