Talk about Hilarious. McAfee has turned serious GTFO problems into hilarious comedy. I am not sure if he knows just how funny he can be. The last few seconds of the video below shows just how he can turn a serious situation into brilliant comedy. The reporter next to McAfee in this video doesn’t look like he is enjoying his trip with McAfee or having a very good time. The reporter is dead serious, while McAfee is dead comedy, only the reporter doesn’t realize the difference and acts like he is on the death list to be killed. This is one of those dopey things you get into when there is too much booze and too many drugs involved. I liken it to one of those stuck like chuck in the car stories you have, that only those who were in the car will ever understand. The story via Gawker below, the video, however, is priceless:

Three years ago, Vice traveled to Central America to meet up with John McAfee, the antivirus software icon turned paranoid, strung-out narcotics icon. McAfee claimed his life was in danger, and kept his location secret—until Vice fucked up and revealed it, as is finally documented in this video.


Let me explain what’s happening in this video. The first part is about two minutes after I found out that Vice Magazine had just revealed our location in Guatemala. Not much happening. The nighttime segment is as we are racing to Guatemala City just a few minutes ahead if two platoons of Guatemalan Special Forces attempting to catch up with us to do their “thing”. The phone call I am making is to the technical dude at Vice who forgot to remove the Exif data from the photo that Robert King took and sent to Vice. It is a joke. I am merely ragging his ass. The last segment (Rolling Stones), is Samantha and I grooving to “Gimme Shelter” as the soldiers are closing in on us. Please take note of the last few seconds of the video showing Rocco Roccoro, the world famous, balls of steel, fearless Senior Editor of Vice Magazine. He doesn’t appear to be enjoying himself considering the awesome energy of Mick Jagger’s divine vocals.

Caught on Tape: The Moment John McAfee Realized Vice Screwed Him.

By Marcus Crassus

Marcus Licinius Crassus was a Roman general and politician who played a key role in the transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire.

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