It’s Thursday Threatcon, your intelligence briefing on right wing activity. Below are the best reports, investigations, exposées, and debunkery of the wingnutosphere this week. Due to the all-consuming Clinton email nontroversy, our Threatcon Color Code is BENGHAZI BLUE

  • Who remembers that time when the Bush White House “lost” millions of emails, but the press basically shrugged it off? Media Matters does
  • Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Crazyville) has earned scorn and negative attention this week with his attempt to undermine the Obama administration’s nuclear negotiations with Iran. He has also won the undying affection of hawks and extremists in his party. While some news coverage has noted Cotton’s friendly relationship with defense contractors, his desire to send bombers and ‘bunker busters‘ to Israel, and even his love of unconstitutional ‘corruption of blood‘ laws, fewer have recalled Cotton’s endorsement of so-called ‘covenant marriages,’ his votes against the Violence Against Women Act, his call for more prisoners at Guantanamo, or his defense of torture. Tom Cotton is not just a crackpot, he’s a sadist who gets his jollies from the pain of other people
  • Neoconservatives have consistently made Iran’s nuclear program worse, not better
  • If elected president, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-Closetville) would use the military to force Congress into enlarging the Pentagon’s budget. In most free societies, this kind of rhetoric is referred to as ‘fascism’
  • The Koch brothers are fighting probes of their climate denial spending by claiming infringement of their free speech — which would make sense if the government was actually trying to arrest them for it. Transparency is not the same thing as oppression, even when you’re a billionaire
  • Surveying the Republican field, Tim McDonnell of Mother Jones says that Scott Walker is the worst candidate for the environment
  • Franklin Graham, son of famous evangelist Billy Graham, has gone over completely to the dark side. On the Family Research Council’s Washington Watch program yesterday, he claimed that President Obama’s agnostic mother was secretly Muslim
  • White supremacist David Duke is fundraising and whining over YouTube’s plans to shut down his channel for violating their Terms of Service with constant hate speech
  • White supremacists have been getting Native Americans’ Facebook accounts disabled — and then taking credit for it
  • When conservatives decry “tyranny,” they’re usually complaining because they’re not free to tyrannize others
  • If you’re still reeling from the news that Arkansas state representative Justin Harris gave his adopted daughters to a child molester because he believed they were possessed by demons, just wait til you watch this interview with their former babysitter

  • The Alabama Ku Klux Klan celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Bloody Sunday at Edmund Pettus bridge by distributing thousands of flyers
  • The future of the white supremacist group Council of Conservative Citizens (get it? CCC=KKK) is up in the air with the death of founder and CEO Gordon Baum
  • The Ferguson, Missouri police sergeant who circulated the infamous ‘Crimestoppers’ email was Darren Wilson’s supervisor
  • Fox News host Megyn Kelly is the queen of delusion: downplaying the DoJ report on Ferguson’s police department, she voiced a deranged belief that racist emails are common and acceptable in corporate settings
  • Where can you go for the most loathsome and disgusting racist asshatery on the internet?
  • Show your papers to pee: the Arizona conservative legal advocacy organization Alliance Defending Freedom, which has been trying to make homosexuality illegal in Belize, is behind that new spate of anti-transgender bills across the country
  • The Alabama state house has passed a “religious freedom” bill that would ostensibly protect clergy from being sued if they refuse to conduct marriage ceremonies for LGBTs, but which is actually so broad that it would let judges refuse licenses to anyone whose religion they dislike. Just to underline the sheer hatefulness at the heart of the bill, it has the exact same number as Alabama’s horrendous anti-immigrant law, HB 56
  • Come out of the closet: Oklahoma Republicans are trying to pass a bill just like Alabama’s HB 56, but state representative Emily Virgin is offering an amendment that would require discriminating marriage-related businesses to post a sign on the door saying they do not serve LGBTs
  • The Republican-controlled Oklahoma state house has passed a bill that would hand the entire business of issuing marriage licenses over to clergy so that state employees don’t have to comply with an expected Supreme Court decision on marriage equality in June. HB 1125 would effectively demote the marriages of nonreligious people
  • Your US RDA of outrage porn: Sen. Ted Cruz tells radio host Jan Mickelson of his plans to introduce a constitutional amendment against marriage equality because gay people getting married is “a real danger to our liberty” — with the words “our liberty” meaning Cruz, his father, and their fellow bigots’ freedom to hate and oppress anyone different from themselves

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