Three rival criminal biker gangs reportedly held a rumble today at a bikini-waitress restaurant in Waco, Texas, with nine killed and eighteen injured by knives, chains, and guns. According to KXXC-TV, the local ABC affiliate, local authorities had already arrested members of all three groups on charges of organized crime in recent days. CBS warns that further violence may ensue:

The scene at Twin Peaks was “as secure as it can be right now,” [police Sergeant Patrick] Swanton said a few hours later, but police are concerned that groups who were involved in the first incident may be moving to other locations in and around Waco where more violence could erupt.

“We have multiple medical and law enforcement resources in the area who are dealing with the issue,” Swanton said, adding that people should avoid the area until an all clear can be issued.

At about 2 p.m., a second crime scene was being investigated at the Waco Convention Center, KWTX reported. Few details were known about the situation there.

Witnesses say that police closed off the parking lot battle zone even as members of the Bandidos, Cossacks and Scimitars converged to take part in the biggest shootout seen by Central Texas since the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms tried to raid the Branch Davidian compound in 1993.

Reflecting the political correctness of Texas gun culture, Sgt. Swanton took pains to separate the bikers’ guns from the guns owned by regular people:

“We are not horse playing,” Swanton said. “So many rounds were fired from bad guy weapons here, it is amazing that innocent civilians were not injured here.”

[…] “In 34 years of law enforcement, this is the most violent crime scene I have ever been involved in,” Swanton added.

Remember, the best defense against a bad guy biker with a gun is a good guy biker with a gun!

Poll question: which Waco, TX biker gang was ‘standing their ground’ today?

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18 thoughts on “POLL: Which Biker Gang Stood Their Ground In Waco, TX Shootout?”
  1. Waco is for whackos. It’s a hotbed of activity, including the anti abortion groups. Great coverage sir.

  2. Interestingly, Dallas is the 9th-largest city in the United States, yet is 20th in terms of homicides per 100,000 residents nationally. The cities of Detroit, Baltimore and Chicago: all three with some of the most stringent gun laws in the nation, take the top three spots in terms of homicides per 100,000 residents. As we all know, Texas is filled with “gun nuts,” so what gives? Thinking if we, perhaps, told the gangs that hurting and killing each other was illegal, they would stop. Isn’t this how the gangsters in Chicago have reacted to gun laws?

    1. How many biker gang shootouts have taken place Detroit, Chicago, and Baltimore?

      Or is it just black people who need martial law, National Guard, and riot cops?

      1. All of it is criminal activity. Criminals, by definition, don’t follow the law. To infer, as this piece does, that lack of “gun control” in Texas contributed to lawless behavior seems to be countered by the statistical facts.

        The reasons behind why Chicago, Baltimore, and Detroit are in their present state begs the question, “How have years of progress liberal control of these cities aided their residents?”

        There was a plan executed upon in those cities to limit the access to, and possession of, firearms by law abiding citizens. What is the plan to take them from criminals?

        1. So let me get this straight. First, we make sure that the cities have high crime rates by putting as much lead and poison in the people as we can; we break up families with harsh drug laws, resegregate the schools, and ghettoize communities with redlining; then, when these communities organize against the resulting disorder and violence, we blame the mayor for trying to get guns off the street? I see how that works.

          In the meantime, nine people are dead and eighteen are wounded in Waco, but I don’t see the National Guard taking over, no one is moaning about the state of the white family on Faux Noise, and there are no NRA representatives before the cameras to tell us that the only way to stop a bad guy biker with a gun is a good guy biker with a gun. What explains the difference? And why weren’t the good people of Open Carry Texas on hand to save us from the bad guy bikers with guns?

          1. I also don’t see riots or looting. Are you saying a city burning is the same as a bunch of bikers shooting each other?

            Not sure who “we” are, but it seems like the most damage to the inner cities is caused by young, poor mothers having children out of wedlock (72% of African American children are born out of wedlock), becoming reliant on the government to meagerly get by. Anything can act as a spark in that pit of despair.

            Please point out the gun stores the elitite and entitled own in the inner cities to supply the lead and poison you describe, or the rich folks selling the guns to the gangsters.

          2. Sooo dozens of people shooting and beating each other is not a riot? Is that because they’re white, or because a parking lot is not a street?

            Also: how come you haven’t cited any statistics on bikers? Since the absent black father is actually just a mythical right wing talking point, maybe it’s time we also invented some statistics on how many fatherless white males end up wearing leather and riding Harleys. Our fabrications will be just as fake as the ones about black people, but will they have the same easy cachet with racists who don’t want to admit they’re racist?

            Environmental lead exposure created the crime wave of the 60s and 70s, which only subsided after the elimination of lead from our gasoline and paint during the 80s. These environmental issues were especially acute in the cities. By historical accident, so-called ‘broken window’ theories of policing emerged at the exact same time that crime rates were already dropping in the 90s. Advocates of the new, more militant approach, which eliminated checks on police abuse of power and installed ‘stop-and-frisk’ policies in the streets of America, have always justified themselves by taking credit for what was actually an environmental justice victory.

          3. Did you read the CDC statistics? If you did, you failed to understand the report…

            Black fathers living with their children were at least as likely to spend quality time with their children. Black fathers living apart from their children were at least as likely, and sometimes more likely, to spend time with their children.

            What is not mentioned is the number of fatherless households, by race, as a percentage of total households. My statistics stand as fact.

            If accurate, you’ve proven: the 28% of black households with a dad in the house (not necessarily married) see similar parental involvement as whites and Latinos. Of the 72% of black households without a dad in the house, 12% of them stay involved with the child. Please tell me where I’ve read this inaccurately and I will yield.

            Had a fight in a local city (Revere, MA) last week where hundreds of people of color got in a fight at the beach. Police were called in and the situation was settled, people arrested, some hurt, some went home.

            That was a large fight, not looting, rioting, burning, or taking over the streets.

            As for your lead argument, I’m not versed in such things, however I’d imagine that since prior to 1978, most house paint was lead-based, most of us who grew up in the city were exposed to this. What does this have to do with gun policies or motorcycle gangs?

          4. Really? Is that the objective, empirical view of this chart?


            It shows that most black fathers not living with their children still make an effort to be there for their kids on a consistent basis. Hmm…not sure I’m the one who doesn’t understand the research. Is it really me?

            Here’s an empirical argument: nine people were killed in Waco. One person died in Baltimore, and he was the guy who got thrown in the back of a paddywagon for a rough ride. I see your burning CVS and raise you eight additional dead bodies on a blood-soaked restaurant floor and parking lot. White bodies. When oh when will we do something about the scourge of white-on-white crime?

            Waco became the OK Corral because local police knew about, but didn’t disarm, criminal biker gangs. (Now the Texas legislature wants to pass a bill to forbid police from even asking someone with a gun whether they have a license at all — what could possibly go wrong?!) In Baltimore, police shut down the buses, stranding black youth at their segregated schools in order to create a riot. Look at all those white men smoking, playing on their phones, and waiting for their turn to be processed — what explains the difference in the treatment of this crowd from one in, say, Ferguson Missouri? Why the bitter contrast? Are you seriously saying that those bikers are just better people because they had dads in the house? Because that’s transparent bullshit, and you should be honest enough to admit it.

            The point about lead and poison is that it produces high crime rates. If environmental justice can decrease crime so significantly, then clearly the real problem isn’t a lack of father-figures in American black households. Turns out that’s just another racist excuse white people use to avoid confronting their own prejudices.

          5. My prejudices? Are you serious?

            I’m talking about the reality of homicide statistics in cities with strict gun laws vs. otherwise. And, by what right does any police officer have to stop a person who is not violating the law? You brought up “stop and frisk” as the 2nd-worst scourge after Dutch Boy paint in the inner city. But, you think it ok to stop a person to ask them if they are allowed to exercise the 2nd amendment to the bill of rights?

            Are you thinking that criminals will wave their guns around to draw attention to the fact they’re packing heat? The left has a great plan to take firearms from law abiding owners…what’s the plan to take the guns from criminals?

            I’ve yet to have heard the argument about lead paint causing prostitution, teen pregnancy, shootings, looting, killing, mugging and robbing, but if that is what allows the moonbat left to sleep at night, God bless…er…may the god or gods of your choice bless you.

            My guess is you grew up, as you would term it, “privileged” and never spent much time in an area where lead made people deal drugs.

            And, for the record, I don’t own a gun, never have, likely never will.

          6. Fun facts: I own a gun. I’ve also lived in really bad neighborhoods, but the two facts are unrelated. I grew up in a country where guns were respected instead of worshipped; nowadays, guns are a political statement among white suburbanites who sense their diminishing political power.

            Also unrelated: disarming known criminal biker gangs — a method guaranteed to, well, disarm known criminal bikers — and “stop and frisk” policies which affect every pedestrian on the street. The first is just common sense, which Waco police chose to ignore until the actual shooting started. The latter is hardly a creation of Democrats, but in fact the brainchild of Rudy Giuliani’s regime carried over during the ‘third way’ reign of Mayor Bloomberg.

            Sooo to be clear, you dismiss the role of lead exposure in higher crime rates? You have a PREJUDICE for moral explanations of human behavior instead of scientific ones?

          7. Are you really comparing a 1% biker gang shootout to the violence we see in liberal-controlled cities in this country? There are dozens of shootings on an average WEEKEND in Chicago! How many shootouts can we recall amongst biker gangs?

            To recap: an isolated biker shootout in Waco is equivalent to hundreds of shootings in liberal-utopian cities that occur weekly for the past 30 years, these ghetto shootings are due to lead poisoning from 40 years ago, we will stamp out the “major” problem we have with biker shootouts by stopping people to ensure the guys they own are legal, and at least some of this is because of “gun nuts.”

            My belief that liberal policies that allow poor, young, unmarried women to have babies that are born with virtually no family structure (aside from the 12% of of the 72% of black men who have a meaningful relationship with their children with whom they don’t live) is not a root cause of violence of inner-city decay?

            Please answer this directly: if not for lead poisoning, then allowing teenage women with limited education, zero means, without husbands, and with little family structure, would result in successfully raising children who become educated, break the cycle of government dependency, reject violence and gangs, and would, therefore, rise out of poverty? Really??!! Lead is the problem?

            I often tell my kids that the more the answer to any question strays from common sense, the more full of shit it is.

          8. Didn’t the Roman Empire decline due to lead contamination? I think it was a factor, yessiree. Talk about riots, criminality, and moral decay!


            According to the FBI, one in seven law enforcement officials cites a motorcycle gang as the most problematic gang in their jurisdiction. One in nine respondents say a motorcycle gang is the most violent gang in their jurisdiction.


            You keep flogging bullshit statistics about fatherhood to explain what happens to black kids, whereas there are no such questions about these bikers’ dads in your mind. They’re an “isolated incident” solely because you need to believe they are so.

            I have met violent criminals before — in fact, the most violent person I have ever met, currently on death row, was a white man who lived with his father — and I have met criminals whose fathers turned them wrong as well as perpetrators who dishonored good dads. So anecdotaly and empirically, your fatherhood argument has less actual science to it than my lead hypothesis. At the very least, neither of our hypotheses has more merit than the other

            I agree with what you tell your kids: the more the question strays from common sense the more full of shit it is. Your shit is just racist in addition to stupid. Too bad you’ll be inflicting that on another generation.

    2. Yeah, but both Dallas and Houston are high on crime compared to Los Angeles or Santa Ana California but Republicans will not mention that. Houston violence crime and Dallas is over 500 while the US average score is 214. Los Angeles is 250 and Santa Ana California is 214. Yet, conservatives never mention that both Dallas and Houston have crime above the national average.

  3. Where are the videos? Still not so much as a cell phone photo? Why arrest everyone there? Oh to get their cell phones! Sargent Swanson is a liar. He said that there were shell casings from rifles and pistols on the ground everywhere. The after photos do not show a single casing. How in the “Less than 30 seconds it took to shoot” did anyone spill out of the bar, disengage from the people they were fighting with, turn and see the SWAT team holding long guns and wearing body armor and decide to open fire on them? Notice those two dead bodies laying next to their overturned bikes? They were trying to leave when they were shot dead. Notice how many bikes have their headlights on? People were fleeing and then shot.

    1. What I find interesting is that not many are discussing the bikes that have been confiscated from those who were arrested. I also find that its more than probable that the cops shot most of the bikers dead, then arrested the rest and confiscated millions of dollars in bikes. Why did the cops wait across the street if they were anticipating trouble? Why didn’t the cops go into the bar and mix or mingle to prevent potential trouble? Too many unanswered questions. Plus it appears that the cops arrested numerous bikers who were just innocent bystanders. What’s up with that?

      What about that story that the DA hired back some former prosecutor who was fired for misconduct just to handle the overflow? DA is also bringing in new people just to deal with all the organized crime charges? How can random bikers be charged with organized crime when they were just there to meet up? Are all meetups not approved by the government considered organized crime meetups?

  4. From the latest information I can find, law enforcement was mostly likely the cause of death of all 9 people. They apparently fired hundreds of rounds into the crowd.

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