Lacey Township, New Jersey police led a local task force in apprehending 42-year old white supremacist Bruce Post III camped out in a wildlife management area with an AK-47 and at least one 100-round magazine.

Post, who has served time for aggravated assault, was the subject of a recent episode of the Investigation Discovery show Evil Kin along with his brother Joseph, who stabbed Arthur Whited Jr. to death in 1995. Bruce was sentenced to prison for removing blood and destroying evidence of Joseph’s crime.

On Sunday, a law enforcement patrol of the Greenwood Forest Wildlife Management Area discovered Post’s vehicle, a 2007 Hyundai Tucson, parked in the woods beside a dirt road. Local police had formed the task force just three weeks ago in answer to a surge of trespassing and criminal activity in the 60 square-mile pine forest.

Shortly thereafter, Sgt. Paul Sullivan Jr. and Senior Officer Michael Eden located Post and a companion camped 100 feet away. According to a statement issued by Lacey Police Chief David A. Paprota, Post was wearing combat equipment and “gave indications of possible white-supremacist involvement.”

Upon speaking with the two subjects and determining their activities to be suspicious, the officers then discovered an AK-47, a Walther P38 9mm handgun, eight 30-round high-capacity magazines, and one 100-round drum magazine, and various forms of ammunition at the scene within the woods.

[…] Shovels and tarps were also found in the possession of Bruce J. Post, 3rd. Based on the suspicious nature of the entire encounter, a thorough K-9 and foot search was conducted in the area the subjects were located. The additional search did not reveal any further evidence. Based on Bruce J. Post’s well publicized past history out of Trenton and Hamilton, NJ, the Lacey Township Police Department is asking anyone with information that might be helpful to this investigation to contact Lieutenant Michael DiBella or Officer Michael Eden of the Lacey Township Police Department at 609-693-6636.

Post has been charged with illegal possession of a weapon by a felon, illegal possession of a handgun, illegal possession of an assault weapon, and illegal possession of prohibited high capacity magazines. His bail was set at $400,000 full cash, meaning that Post will probably remain in jail until his trial.

The man found with him was released pending further investigation.

Police have not clarified what “indications of possible white supremacist involvement” Post gave the officers who encountered him, but Post has a a well-known reputation for espousing racist neo-Nazi rhetoric — literally wearing his opinions on his sleeve.

Like that toothbrush mustache on his lip, for instance. It’s kind of a giveaway, isn’t it?

Photo via Lacey Township Police Department.

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