A new Rasmussen poll has determined that at least 36 percent of likely democratic voters want Bernie Sanders as Hillary Clinton’s Vice Presidential pick.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that from a list of five potential vice presidential picks, 36% of Likely Democratic Voters think Sanders should be Clinton’s running mate. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren comes in a distant second with 19%, while 10% prefer Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro.

Elizabeth Warren has all but ruled out a 2016 run, and Julian Castro claimed a few days ago that he would not consider a VP spot. This leads many to conclude that a Clinton-Sanders ticket would be unstoppable in the general election against Donald Trump the presumptive GOP nominee.

Things are heating up for the general race, and while Sanders supporters at present would not be likely to accept Sanders as a VP pick, they might consider it when Hillary Clinton wraps up the nomination process and starts looking for someone who could energize the base as Sanders has done. Bernie supporters may in fact end up supporting such a pick if Hillary Clinton were to allow Sanders to make policy or serve as an ambassador of change in the democratic party. Petitions have already started circulating for Sanders for VP.

So far however Bernie has not given up his push for the President of the United States. But as time moves forward that decision to think it over might just be upon him sooner rather than later.