It was a no good, very bad, terrible day for Aaron Walker at a motions hearing in his lawsuit against Brett and Tetyana Kimberlin in Montgomery County, Maryland, Circuit Court on Tuesday, September 13th.

What kind of lawsuit, you ask? After being fired from his last job as a compliance attorney with a Virginia Home Health Care company for ignoring the job he was being paid to do so he could pursue Brett Kimberlin in court while inflaming Islamic passions with his “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” blog, why is this virtually unemployable (except for accepting “pro bono” hack jobs for his fellow Alt Right cronies) suing Brett Kimberlin and his lovely wife?


Yep. That’s why. “Doubling Down on Stupid” is sort of a “thing” for Aaron Walker.

As we were saying, the motion hearing on the 13th did not go at all well for the man some call “The Worst Lawyer in… Well… Anywhere.”

Some smack-downs are so epic in their nature that it would be a disservice to history if they were not immortalized in song. This is our contribution, set to Kevin McLeod’s Public Domain performance of “Divertissement – Pizzicato (from the ballet Sylvia)”

Click the link — you probably already know the tune. The lyrics are below, so SING ALONG!

His motion for continuance of trial – DENIED
His motion for a finding of default – DENIED
His motion to avoid being deposed – DENIED
His motion asking that the filings filed about his wife DuBravo asking that the court should strike them down — DENIED
His motion to strike down refiled files — DENIED
His motion to appeal the law protecting kids from being stalked, you know, the very famous Grace’s Law — DENIED
But those are not the only things the judge — DENIED
There were some others that were bothers and the judge expressed his druthers that the motions should be smothered
Motion striking answer to complaint — DENIED
Subpoenas foreign Aaron moved to get — DENIED
And that is all I have for now the message should be clear that Aaron Walker got a lot of what he asked — DENIED

Aaron Walker thought for sure he had his victims caught and snared he couldn’t be more wrong cuz
Aaron Walker found the judge to be less than agreeable to lunacy.
Though Aaron Walker sought to have his wild-eyed motions rubber stamped  he found his style was cramped.
And Aaron Walker found the judge was not inclined to take a part in fantasy.

So Aaron Walker found all that he sought — DENIED
And every motion Aaron Walker fought — DENIED
It doesn’t take an eagle eye to see that Aaron Walker’s self-important image of himself has been DENIED