CORRECTION: Further research shows that McCain wasn’t kvetching about not being credentialed for the 2012 RNC. He was whining about not being added to the press mailing list by the Romney Campaign. See second update below:

PERSONAL COMMENTARY:  I had a completely different article written, but then I committed an act of journalism and contacted a subject of the story I was writing to ask her opinion before publication. This act confuses the hate bloggers of the right wing screech-o-sphere. They do not understand the concept of trying to tell both sides of a story. They write whatever lies occur to them, throw them at the wall and there they stick until they slide slowly to the pile of decomposing filth on the floor.

Robert Stacy McCain is a prime example of this sort of hate blogger. Truth? Falsity? He could care less. If it’s clickbait, it gets published.

Of course it’s difficult to debate journalistic standards with someone like McCain who has none. All I wanted to do with my original version of this article was to get a comment from Karen Beseth, “The Lonely Conservative,” to this e-mail that purports to be sent by McCain to an unidentified individual. In the e-mail, McCain is doing what he does best. Bitching.


Poor Bob. He didn’t get added to the Press Release list with an engraved invitation.

And who knew the Romney campaign had such standards. McCain lacks standards.


Well, when considering myself and McCain, one of us is a journalist, one of us is a right wing hack despised even by his own kind. Imagine my lack of surprise as I waited overnight before going to print with my original version of this article when I awoke to the smell of burning hair across the spectrum of the tiny, dark corner of the Internet populated by evil men like McCain, WJJ Hoge III, Aaron Walker and their various acolytes.


Poor Bobby. He just can’t stop publishing defamatory remarks about people. One could question whether he suffers some sort of organic or self-inflicted injury to the left side of his brain, the side that handles logic and rational thinking.

He claims my asking Ms. Beseth (who I do not believe for one moment would do as McCain suggests in his loathsome e-mail) is the result of a meticulous, “fiendishly clever” ruuuuuuuuuuuuse that he has been sitting on for more than FOUR YEARS without revealing so much as a hint of the cleverness or the meticulousness or the “ruuuuuuuuseyness” of his fiendish scheme. Those of us with functioning left brains will tend to think that means the existence of the ruse was revealed to explain the existence of the e-mail which has long been hidden from sight.

But here’s the logic. If I used a phony ID to torment Ms. Beseth in 2012, why in the name of the Holy God in Heaven Above would I ask her opinion of the same tormenting e-mail using my real name?

It turns out Ms. Beseth has seen the offensive e-mail. In a post from July 17, 2012, she wrote:


Other than being grateful for the opportunity to, for the first time ever, write the words “fake Wombat-socho”, it would seem that perhaps McCain’s estimation of her fealty isn’t as far off the mark as one might hope. She “took him at his word,” which to my tired old eyes looks a lot like handing the sharpened razor to Sweeney Todd and asking him to be careful not to nick during my shave.

But then, one must further ask just how deeply Ms. Beseth has sunk into the muck and mire that is the alt right world or RSM and WJJHIII.

After all, when Hoge claims to have received the terrifying comments on his blog, phonied up to appear as if they were sent by McCain and Ms. Beseth, he determined the IP address of the sender, which turned out to be a server in Kansas City, and automatically determined with no proof or even a scintilla of reason that this server was hijacked by none other than Yers Troolie, your humble editor. Hoge even filed three criminal charges against me for this imaginary incursion into the Kansas City Server. (The States Attorney in Carroll County at the time, the late, lamented Jerry Barnes, must have seen how ridiculous this scenario was at the outset as the charges were deemed nolle prosequi. Mr. Barnes must have had a functioning left brain — before his suicide.)

Yet, Hoge clings to his belief that I managed this cyberfeat, and in e-mails to confederates at the time promised that the Republican Sheriff and States Attorney would see to it that my computer and servers (and perhaps, my underwear drawer) would be confiscated and carefully searched.


Yes. Airtight. Like the Tupperware container full of manure someone in that crew sent me in 2014. Like the 367 charges in 10 separate cases filed, all nolle prosequi save one for which I was acquitted. Like his proof that I violated a peace order requiring a “Show Cause Contempt of Court” hearing in January 2015 where he introduced into evidence a letter I did not write, containing a signature of mine traced from another document.


If Mrs. Beseth was led astray by her loyalty to the ineffable Robert Stacy McCain, she can be forgiven.

Those who have spent the last four years engaged in daily defamation, holding me in constant legal jeopardy for their amusement, likely kickstarting the fatal condition that caused my wife’s premature death, leading to their mockery of her memory through their anonymous blogs and postings, since they lack the courage of grown men and women to use their real names when facing their enemy? They will not be so easily excused.

I have advised Mr. McCain that any further defamation will not be excused. The same goes for Mr. Hoge, or anyone else I can properly identify.

And shame on you, McCain. Karen seems like such a nice lady. She certainly would never do such a thing as McCain seems to suggest.

Not for a lousy 40 votes.


I posted a comment to his screed this morning.


This made him mad. I don’t mean “angry.”


Let’s delve into this spittle-flecked response.

  1. I never claimed Wombat mailed the e-mail. Nor do I have a copy of the “Fake Wombat-socho” (giggle) e-mail address.
  2. Because you are inherently an evil, shriveled, loathsome man with a well-deserved inferiority complex? That would be my guess.
  3. And yet, you don’t deny sending it? OK.
  4. You might try an actual denial. Or be a man and admit it and apologize? Just a thought.
  5. I know you haven’t been a journalist in years, but we don’t reveal sources.

You have spoken to everyone who knows me? Gosh, what an accomplishment.

Go have a drink, a smoke, calm down, and remember any further defamatory remarks will be held against you,


UPDATE THE SECOND: In the first run of this article, I suggested that the e-mail in which he suggests Lonely Conservative would blank his blank, I was of the understanding that he was wheedling about not being credentialed for the 2012 RNC. That was an error. He was whining about not being added to the Romney Press Mailing List. From a July 12, 2012 column, “Why Would Mitt Romney’s Campaign Manager Deliberately Insult Me,” he wrote:

After nearly two months of being up to my eyeballs in the Brett Kimberlin story, and becoming concerned about symptoms of journalistic burnout, yesterday I decided it’s about time to hit the road and do some campaign trail reporting. So I called up one of my contacts with the Mitt Romney presidential campaign and talked for a few minutes.

I pointed out a basic problem: I’m apparently not even on the campaign’s e-mail list for press releases — no schedule updates, no statements, nothing — which means I’ve got no way to plan my coverage.

“We’ll take care of it,” my source said.

This evening, I saw an e-mail with the subject line, “Mitt’s VP,” and thought: “Hey, all right! They finally added my e-mail to the press list!” Then I opened the e-mail and discovered to my horror that it was, in fact, a solicitation for contributions:

Again, this made Stace mad. We still do not mean “angry.”

Y’know, some of my blogger friends have complained that the Romney campaign has been jerking them around in the credentialing process for covering the Republican National Convention. Given that I’ll be attending the convention on regular media credentials as a correspondent for The American Spectator, I didn’t pay much attention to the grumbling.

However, now that this e-mail bungle has acquainted me with the gross ineptitude of Matt Rhoades — or whichever one of his overpaid dimwit assistants put me on the fundraising e-mail list instead of the press e-mail list — I’ve decided to take the grumbling of my blogger friends a lot more seriously. As a matter of fact, I’ve decided to hold Matt Rhoades personally responsible for every blogger who’s getting hassled about their convention credentials request — and for everything else that I don’t like about the Romney campaign, which is a list that isn’t likely to be exhausted before Nov. 7, unless and until we see a significant change in their disrepectful attitude toward the conservative blogosphere, or Matt Rhoades becomes Mitt’s former campaign manager.

So that explains the angry nature of his July 14, 2012 e-mail.


By The Portly Pundit

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2 thoughts on “Oh, That Fiendishly Clever Robert Stacy McCain”
  1. Oh he sent the email alright. That’s RSM for you. He talks like that too. And from what I understand, he’s going to be up his ass with it in court. And then, and then will he have to admit that yes, yes, he sent that email but it was only hyperbole and in jest. See how that works?

    I will put one dollar on that exact outcome. Care to wager?

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